Everything That You Need to Know About A Monitor Privacy Screen

Everything That You Need to Know About A Monitor Privacy Screen

Monitor Privacy Screen

Cybersecurity threats have become rampant in recent days. While the majority of computer users are quite familiar with some of the common threats such as phishing, malicious software and password attacks, very few are very aware of the dangers of visual hacking. As this name does imply, visual hacking does refer to prying eyes that are attempting to try and steal the information on the screen without you ever noticing. Well, monitor privacy screens do help in protecting against visual hackers and keep sensitive information highly confidential.

With the increased amount of the data breaches as well as the malware attacks every year, the PC users, the small business owners, global enterprises and the large companies as well, have all been trying to strengthen their security measures with the aim of combating cyber-crime. Rate of the hacker attacks is almost constant, and it occurs after every 39 seconds on average and affects one in every three Americans annually. There is no one who is impervious to the determined cybercriminal, especially on the computer used at the unsecured locations. In this article, we shall be able to discuss the importance of the monitor privacy screens, how they work, what they are and most importantly, the main reason as to why you should invest in one so as to be able to safeguard the confidential information. You can also check out this: Top 10 Monitor Privacy Screen in 2022

What is a monitor privacy screen?

A monitor privacy screen, which at times gets to be referred as privacy filter, is a very thin piece of the plastic which is placed over the monitor or even the display panel so as to prevent wandering eyes from absorbing the confidential information. You may have observed a similar device at a bank if you have ever tried to peek at the account balance when teller walked away. The privacy filters usually get to use the same technology. Anti-virus software, strong passwords, and data encryption, as well as heightened awareness, can easily be able to go a long way to easily keep the information secure but they cannot defend against the visual hacking.

Well, monitor privacy screen gets to protect against such serious security by adhering to the laptop screen or even the desktop monitor to easily restrict device’s viewing angle so that the sole person in front of a screen can see what is on it. Anyone that tries to steal some glances left or even right will only see a black screen.

The Working Concept of a Monitor Privacy Screen

If you are not very sure how the privacy screen works, then think of them as equal to vertical blinds that can only be seen through when they are turned at a certain angle. The monitor privacy screen does work the same way but on a very minor scale hence severely restricting the viewing angles to a point where you have to look at screen straight on so as to see the display. Tiny polarized blinds, which are sometimes known as micro louvers, do make it so that contents of the computer screen are only visible to you but not a person who is lurking to your right or even left.

Depending on the thinness of the blind, you have various reactions. If the blind is thinner, then more light can easily pass through for intended user. The polarized plastic sheet uses similar technology in the privacy filters as used in the polarized glasses, in that the optical filter, gets to block out light from some angles. Well, depending on make and model, the privacy screen begins to block visibility at around 30-degree angle and can appear blacked out near the 60-degree angle.

Reasons why I should invest in a Monitor Privacy Screen

Many of the digital users get to worry about some of their online activities getting monitored or even spied on digitally by their bosses at work, the internet providers or even by the government agencies. Well, regardless of whether or not these are concerns which have merit, it is important to be able to remember that spying does not have to happen digitally. Watching over the user’s shoulder is also another effective way.


As the name suggests, privacy is the main reason why one should buy a monitor privacy screen. Visual hacking is quite a real threat. Well, there was an experiment which was conducted by 3M on the visual hacking and they had quiet dangerous findings which were eye-opening. Its findings included the realization of how easy visual Hacking is. In addition to that, it takes a relatively short time. Last but not list, you one will even notice it.

Findings from the 3M study are quite alarming. It does take between a few seconds as well as minutes for a passerby to easily glance at the computer display and glean highly sensitive information that could later get used for some malicious purposes. Most of the time, such a security breach can go undetected. If this does happen to you, you may find that you are unaware of it or maybe it is quite late to react.

There are various forms of information which are vulnerable to visual hacking in both the onsite as well as the remote work environments. While you may want to offer everyone benefit of the doubt, truth is that stranger sitting to your right on the train or even the custodian who is walking past the door should not always be trusted. It is your own responsibility to be able to protect the company’s private information and this is especially if you are a small business owner, since over 43% of the cyber-attacks are targeted at the small businesses and close to 60% of these small businesses go out of the business within 6 months of the attack.

Material and installation of Monitor Privacy Screens

Monitor Privacy screens have been made of thin sheets of plastic material which easily does cover the computer’s display. The filter is going to have small louvers or even panels which distort viewing of the screen at any of the angle other than directly in front of the monitor. Installation of monitor privacy screens does involve using either the transparent sticky tape which allows you to attach a filter on to the screen permanently or even clips which attach to display and allows you to slide in as well as out filter. All of the filters do come with two installation options to either install them permanently or not. There are several advantages of using these monitor privacy screens. In this article, we shall be able to discuss some of them.

