Apple Map vs. Google Map, Which is Better?

google map vs apple map

A map is a diagrammatic representation of the land, an area, or sea showing the physical features, cities, roads, or other physical features. I’m going today to compare and contrast between Google maps and Apple maps and come up with a conclusion on which is better between the two maps.

Google maps and Apple maps






  • The interface of the apple maps has a flatter surface and contains multiple default locations, Apple maps also have custom icons for landmarks, and it has a straightforward and friendly user interface. On the other hand, Google maps have few icons presented on the screen. Google maps give users more options to explore or change the map. Google maps incorporate 3D models to most of their Google buildings.
  • Google has fewer labels per zoom in every search. Apple has the highest number of city labels; Apple has higher city labels than Google.
  • Google maps sort its information so much such that, for example, if you search for a location, google gives you possible matches sorted by distance and other information on the searched keyword. They use public transport filters on the maps. This is very useful for people who visit a place for the very first time. In Apple Maps, when searching for a location, they give less information, you are not guaranteed that you will get extra information on the search keywords. Apple maps get direction through buses. The application displays information about the incoming bus and their departure times.
  • For roads, Apple maps not only show you two-thirds of roads as in google, they also show you the extra roads when you zoom. Google maps do not provide extra roads but use more text labels and streets more than Apple.
  • Google has more than one billion monthly users, Apple more than 55 million monthly users.
  • Google has incorporated a high-resolution satellite imagery company. This enhances the accuracy of data. The number of human operators is small who corrects any errors in the maps based on feedback reports from the users. Apple maps were met with criticism during its launch due to inaccuracy of data, but they have since improved, of late they have been using Mechanical Turk- style program to get location data.
  • Apple Maps use vector graphics technology, which does not consume with a high amount of data. Google Maps have a lot of data consumption since they display structures such as buildings, rivers, and mountains.
  • Apple Maps uses IOS Siri voice commands. It may not be effective as google voice due to the accent of the users. Google users can use voice commands to control your navigation easily.
  • Apple maps use 3D map technology to build its site locations. The navigation through the user interface is much clearer in these maps. Google has turn by turn navigation. This feature does not allow Google Maps’ users to see precise details on the current location and any future direction.
  • Apple map users can have a flyover tour since Apple uses 3D maps; you can virtually tour and see sites and locations without necessarily traveling to that location. Google maps have street view features. This feature allows you to get a street-level view of where you are going. You can easily customize your routes using Google maps.
  • Google maps are available on IOS and Android, as well as online through any web browser. The Apple maps online version has not yet been released. Also, there is no Apple map version for Android users. Apple map is only available on macOS and iOS devices.
  • Apple maps offline mode doesn’t exist. Google Maps has an offline mode. This makes Google maps more comfortable to travel with. You can easily save cities and even countries for offline browsing.
  • Apple maps maintain a high level of data privacy. They ensure that all the data generated by the Application stays on your phone and doesn’t get sent out to external servers. Google tracks all your history and locations; the company then sells adverts based on your searches.
  • Apple maps have a new version of maps Ios13’ which has upgraded features such as vegetation, building structure data, Google, unfortunately, does not have such features.
  • Google maps navigator is color-coded. For example, red is an indication that traffic is heavy. Google maps also mark other vital metrics, such as traffic lights, toll stations, and gas stations. Apple maps only show traffic in satellite view.
  • Google Maps shows other information website addresses, opening and closing hours, ability to call directly from the app, and even Popular times. Consequently, you know all the information that you need regarding that particular place. Google Maps also shows reviews. Apple Maps pulls data from Wikipedia and TripAdvisor, which is equally cool but misses out on several other details.



  • Both are navigational applications. Google maps and Apple maps help users locate various destinations, for example, roads, hotels, and other landmarks.
  • Both are pre-installed in respective devices. Apple maps are installed in iOS devices, while google maps are installed in new android devices.
  • Google maps and Apple maps are updated periodically and can be downloaded on each company’s Application stores. i.e., the Apple store and Google play store.
  • They both have user-friendly graphical user interfaces, which make them interactive and easy to navigate through
  • all major features a list of local businesses, convenient navigation, and transit times are nearly identical.

It is not easy to prefer one map over the other since each of them has some traits that the other one does no have. For example, for people who prefer privacy, Apple maps are ideal because data is not shared with external servers. Google maps have an offline mode. This makes it convenient to travel with it. Apple maps have no offline mode. Google maps have a high data accuracy compared to Apple maps. In aspects of data saving, Apple maps save data since they use vector graphics technology, Google maps consume high data since they display structures such as buildings, rivers, and others. Apple has a simple navigation screen compared to Google.

But google maps are much better over Apple maps having compared both. But Apple maps are still making more improvements to increase user experience. Google maps are available on many platforms.

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