Best Battery Charger in 2022 | Power Up Your Old Batteries!

When purchasing a battery charger, there are essential elements that need to be put into consideration, such as its performance and suitability with the batteries. Getting the most from the choice that you make slowly depends on how well it met the set specifications. It is advisable to check a number of these products before settling on a particular one to get the one that performs best.

After comparing your specifications with those present in a particular type, it becomes easy to make a purchase choice. Here is a selection of the best batteries chargers that one can purchase.

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Top 10 Best Battery Charger in 2022

10. POWEROWL 8 Bay AA AAA Battery Charger

POWEROWL 8 Bay AA AAA Battery Charger

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This device charges an unlimited number of batteries from different but reliable sources of power.

It has a design that automatically stops charging on the batteries being full. It has materials that are of the highest quality prevent the item from being charged from getting spoilt. There is led light to indicate charging and signal when it gets to full charge.


  • The additional USB cable to charge from your car, laptop, or mobile charger.
  • Small and simple size to ensure portability.
  • Applies trickle charging to extend battery life.

9. EBL 8-Bay Battery Charger

EBL 8-Bay Battery Charger

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This modern and high-performance device is set to charge 2/4/6/8/AA/AAANi-MH/NI-Cd batteries. It has a rating of among the best considering that it is also ETL certified hence safe to use for your charging needs.

Quality in this device is through advanced technologies such as automatically stopping to charge where there is an improper voltage. Again, it uses trickle charging, which is essential to prolong the life of a battery. Safety is through its use of constant current charging that prevents inconsistent current flow.


  • High safety standards to prevent spoiling of your batteries while charging.
  • This product has ETL certification with double safety protected.
  • Uses advanced fireproof materials.

8. EBL LCD Smart Individual

EBL LCD Smart Individual

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This product uses an individual system of charging, allowing for multiple and individual charging complete with display for status. It uses safe parameters to ensure that the batteries are sufficiently and adequately charged.

The device is set to charge different batteries independently simultaneously. On the upper end, there is an LCD that indicates the charging progress of each. It applies trickle charging for safety purposes and ensuring it gets full within the targeted time. Additionally, it serves unlimited types of batteries.


  • Universal application charging almost any brand as long it meets its requirement
  • Uses MCU control protecting against uneven current flow and short-circuiting.
  • Automatically rejects non-rechargeable and defective batteries.

7. EBL Smart C807 Battery Charger

EBL Smart C807 Battery Charger

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This is one of the most convenient battery chargers, serving almost every type of battery from car chargers, power banks, adapter, and many others, making it very convenient. It is safe and easy to use for your charging needs.

When charging, there is a led indicator which changes color upon their getting full. It uses DC, which is far much safer than AC as it maintains proper temperatures. Upon the batteries that are getting charging, it automatically stops, thus ensuring their safety. It also gets to reject any defective or non-rechargeable type of batteries accidentally placed.


  • Ideal for a wide application spectrum, which also goes to the sources of power it uses.
  • Excellent safety mechanism to prevent the occurrence of damage to a battery or even itself.
  • It is portable and easy to use, thus adding to the aspect of convenience.

6. EBL Quick & Convenient Smart Battery Charger

EBL Quick & Convenient Smart Battery Charger

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The device is set to charge a variety of battery types that meets its specifications using the safe system. It comes with an additional USB to get power from other sources such as car batteries, adapters, and mobile power.

This device includes the best systems to provide a user-friendly experience. It comes with a unique cover that prevents damage to the batteries by external forces while undergoing charging. Applies trickle charging, which is a safe system to use on a battery as it lengthens its life.


  • It has an automatic cut off the system when the battery is full.
  • The device has advanced safety mechanisms that prevent scenarios such as overcharge.
  • Temperature control is available, especially when it is used for long.

5. Mr.Batt Rechargeable AA AAA Charger

Mr.Batt Rechargeable AA AAA Charger

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Mr. Batt is there to offer its users a convenient and productive time when charging their batteries. It takes a set of four batteries at once to charge them under extremely safe conditions. Its speed is also relatively high in relation to others hence delivering efficiency.

When it comes to this device, quality and design have been expertly considered in its making with inclusions such as safety mechanisms. Whenever it detects improper charging, it automatically stops charging. This one is also the fastest possible charger for NICD NiMH AA/AAAA batteries. It also has a USB cable to source power from enters, such as car batteries and laptops.


  • Ability to source power from multiple sources such as laptops and car batteries
  • Includes extreme safety standards in its working to ensure no damage.
  • Rapid charging system taking very short durations to reach full charge.

4. POWEROWL AA AAA Smart Battery Charger


POWEROWL AA AAA Smart Battery Charger

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Powerowl presents an efficient and highly resourceful battery charger that offers a simple and user-friendly experience. It incorporates excellent systems such as the cut of as safety precautions.

Fit with automatic shut down upon full charging; this device ensures that the batteries are not spoilt. It bears safety standards, such as indications on a full charge, to avoid battery spoiling once they are fully charged. Is capacity is impressive being able to charge for long without overheating continually.


  • It uses independent charging slots using trickle charging as a safety measure while also extending the battery life up to 99%.
  • Works well with a selection of electronics to source charging power.
  • The device uses automatic control functions to cut off power on a full charge and the same when it detects defective batteries.

3. Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery Charger

Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery Charger

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This is a state of the art charging device that combines both audio and visual alerts to show progress and warnings. The device is also highly safe with measures to reject defective batteries and discontinue charging in certain instances.

It takes in four batteries at once with a minimum duration of four hours charging. Prevents overcharging by automatically charging when full or when you insert the defective battery. It is built to accept several rechargeable battery types. Excellent controls help to avert damages such as those caused by overheating.


  • Under rapid charging, it takes four hours to charge fully and shuts down on completion.
  • Temperature and overheating controls are in place, thus prolonging its life and protecting the batteries.
  • Compatible with a variety of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries.

2. Duracell – Ion Speed 1000 Battery Charger

Duracell - Ion Speed 1000 Battery Charger

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Highly recognized all over the world for its high performance and safety. It combines several mechanisms to deliver fast, efficient and reliable charging for your batteries.

This brand is designed to rapidly charge its batteries taking in a maximum of four hours. On complete charging, it shuts down as a precautionary measure. It has a record charging time that serves urgent charging needs. Again, its auto-shutdown helps to save power, thus rendering it more efficient than many others in the market.


  • The device has a rapid charging speed.
  • Excellent safety with an automatic shutdown on a full charge, which additionally is a power-saving technique.
  • A distinctive mark of quality with the auto rejection feature for defective or non-rechargeable batteries.

1. Mr.Batt NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries

Mr.Batt NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries

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Another quality product from Mr. Batt with a huge capacity of up to 16 batteries at once. This device quickly and effectively charges each of the 16 batteries without there being deficiencies in charge of any piece.

The charger uses MCU THAT OFFERS PROTECTION from overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting. In addition, it prevents reverse polarity that is likely to come about when several such batteries are used. As having to charge such a vast number is likely to cause overheating, there is an excellent cooling system to ensure it does not happen.


  • It comes with a built-in cooling system to reduce the possibility of damage while prolonging its life.
  • There is a safety guarantee as the product has an inbuilt MCU system.
  • The charger also comes with one of the most significant capacity at 16 batteries being charged once.

The market has a wide variety of battery chargers, each of them displaying its best specifications and functions. Depending on your charging needs, there is one or even all of them that can offer satisfaction. The above selections over guidance on those that are most effective and popularly used which are suitable to almost every charging need. Compare the need at hand and then pick the one that satisfies your satisfaction best.

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