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Advantages of the Monitor Privacy Screen

Honestly, computers will work perfectly even without a monitor screen privacy. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that it is unnecessary. If you think that buying a monitor privacy screen is a waste of time and money, these are the benefits that will make you reconsider.

Privacy Protection

Most of the computer users usually prefer to keep their personal as well as confidential information that way, highly personal as well as confidential. Well, this is the major advantage of the monitor privacy screens because they do ensure that the images on the computer screens are able to remain private. Now, it is up to the user to be able to ensure that private information is highly safeguarded. You may need to be able to check the sensitive data in the public area or even perhaps you are in the office environment and the need to be able to minimize the prying eyes; either way, the ideal product must be able to achieve this in a highly effective as well as affordable monitor privacy screen.

Screen Protection

One of the added benefits of making use of the monitor privacy screen is that it is going to protect the monitor’s screen from any damage including smudges, fingerprints, and scratches.

Anti-glare protection

When it comes to the monitor, the glare is quite a huge issue. Monitor privacy screen offers the user increased protection from the monitor glare. Monitor privacy screens are usually treated with the anti-glare coating hence making the viewing of the monitor much easier in the sunlight.

Factors to consider when choosing Monitor Privacy screen

To ensure that the monitor privacy screen that you take who is great, think about the following features.

Image Clarity

The privacy filters tend usually to block some of the light from the laptop screens, hence making them appear a bit dimmer. There are various models and they go on to differ in this regard, with best rated filters getting on to be made by various companies such as 3M. Look for high clarity privacy filter models which offer better and excellent experience than the regular black filters. Dimming can easily be offset by being able to turn up the screen’s brightness, but in turn, this can diminish the battery life.


How you will apply the filter to your laptop can usually differ from one model to the other. It is essential that you get to choose monitor privacy screen that is very easy to apply and also remove over as well as over as they get to adhere using reusable micro-suction strips which do not leave a sticky residue.


The monitor privacy screen comes in all standard laptop sizes.

Matte Finish

There is some monitor privacy screen that can be able to give sine glossy laptop screens the matte look, that does help ward off the distracting reflections but can easily be able to make the colors dull. Some of the filters are quite reversible, hence allowing you to choose the matte or even glossy side before you get to apply.


The privacy filters do come in various colors. Basic filters are going to look black when they are viewed from an angle. You can also be able to buy filters which do give the golden sheen when they are viewed from an angle. The Gold filters are quite expensive as they will not dim the screen as much but also they tend to be quite reflective than the black filters so they are bad for the people who work on the outdoors. Vibrant gold sheen can be quite distracting to the workers sitting in the nearby even if they are not trying to spy on you.

How to connect a Monitor Privacy Screen

Installing the monitor privacy filters is quite easy and it can be virtually be done by anyone. Mostly, here are 3 different types of attachments that some of the most privacy filters that it comes with. They are mounting tabs, double-sided adhesive and the magnetic as well as nano suction attachment. The above elements are most efficient and are commonly found attachments on the privacy filters. Once you get to learn about such attachments, you are going to soon realize that the privacy filters have been made keeping consumer convenience in mind.

Mounting tabs

Mounting tabs are the easiest form of attachment that you can find in the privacy filters. You are not going to require any more than 3 to five minutes to get the job done. All you would need to do is to begin by removing protective films on tabs and then attach them to the side of the screen. It does not have any sticky residue on these films hence you are virtually guaranteed that the computer screen is going to remain very neat and tidy once you do remove privacy filer. Once you get to remove the protective film, attach it to the frame of the monitor. It is important to ensure that you do not tilt this filter or even attach it sideways.

Double-sided adhesive

They have been designed specifically for the people who do not plan on removing the privacy screen from their computer screen. Installing a double-sided tab is quite simple as you will need to expose strips by peeling them off as well as attach both ends to the back of the computer screen. Once you have finished attaching the filter to the screen, get to remove protective tape on top of it and then press filter lightly against the screen to ensure you get to attach it properly.

Nano Suction and Magnetic attachments

These attachments get to fit any device effortlessly as a result of their sleek design. Nano suction attachment ensures that all you have to do is to bring filer in close proximity to the device screen and filer is going to latch itself on to the screen with so much ease. It is super easy to detach such filers as it is super easy to attach them.

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The insight of a monitor privacy screen sheds light on the importance of this product. If you were not aware of the many benefits of the same, now you know. In addition to that, the piece ensures that you settle for only what is worth spending on. When it comes to the monitor privacy screen installation, you can never go wrong with the detailed guide of how to go about it. So, don’t waste another single second jeopardizing your privacy. Instead, grab a monitor privacy screen. Ensure that you put the above knowledge into practice so that your experience with the privacy screens can be perfect.

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