10 Best Bass Headphones in 2022 You Must Get One Now!

Choosing the best Bass Headphones can be intimidating if you are not armed with basic shopping information about bass headphones. A good deal of technology and engineering processes are cleverly put together to make a set of headphone sound in a peculiar way. Bass headphones also come in different forms including in-ears, on-ears, and over-ears. Depending on the quality and make, the varieties range from cheap plastic ones to very expensive ones. Getting the right sound can make a whole lot of difference and would determine the amount of enjoyment you could get from your favorite music. Some forms of bass headphones can help you reproduce studio experience at home and on the go.

To help you make informed choice and decision when out to shop for a pair of bass headphone, we have therefore provided here basic information you need to know. We have also touched on few types of headphones, their good points and bad points and explained few jargon you would come across while shopping for bass headphones.

Best of the best -JVC HA SZ2000

JVC HA SZ2000 Bass Headphones

The HA-SZ2000 is the best of the best among our selection of top quality headphones. This headphone does not only offer a greater detailed sound quality but was crafted to provide users with fun-filled experience.

The HA-SZ2000 headphone is a bass-oriented headphone. It is made of sleek design which can erroneously give the impression of less quality sound and deep bass production.
The structure looks similar to audiophile headphones. The headband is padded with a thin layer of soft material, and the earpads are much shallower than that of standard bass headphones. They feel okay within the first two hours but after that they feel uncomfortable.

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The size of the headphone make it best suited for indoor use but the 1.2 meters long cable that comes with it together with the closed-back structure makes it tempting to be used outdoor. It is made of simple but bold and fashionable design. It is made up of two models. The two models can be distinguished by the varying color rings on the ring hanger.
The ear pad of the HA-SZ2000 cups round your ears with low flexible cushioning comfort. The matte finish on the top section of the housing stylishly rounds up its premium style. The HA-SZ2000 also features protein leather ear pads. Mesh material is built into the head pad to provide pleasure and comfort while listening. Its body is made of metal finish that you would normally found in high-end SLR cameras.

  • Vibration inhibiting cylinder made of brass
  • Head pad made of synthetic leather and mesh
  • The practical carrying pouches that keep the headphones looking immaculate even after months of use.

The JVC HA-SZ2000 can replicate frequencies between 4Hz and 29 kHz, due to its pair of pioneering CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) drivers. The design incorporated two separate units for the low and high range deep bass and the mid-to-high audio range with superb resolution. The 55mm driver is devoted to the low-frequency section of the sound spectrum while the 30mm driver handles the mids to highs frequency ranges.

This double technology provides a natural sound reproduction of sub-bass frequencies that feels like you are playing the music through a set of loudspeakers. The headphone can handle any form of song without any difficulty. The JVC HA-SZ2000 headphones are just made to provide user with fun.
The original earpads are shallow but aftermarket earpads can perceptibly alter lows and mids, making the headphones even more explosive than they originally were.

  • It has superb bass performance
  • It is made of stylish design
  • Replicates real deep bass sound system and high resolution sound
  • The 30mm driver unit with carbon nano tubes diaphragm helps it to achieve high resolution mid-high sound
  • Brass Cylinder helps it give out deep bass sound
  • Mesh-cloth headband and earpad wrapped with”Protain –Leather makes it comfortable to use for a long time.
  • The silver coated OFC cable helps to reduce signal transmission loss
  • Comes with single-sided cord and gold plated stereo plug
  • It comes with top-quality hammer-tone finish
  •  The head band are made up of shallow cups

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1. Fostex USA TH900 Premium Over-Ear

fostex-usa-th900-premium-over-ear Bass HeadphonesMost headphones won’t be comfortably worn after one hour but the TH900 can comfortably be used all day. It comes with best price and special offers.

