Touch Screen Monitor

An Insight on Touch Screen Monitor

An Insight on Touch Screen Monitor

Touch Screen Monitor

In most cases, new things look quite similar when new and that is also the case when it comes to a touch screen monitor. However, that changes with time when the low-quality ones spoil while the good ones remain intact. The former is frustrating. However, it can be avoided by making the right decision. That can only happen if you are aware of what to look for in order to ensure that you buy a great touch screen monitor. Consequently, We have come up with a detailed guide regarding the same to see to it that you take home the best touch screen monitor. Check it out.

What is a Touch Screen Monitor?

As the name suggests, it is a display that allows the user to touch in order to achieve a certain task. I wouldn’t imagine a more natural way of interacting with an electronic device. As a result of that, it becomes easy to operate the monitor. Kids can easily play games or perform various applications since it is only a matter of the human instinct that triggers the urge to reach out and then touch the monitor. As for the adults, it also simplifies things such as browsing, watching videos, viewing photos as well as using various computer applications including word and excel.

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Why should you consider buying a Touch Screen Monitor?

If you are on the fence regarding whether to buy a touch screen monitor, these are things that will make your decision easy.

1. Saves Time

The fact that you don’t have to drag the mouse as you control the pointer on your screen means that you will have things done fast. Consequently, one performs tasks swiftly. After all, what you have to do is touch an icon or screen, which is quite fast and convenient with a touch screen, and get something done. According to statistics, touch screen monitors have seen the response of most of the users increase with not less than 20 percent.

2. It is easy to use

Touching the screen is more intuitive than technological. For that reason, it becomes easy to use a touch screen monitor even when you have little or no knowledge regarding the computer. At the same time, you don’t have to think about both the keyboard and the mouse because these technologies combine the two into one.  In addition to improving the productivity of workers, it also reduces the training time. It also makes exploration easy and that also has its list of benefits. A touch screen also makes it easy to multitask.

3. Promotes Compactness

The adoption of the touch screen monitor technology has seen the size of the devices decrease a great deal. That obvious since it combines the functionality of display and input into a single thing. As a result of being compact, it becomes easy to carry a device from one place to another. Equally important, you don’t need a large working area to set up your workstation. For instance, you don’t need a place to drag your mouse up, down and sideways. In addition to that, a room for a keyboard will not be necessary.

4. User-Friendly

There are some physical conditions that make the use of traditional keyboards as well mouse hard. A good example is an arthritis. Nevertheless, the invention of a touch screen monitor has brought hope to such users. It becomes easy for them to use a computer and perform various applications in spite of their conditions. That is also the case when it comes to people who are physically challenged. As far as people without much computer knowledge are concerned, this method is also the most user-friendly one.

5. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

It is no secret that devices with keyboards collect a lot of dust. That’s because of the many crevices found on the device. That is also no difference as far as the mouse is concerned.  However, that is different when it comes to touch screens. They are not only flat but also easy to clean. It is also obvious that maintaining a touch screen monitor is easier that maintain a monitor, keyboard, and mouse at the same time. No cables to deal with either and that also simplifies maintenance.

6. Durability

Keyboards, as well as keypads, are known to have a relatively short lifespan. That’s because of the various vulnerabilities including water, crumbs, and dirt. There is also the fact that they have a lot of circuits. That has made it hard to bank on their durability. However, that is not the case when it comes to a touchscreen. It lasts longer which saves time and money.

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Factors to consider when buying a Touch Screen Monitor

Touch Screen Monitor

When buying a touch screen monitor, you will obviously be spoiled with options. It becomes necessary to know what to look for since it is the only way that you can get a great product. Read this buying guide to ensure that you get a touch screen monitor that meets all your need.

1. Understand the reason why you are buying your touch screen monitor

Depending on how you intend to use the monitor, your needs may differ from those of another user looking for the same device. For instance, graphic artists, video editors as well as photographers require a relatively large monitor. On the other side, if you intend to do a lot of watching and gaming, small size will do you good. In addition to size, there are other factors that are determined by the purpose of the monitor. For example, gaming will demand a more powerful monitor with full HD resolution compared to one intended for general use. For professional use, wide viewing angle, comfort, and fast responses are crucial.

2. Size

Sometimes, it is the available space that determines the size of the touch screen monitor that you will buy. If that is not a problem, your needs will be the determiner. If all you intend to do is visit social media sites, surf the internet, read emails, view images, and share photographs, a 20-inch monitor is ideal. For videos and video conferences, one between 21 and 26 inches is perfect. Artists, photographers, and gamers should buy the ones wider than 27 inches.  For multitaskers, ultra-wide monitors will be perfect.

