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At some points, you will normally have an irritating itch on your back on the hard to reach areas. This can be quite devastating when you get the itch as you might make the due efforts to eliminate it through scratching by your hands. However, you will always be limited as your hand can only move to only a certain level. With this, the back scratchers become essential.

They will reduce your hassle in scratching your back with the use of your hand and now you will be able to scratch your back easily without any struggle. We have given you a guide on which back scratchers you will purchase for the best experience. Keep reading to have the best today. You can check out this Best Feminine Washes

10 Best Back Scratchers in 2022 That Scratch Your Back Easily

Best Back Scratchers Review | Highly Recommended 

10. Bhbuy 5 Pack Telescoping Back Scratcher 

Bhbuy 5 Pack Telescoping Back Scratcher 

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This is one of the back scratchers you will have given you an extendable massager tool. Therefore, you need not to worry about your size as you can extend it or also collapse it as well. In addition to this, it has a compatible design which makes it be perfect for travels as well as for storage purposes.


  • 5 distinct colors which include yellow, red, blue, black, and green.
  • 100% stainless steel metal used in making these back scratchers hence highly durable.
  • The extendable reach of up to 27” for different sized persons.

9. Retractable Back Scratchers Stainless Steel 

Retractable Back Scratchers Stainless Steel 

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This back scratcher will ensure that you get the good feeling in your back through which you can use it on your persistent itches on your back. Each set comes with five back-scratchers who are different colors hence you can choose from a variety on what you love.


  • Measures 8” but can extend on up to 27”.
  • High-quality material of stainless steel that is easy to clean of high durability.
  • Has a frosted rubber handle to give a firm grip when scratching.

8. Claw Back Scratcher Extendable

Claw Back Scratcher Extendable

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The Clawback scratcher has had much popularity among the customer base with its uniqueness which makes it be very exciting. Each pack come with 8 back scratchers which will be enough for everyone in your family. It is perfect for use by elderly persons, pregnant women, and friends as well through which it can be a perfect gift for them.


  • Measures 6.3” with an extendable length of 20” from the constant length.
  • Has a pen pocket clip making it highly portable for your travels.
  • Has an alloy head and uses stainless steel material hence highly durable.

7. Portable Extendable Back Scratcher

 Portable Extendable Back Scratcher

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You will not only get perfect comfort from the use of this amazing back scratcher, but you will also have convenience from its use in scratching your back. In addition, this back scratcher can promote blood circulation and positive effect on massaging on the hard to reach areas.


  • Extendable in five sections from its length of 6.29” to a length of 19.68”.
  • High-quality stainless steel material is hence making it highly durable.
  • Small size hence highly portable.

6. Back Scratcher

Back Scratcher

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Having your itches resolved is the desire of everyone. This amazing back scratcher come in two pieces which are of a unique design from other back scratchers as it is made of natural bamboo. This, as a result, gives it the good-looking characteristic, compactible structure while it does not hurt your skin or your clothes.


  • Highly portable with its lightweight.
  • Perfect gift as everyone can use it.
  • Enough length of 16.5” perfect for the hard to reach areas.

5. DM Merchandising DM Merchandising

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The DM Merchandising back scratcher comes in different colors through which a random color is best picked for you. You will love them as they are of red, brown, blue or black colors which are one of the best distinct colors.


  • Measures 1.64” by 1.75” by 0.5” on the claw size.
  • The extendable reach of 22” in both the upper as well as the lower back.
  • Cushioned grip handle making it comfortable while using.

4. Back Rake (the world’s best back scratcher) Back Rake (the world's best back scratcher)

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Back Rake back scratcher has been said to be one of the world’s best back scratcher you will find. You will confer to this when you get it for yourself through its different scratching surfaces which satisfy your needs. With its unique design, you will find it to be the perfect gift you need to give your friends or even your family.


  • Curved for the fitting hand as well as smooth sanding.
  • Oak woods and USA Walnut finishes making it smooth and comfortable for use with non-toxic oil.
  • 4 distinct scratching surfaces.

3. BambooWorx 4 Piece Traditional Back Scratcher 

BambooWorx 4 Piece Traditional Back Scratcher 

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The BambooWorx back scratcher is one of the best back scratchers you will have in 2022. It will give you a relaxing massage to increase as well as improve the flow of blood on your muscles making it perfect for your body. You will reach all the hard to reach areas without any hassle.


  • Perfect size for travels through its small size for high portability.
  • 100% natural bamboo used in making this back scratcher making it very attractive.
  • Functional and innovate design.

2. Cactus Back Scratcher On a Stick (BLUE) 

Cactus Back Scratcher On a Stick (BLUE) 

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Get instant relief from the itches on your body through this amazing Cactus back scratcher. It will ensure that you get healthier skin through soft scratching without any injuries. The spikes used in scratching are less aggressive hence do not worry about their use. You will be sure to have the best.


  • Spikes for scratching in 2 different levels which include moderate and aggressive.
  • Adjustable length of the pole which you can also collapse it as well.
  • Perfect gift for different persons.

1. WOVTE Bear Claw Black Telescopic Back Scratcher

WOVTE Bear Claw Black Telescopic Back Scratcher

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At the top of the list is the Wovte Bear Back Scratcher which give you a perfect relief from your itches on your hard to reach areas in your back. It gives you a deep relaxation as well as increasing your blood circulation in your body. It has an ergonomic design that makes it perfect for travel as well as for storage purposes.


  • Extendable on up to 23” and then you can retract it back to its normal length of 8.6”.
  • Rubber handle for a strong grip while scratching.
  • 100% full money back guarantee.


When coming to a conclusion of the best back scratchers, you have to put several factors into consideration with some of the main factors to be considered being the flexibility, length as well as the materials that make up this back scratcher. With this, you will then be sure of having the best back scratchers for yourself.

Incoming with the above list, we putt the different considerations and among them is the customer reviews as well as the affordability of the selected back scratchers. We, therefore, are sure that our list helps you in having your best today.

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