The design of Fostex USA TH900 Premium features Neodymium magnetic circuit that has a 15,000 gauss magnetic flux density for broader dynamic range. The housings are made from Japanese Cherry Birch. The finishing is made with Urushi lacquer. It is produced with 25-ohm impedance and 2-inch dynamic drivers. It features low specific gravity, high Yang’s modulus and high internal loss concurrently to produce 2 times high propagation velocity and 5 times high rigidity against the standard plastic film based driver unit. Read More Below:

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The stereo plug features a gold coating. The stand (ST300) helps you to keep your headphones safe and secure when not in use and when you are within easy reach. The housings are finished by

the traditional”Urushi” lacquer (a.k.a. Japan). The finish for the TH900 is known as”Bordeaux” and is merely spectacular. TH900 has Platinum foiled”Fostex” logo on the housings. The ear pads are made of protein leather made from eggshell membrane to provide utmost cushioning and comfort to the ear. The cord is made of 7N grade OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) and duralumin plug case to make it highly durable. It comes with a stylish headphone stand (Model ST300) in the pack. In spite of their big size and pressure, they feel light and breathable.


The sound quality of Fostex USA TH900 is amazing. The sound of TH900 never turns shrill. This feature makes it a great headphone for extensive listening. The wooden cups provide the TH900 with excellent sound isolation and roughly the best you can obtain from a full-sized headphone unlike what you’d obtain from an in-ear. It allows you to tune up your music to near-piercing levels without having to bother a colleague siting close to me.

The TH-900 newly designed driver unit with1.5 tesla magnetic circuit and bio-dynamic 50mm diaphragm, the”Urushi” finished craftsmanship housing and OFC cable together gives the headphone a broader stereo field, high resolution and transparent reproduction. It is uniquely designed Neodymium magnetic circuit adopting the magnetic repulsion system with the 1.5 tesla (15,000 gauss) magnetic flux density to produce a broader dynamic range of sound.

  •  The Foster and Fostex’s unique”Biodyna” diaphragm provides the headphone with excellent and high resolution sound reproduction
  • The housings are manufactured with Japanese Cherry Birch (Betula Grossa), the Japanese specialty with inflexible and solid texture for utmost audio sound performance.
  • It produces excellent sound and very rich bass The treble is clear and sharp; it doesn’t cause any tizzing on your system
  • The ear pads are large and provide goo comfort.
  • The fit and pressure is light not tight and this makes possible to be worn for hours without getting tired.
  • It comes with superb, with incredibly soft synthetic leather cups and a spring mechanism that distributes their weight uniformly around your ears.
  • It is stylishly made
  • The plug case is highly durable
  • The eggshell membrane provides extra comfort and cushioning to the ear
  • The Bordeaux finishing is simply amazing
  • It is made up of soft and comfortable ear pads
  • It is a great product for the price
  • It’s a quality headphone
  • It lacks neutrality
  • It lacks extreme dynamic range and the sounding is unfocused.
  • The sources are fed through an Isotek Aquarus and all the power cords make use of use US plugs.
  • The bass is sometimes too much and distracts you from the rest other sounds
  • Too expensive

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2. Denon Ah-D600 Music Maniac

15 Best Bass Headphones in 2022- Denon Ah-D600 Music Maniac Bass HeadphonesDenon’s Patent-pending Pentagonal Shaped Memory Foam Ear pads and Adjustable Headband provides superior comfort and good fit to users. It comes with 2 Cables; one is very long 10 foot 7-NOFC cable with 3.5mm connector 1 3 foot long cable with inline remote and microphone for use during commuting.

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Music Maniac AH-D600 Over-Ear Headphones is an innovative and modern designed bass headphone. The quality construction is appealing. They are made from a fiberglass resign, which makes it sturdy and durable and at the same time make it lighter and less costly. It comes with amazing 10ft cable which also detaches from the headset. It has a braided sleeving covering the cable

The bass is tight and smooth but not the hardest. These can take the volume up while maintaining a constant articulation in sound quality, unlike certain Bose Headphones I have tried.

Noise Cancellation feature makes for an excellent listening in controlled environments. They’re too big and are not suitable for commuting but they are a good choice of headphones if you are working on a desk, relaxing on the sofa, or making use of Denon’s companion apps for Android and iOS. The Detachable cable connections provide you with flexibility.

  • Music Maniac AH-D600 Over-Ear headphones
  • 10-foot OFC cable with a 3.5-millimeter connection
  • 3-foot cable with inline remote and microphone
  • 3.5-millimeter to 1/4-inch gold-plated adapter jack
  • Carrying pouch, and instruction manual.