3. Display Technology

There are a number of display types which will be discussed it this segment.


There are a million and one reasons why many people prefer the LCD type. The main reason is that they are highly effective. That is characterized by precise color reproduction, high refresh rates and fast response time. Their thin packaging, pocket-friendly price, and energy efficiencies are other reasons why LCD touch screen monitors are an ideal choice.


It is the most preferred when it comes to multimedia as well as gaming. That’s because of their accuracy in color reproduction way better than other types. Equally important, they also have a wide viewing angle. Therefore, you do not have to be at the proximity of the screen for you to enjoy a great view.


From sleek design to energy efficiency, the LED touch screen monitors lead while the rest follow. Despite using relatively low power, the quality of the pictures is undeniably high.

4. Resolution

This is yet another important factor to consider when buying a touch screen monitor. Without further ado, let’s dig into the standard screen resolutions available.

4k Ultra HD

If you are looking for a gaming star, this is the way to go. This type of material will obviously take your gaming to a whole new level. It also ensures that you have enough room for multitasking. It is also ideal for video editing. However, they are rather expensive. Nevertheless, their accuracy, as well as durability, makes them worth every penny.

Quad HD

Are you a professional who needs to work with demanding applications to achieve various tasks? Do you often deal with the likes of photo and video editing? If your response is a resounding yes, then you should settle for the Quad DS touch screen monitor. Its speed performance and clear visuals are some of the many reasons why.

HD & Full HD

For browsing, photo sharing, watching movies and other forms of viewing, these monitors are the best. The pictures are not only accurate but also of high quality. Besides that, their cost is pocket-friendly.

5. Picture Quality

When it comes to the quality of a picture, there are a number of things to put into consideration. They include color reproduction, alignment, glare, text sharpness, brightness, and sharpness. As long as they are ideal, then you have nothing to worry about.

6. Refresh Rate

This is necessary if you want a touch screen monitor that will perform well during gaming. That’s because you can only experience a great feeling when gaming if your monitor has a high refresh rate. To be precise, you should be looking for a screen with a refresh rate of about 120Hz.

7. Connectors

A need to connect your monitor with other devices such as laptops may arise. When that happens, it would be great to have the right connection feature. Some of them include HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, and USB Ports. The more the connectors the better for to make your monitor versatile.

8. Other Accessories

The touchscreen aspect is an extra feature compared to normal monitors. Nevertheless, that’s not all. It would also be wise to look for monitors with the likes of ergonomics, 3D technology, and webcam among others.

9. Budget

Though often overlooked, what you can afford to spend on a touch screen monitor determines what you settle for, eventually. That’s because there are factors that determine what you will pay for the screen. For instance, extra accessories, connection versatility, long warranty, and other great features come at an extra cost. In spite of the cost, if what you are buying is worth every penny and you can afford it, do not hesitate to take it home. After all, cheap is expensive in most cases.

Tips on How to use a Touch Screen Monitor

Touch Screen Monitor

To operate each device, it is only fair that we learn how to do some of the basic operations. This piece will try to give you all the important details that you need to consider to make these basic operations possible. Read on to find out.

Click: Another synonym of click is tap. In other words, it is touching the screen with your finger once. That operation sounds pretty easy for everyone. However, without the necessary knowledge, doing it is not a bed of roses. You can also select another option from a pop-up menu by tapping your option.

Double-Click: As the name suggests, it is doing something twice. In this case, it is tapping the screen twice. In most cases, it is useful in opening different apps.

Drag: In the normal English dictionary, I am pretty sure you know how you can drag something. When it comes to these touch screen monitors, you can place a finger on the desired point and slide your finger to your desired position. In most cases, it is used in file and folder movements.

Drag and Drop: In this operation, it is pretty much similar to dragging but in this case, you lift off your finger from your monitor. Its main use is to move and copy folders and files.

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Having discussed in detail touch screen monitors, I believe that you have enough reasons to ditch your keyboard and mouse. You should also consider the buying guide above so that you can settle for something worth spending on. Remember that various tasks and needs demand different types of touch screen monitors. In addition to that, we have discussed basic operations and how you can achieve them using your touch screen. That said and done, all that is left is for you to make that bold move. Grab a touch screen monitor and experience greatness in computing.

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