Denon’s 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber Driver offers the performance of a box loudspeaker from a headphone. The oxygen-free-copper cable with a cloth mesh jacket practically gets rid of all forms of distortion and maintains ideal sound. The 3-foot cable is meant for use on the go. Denon’s custom-developed 50 mm Free Edge Nano Fiber Drivers maximize sound quality and efficiency.
They deliver sound precisely as the artist wanted you to hear it. When it is efficiently tuned to a Flat EQ, the headphones offer you a studio-quality listening experience at home or on the go.
The shorter cable is made up of integrated remote and microphone. The detachable cable connections on each ear gives you room to use customized cable if you want.

You can boost your audio experience by downloading the Denon Audio application for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The app allows you to immediately create playlists, have access to Denon EQ presets, and produce, save, and share customized equalizer curves and enjoy more than fifty thousand internet radio stations globally through the TuneIn Internet Radio service feature.
It produces all the sounds. The sound produced can be compared to that produced by HD 650’s. They produce very good highs although not as great as the 650’s, great mids, and some amazing bass. The bass is strong but highly restricted and tight. It produces great sound from the 50-millimeter nanofiber driver. Its large completely articulated earcups with pentagonal, stitched-leather pads provide supreme comfort and noise isolation.

  •  It is made up of a very transparent audio sound which can be efficiently tuned to a Flat EQ
  • 50-millimeter Free Edge nano fiber driver makes available a sound performance of a box loudspeaker
  • Detachable cable connections on ear cups and two cables allows you to use a customized option
  • Pentagonally-shaped memory-foam ear pads and modifiable headband makes it sit comfortably on your ear.
  •  Denon Audio Smartphone App boosts your listening experience
  • They produce excellent sound quality and the comfort It is made of Ergonomic Design for Long Listening durations.
  • It produces Acoustically Pure sound

• A little loose fitting.
• The bass are too bass heavy.
• They aren’t as boldly colored as other audiophile headphones and thus, they look less bubbly.
• Provide strong fit for working about. They are better suited for sitting
• Mids are almost impossible with the headphone
• They have poor visual style and thrift

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3. Monster® Inspiration ANC Over-Ear

monster-inspiration-anc-over-ear Bass Headphones

This bass headphone is supper comfortable. Comfort plays a significant role in the use of headphones. If they are too tight, you can feel excessively uncomfortable to put it on after a short period of time. If they are not tight enough, the seal won’t be superb and the sound would be scattered all over the place.
It fits people with big head and rest perfectly on such heads and won’t be tight enough to make the person have head ache but just enough to maintain a suitable seal that prevents the sound from escaping out into the atmosphere.

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The Monster Inspirations is also great for people with poked out ears. The speaker as such would sit just far enough from the ear. It possess a noise canceling feature but not noise isolating features and this means that you could obtain varied outcomes.

The headphone comes with 2 differing headbands that allow you to select your flavor. You can order more if you want. The headphone is made very strong and evokes durability at the first glance. It is made up of brushed aluminum headband holding the ear cups in addition to a good leather cushion to sit on top of your head while you savor your music.
The design comes with a superb blend of color between the headband and ear cups. Although, you would still be able to clearly decipher that the ear cups are plastic. It has no daisy chaining feature. This could be as a result of its noise canceling feature which wouldn’t necessitate that. The ear cups are squared but the comfy leather is shaped oval to fit appropriately round the ear.


The Monster Inspirations have a very impressive sound signature with amazing noise cancelling feature that makes it possible for you to hear only the music without any background noise distraction. It thus allows you to create your own great environment for enjoying your music as much as you want and any time or anywhere you want it.

This head phone is very bassy as you’d obtain on all other Monster headphones but the difference with this new release from Monster gives you more control for the bass than the old Beats.
The mids are much clearer than but when you are listening to music genres like hip-hop or edm, it can be swallowed up by the bass. It highs very well and have good precision for the majorities of the situation. As stated above, it comes with a very heavy but if you on the look for s studio sound experience like me, you’d love this particular feature of it. It would provide you with enough bass that you’d not be surprise to find your head move up and down to the tune of the song automatically.

Not all type bass headphones can offer you such a wonderful feature. Although, the bass can sometimes come a bit loose and dark, it’s something that a small EQ delight can handle. It comes with so much comfort and bass-heavy sound that can block out a good deal of outside noise. It also has the option that allows you to personalize the look to your need and want.

  • The detachable cord makes maintenance very simple and easy and there are two types of cable to choose from.
  • The container is superb.
  • There are no uncovered wires. The padding is soundly stitched and nearly completely hidden.
  • The pads are durable.
  • Adjustment is plastic but very thick and contains graduated notches
  • It is made of lightweight design which provides optimal comfort during extended use
  • It is made up of two removable cords; a coiled cord and a straight cord.
  • Its 50°/90° earpiece revolving feature supplies an optimal fit for every monitoring application.
  •  It provides deep, impactful bass
  • It is solidly Built
  • Powerful but Controlled Bass
  • It provides a very good isolation feature
  • It produces clear mids and highs
  • Comfort, high end extension out of the box needs ATH-M50 pads to feel more comfortable Very Uncomfortable With Stock Pads
  • Driver shell is clumsily fitted. It keeps hitting your ears. You’d be requiring additional padding to make it more comfortable
  • Might be too Bassy for some
  • The cups are average size and may not be suitable fit for some ears.

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4. Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 Professional DJ Over-Ear

audio-technica-ath-pro700mk2-professional-dj-over-ear Bass Headphones

PRO700MK2 headphones are not meant for casual listening. The producer of this head phone, Audio-Technica produced this headphone with utility in mind. It is exclusively for DJs. The pads are thin, but adequate. The fit is tight, but if you hope to wear it during physical exercises, it would be a perfect match. The overall build quality is fantastic. It is rugged and durable for active use. The pads are thin, but adequate.

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It is made of lightweight design for maximum comfort during extended period of use. Sound isolation is excellently good. It is a closed-back dynamic headphone. Its 53mm drivers is solely designed for PRO700MK2.

From the branding right down to their form the ATH-PRO700MK2s has all it takes to serve as a set of DJ-style headphones. DJs mostly require for a set of headphones that are very durable and one which has high power handling which appropriately provided for by the ATH-PRO700MK2.

It has a longer spiral cable which gives room for greater mobility when you’re plugged into a laptop or boards. For beginners its features like a swappable cable, folding band, and mobile ear cups provides great flexibility and repair options. These headphones can be folded up and put away in a pouch. This makes it easy to pack for traveling purposes.


The Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 Professional DJ Monitor Headphones are built for sensitive DJs who require high quality sound, rugged construction and portability. The headphone is impeccable with regards to sound quality. It produces all frequencies accurately, from lows to mids and highs with clear, well-defined trebles, rich bass response

The headphone has closed-ear cups feature which boosts noise isolation and full range sound. It is made of Audio-Technica’s sophisticated technology and superior components that allows you to get a very clear and distinct treble.
The ATH-PRO700MK2 headphones are not beats just like a few people think. They do not sound with the very echoing kind of booming bass that beats are known with. If what you hope to obtain is that form of bass, this probably won’t be a good fit. On the other hand, the kind of sound you’d get from this headphone is much more like a movie theater bass sound.

The best way to describe the sound produced by this headphone is that it produces a very clearly defined THX sounding bass. The treble sound is exceptionally clear and crisp. The mids are a little dark but not too bad.

  • The detachable cord makes maintenance very simple and easy and there are two types of cable to choose from.
  • The container is superb.
  • There are no uncovered wires. The padding is soundly stitched and nearly completely hidden.
  • The pads are durable.
  • Adjustment is plastic but very thick and contains graduated notches
  • Made of lightweight design which provides optimal comfort during extended use
  • It is made up of two removable cords; a coiled cord and a straight cord.
  •  Its 50°/90° earpiece revolving feature supplies an optimal fit for every monitoring application.
  • Provides deep, impactful bass
  • It is solidly Built
  • Powerful
  • but Controlled Bass
  • Provides a very good isolation feature
  •  It produces clear mids and highs
  •  Comfort, high end extension out of the box needs ATH-M50 pads to feel more comfortable
  • Very Uncomfortable With Stock Pads
  • Driver shell is clumsily fitted. It keeps hitting your ears. You’d be requiring additional padding to make it more comfortable
  • Might be too Bassy for some
  • The cups are average size and may not be suitable fit for some ears.

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5- Sennheiser HD201 Over-Ear

sennheiser-hd201-over-ear Bass Headphones

The Sennheiser HD201 Stereo Headphones is a low priced alternative to high-end studio headphones. It produces sound with superb clarity. It is thus an ideal choice of headphone if you hope to enter into the ideal world of powerful stereo sound. These outstanding headphone as well produces great attenuation of ambient noise and terrific comfort at a good price. The HD201 possesses stereo rich sound with crusty bass production. These headphones are lightweight, rugged, and structured with the high-quality leathered ear pads which as well make it super comfortable to put on.

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It also contains 1/8″ plug (3.5mm) and 1/4″ (6.3mm) adapter. The headphones are not foldable although it is shipped in a lovely casing.
It comes with extra two cables, a 52-inch one with an Apple-compatible three-button remote and microphone, and a 56-inch-long”plain” chord. The Apple cable is made up of a hinged, entirely metallic plug at the end that helps you to get it connected with your phone. This makes it possible for it to be set vertically or up at a 90-degree angle. It also comes with in-line remote which are also metallic. This in addition to the all-metal plug gives a luxurious look and feel that is unparallel with the standard plastic build of its competitors’ cables.

Each of the two cable of Sennheiser end in 3.5mm plugs at each end, and the two cords are made up of connectors that can”lock” into the container in the left ear cup, which gives it a firmer grip ensuring that it is less like to fall off.

The Momentum headphones’ impedance is rated at 18 ohms. It also comes with stylishly made cloth-covered hard transportable case and a 6.3mm gold-plated adapter jack. It comes with a two-year parts-and-labor warranty.


Sennheister sound depends on your tastes and what you require the ear phone for. However, this momentum headphones sound amazingly crunchy, clear, and perfect. They are not made up of the standard bass or midrange sound impact that the majorities of headphones structured to be used with phones and portable music players. The Bowers & Wilkins P5 noise-isolating headphones are closest and clearest competitor. Nevertheless, the P5s is made up of a smaller, on-ear design, while the Momentums are full-size ear phones and are over the ear form.

To make direct comparisons between this model and the Bowers and Wilkins P5, in bass, midrange, and treble distinctiveness, the Momentum headphones overpowered the P5s a bit. The sound of P5s is thicker and muddier, their stereo sound stage is narrower, and they are a little bit less comfortable to put on.

The Sennheister earphones produce much more larger and out-of-head stereo effect. When you switch between it and the V-Moda M-100 pair, the sound is distinctly different. The HD201 headphones’ bass level sounds more correct and are a little bit more defined. In scenarios with off-screen action, such as ringing of phones in other offices, the sound appears to be emanating from a distant location. This is why it is an excellent choice for those who want to put them on while they are watching movies.

  •  Made up of closed, dynamic hi-fi
  • It is light weight , comfortable and cheap headphones,
  • Produces powerful, bass-driven sound
  • Offers users 2-year warranty
  • Produces rich, crisp bass and dependable dynamic audio
  • It produces good attenuation of ambient noise
  • Made up of sealed ear cup design which inhibits bleed into neighboring microphones with home recording
  • It is made up of lightweight construction planned especially for long studio or DJ sessions
  • Made up of great bass and a boosted signal levels for contemporary rhythm-driven music
  • It comes with hypo-allergenic ear pads for all day comfort.
  • It has a very low sensitivity which is critical if you want to use the headphone to listen to music from your laptop or portable players.
  • The sound is a bit bright, bass is faintly lacking and this makes them sound a bit weak
  • It makes sssss sounds when listening to a few female vocals.
  • the Momentum model’s headband isn’t hinged and this makes it less portable as it won’t fold flat
  • It blocks external noise partially rather than completely

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6. Bowers & Wilkins P5 Over-Ear

bowers-wilkins-p5-over-ear Bass Headphones

It is made up of a combination of sheep’s leather and aluminum which makes it very strong, yet comfortable and provides super soft cushioning effects to your ear. It is highly durable and long lasting, thanks to the magnets which hold P5 Series 2’s ear pads in a comfortable position. The Bowers & Wilkins P5 also makes them easily detachable to replace it or to replace the chord.

The Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless is luxury Bluetooth headphone with excellent sounds but its high price makes it less desirable by many. Music lovers tend to prefer to listen to music through wired headphones, but this collection for Bowers & Wilkins, has gone far beyond that model by producing a wireless bandwagon with this Bluetooth headphone. The P5 Wireless looks and feels highly superior through its posh and sturdy design which incorporates a mixture of retro and contemporary style.

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The headphone features removable ear pads that stick magnetically and this makes it easy to replace them, and a cable is included so if the battery dies or if you’re not allowed to use. The headphone offers AptX Bluetooth streaming for devices that support AptX (the iPhone doesn’t support this currently but a lot of Android models do. AptX ought to produce better quality sound although the amount of impact it makes is still under debate.


Bowers &Wilkins Ps Over-ear is fine tuned. The P5 series are tuned by the same team that are in charge of the company’s flagship of 800 diamond speakers. The headphone sealed out a good amount of ambient noise for a better sound quality. Three buttons on the right ear cup allow you to control volume skip tracks forward and back.

It is acoustically optimized with its two ear pads featuring grille pattern and helps them to travel freely through the pad, minimizing sound impedance to a very minimal state and made up of Hi-Fi drive units that are structured to function like those in Hi—Fi speakers while providing a more exact and controlled movement.

It is a perfect ear phone for listening to music while you are on the go and makes use of highly functional cables to give you a bit of control and receive calls more easily. P5 comes with a boosted sound quality as a result of its all-new drive unit design. Its closed-back structure with firm metal face plates and sealed ear pads help to retain the sound quality of your music with super linear neodymium magnets and extremely optimized Mylar diaphragms ensures that the sound of your music is unaltered. It comes with iPhone remote or microphone cable together with a generic cable that functions with all smart phones, tablets and MP3 players.

  • The Bowers and Wilkins P5 Wireless headphones have excellent build quality
  • It produces highly robust sound quality and a well-balanced sound for Bluetooth headphones
  • When they are changed to wired mode, they function much better
  • The ear pads are detachable
  • Comes with a cable for people who prefer wired listening
  • It is packed in a very posh carrying case.
  • The tight seals of the ear pad cancel out a lot of external noise and the headphones it doesn’t produce any leakage of sound.
  • It has a good battery life which lasts for about 17 hours.
  •  It is a bit costly for an on-ear Bluetooth headphone
  • The leather ear pads will cause your ears to get steamy when the weather is warm
  • The fit may not be perfect in some people
  • The cable that comes with it does not have an inline remote/microphone.

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7- Philips Rich Bass Neckband SHS5200/28 On-Ear

philips-rich-bass-neckband Bass Headphones

The cable is properly connected to one side. This helps to minimize the risk of tangling and make it easier to coil the cable up for storage. The cable is covered with textile to last longer and prevent it from getting tangled. The attractive textile covering also help to prolong the life span. Ear luxurious cushions and shape makes wearing more comfortable and boosts bass response. They inhibit sound leakage and as well boost bass performance. The ear cushions are also shaped in a manner that makes it easy for them to align adequately with the region round your ear.

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The reflective part of the band in the back is flexible and this helps it to adjust. Apart from that, you only have one size fit for all. It is in fact not really very reflective. The foam on the earpiece is very comfortable, it looks sturdy and something that wouldn’t crumble or peel easily. It can be used during physical exercise without making your ear very sweaty. The headphones are open air design. This makes it possible for anyone close to you to hear what you are listening to. The open design is for increased airflow and to help to get rid of sweat and increase the bass.

They feel comfortable even while wearing sunglasses. The wire is encased in braided threads, not rubber or plastic. The neckband is reflective, which helps at night. It has the fabric-wrapped cable and small elastic that keeps the cord from being susceptible to hitches and jerking.


They sound good; look good, the threaded cord on one side is perfect. The foam is very comfortable but stern. It produces a crispy highs and mids. Whether they are around your neck or on my ears you can always hear every melody and every kick of the bass.
They have open air design and are NOT noise cancelling.

For small headphones, the bass is good, and the treble isn’t tinny. The music sounds outstanding. You can hear extra background and even figure out lyrics to songs. It produces super clear and great bass too. Good sound for the price, and pretty comfortable. Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound with a deep rich bass. The 24k gold-plated finishing on the plug helps you to get a better connection for better quality audio.

The 32 mm speaker driver is a compact yet powerful element for delivering non-distorted sound with any given input power.
Neodynium is the best material for creating a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil, better bass response and higher general sound quality.
The special shape and comfortable materials used for the ear cushions of these Philips headphones guarantee a perfect fit for maximum comfort. They prevent sound leakage and boost bass performance.

  •  They are comfortable and can be worn for a long period
  • It produces excellent sound with very rich bass
  • It is made up of durable cable
  • Its 24k plug with gold finishing ensures a very reliable connection for a boost in the audio quality.
  • Bass beat vents ensure adequate air movement for better sound with a deep rich bass.
  • The cord on one end is superb. It is a threaded cord, not made of rubber material which is great.
  • It has a special reflective neckband makes the earphone detectable in the dark for safety purposes.
  • Single-sided cable minimizes tangling and boosts comfort.
  • They aren’t particularly good when leaning your head back against a chair or pillow. You have to adjust them so that they aren’t pushed out of your ears.
  • The headphones don’t fold at all and aren’t very flexible. This could lead to possible breakage
  • The plug is not made up of right-angle connection jacks
  • The fit is a little tight and it is not adjustable.

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8-Yamaha PRO 500 Over-Ear

yamaha-pro-500-over-ear Bass Headphones

Yamaha Pro 500’s are stylishly-designed pair of headphones. It is made to take care of the rigors of day to day use. It features an adjustable, reinforced headband with sufficient padding that provides a pleasant feel. Yamaha PRO 500 High-Fidelity Premium Over-Ear Headphones are made with the best materials with famous Yamaha tuning expertise to provide a super sound experience. The ear cushions that came with it are extremely soft and smooth, with a feel that look so natural that you would love to hang on with them. It features an in-line remote/microphone on the 4-foot cable that is specially made to work with Apple devices.

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Yamaha PRO 500 over ear cables are flat, tangle-resistant and made from durable material and material that minimizes touch noise transfer effects. It is made of excellent structure with super-clean design curves matched with nice color and finish materials. The flagship of Yamaha’s PRO Series line, the PRO 500 headphones enclose robust 50 mm drivers in high-grade, rigid aluminum alloy ear cups to deliver the ultimate sonic experience.

The drivers incorporate a new Yamaha-proprietary design featuring neodymium magnets that provide maximum efficiency when used with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other portable music players. The headphones come with two cables, a 4-foot flat (tangle-resistant) cable with a remote/mic optimized for Apple devices, and a plain 10-foot flat cable. Both cords connect to either the left or right ear cup via 3.5mm plugs and, you can plug another set of headphones into the open ear cup jack and have a second listener tune in to what you’re listening to.


It comes with clean, powerful audio performance, with deep bass and no distortion at top volumes. It provides a brilliant sense of depth and space in the stereo field. The PRO 500 delivers an extraordinary, real, clear and enveloping sound that makes your pulse run faster and sends shivers down your spine. The over-ear cup shape offers excellent noise isolation, while the ultra-premium ear cushion materials insure a crisp, clear sound.

The Yamaha Pro 500 series lets you have Studio Sound experience anywhere you go. It provides much more than a powerful bass but reproduce any style of music like classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Latin Jazz and Delta Blues. They are more suitable for people who don’t want exaggerated and bloated bass, but a smoother, more articulate headphone. The band is shaped to exert just the right amount of pressure cozy enough to provide noise isolation but it is still sufficiently light for long listening sessions.

On the whole, the sound is vibrant and a little warm, due to its punched mids and extensive bass response. It has a broad soundstage and is quite musical. This headphone offers just enough articulation to let you dissect the music, or, it allows you to just enjoy listening. The sound quality at least is amazing, worth the price for sound.

You can hear every instrument and voice clearly and separately, it’s not a jumbled mess of noise. The sound improves when you use an amp. They seem to do well on blocking out external noise, but can leak sound even at lower volumes but the sound leakage is dependent on the ambient noise in your environment.

  • Look good and sound great
  • It is compact enough to allow you take Your Listening Room With You anywhere
  • Reasonably priced
  • Its ear cushions are extraordinarily soft and smooth, with a feel so natural you’ll never want to take it off.
  • Made of Fuel-injected Design
  • Versatile and has High-performance Connectivity
  • It gives you control at Your Fingertips
  • Provides big, bold, full, detailed, and rich bass. It produces extensive bass, but it’s commonly balanced with full mids and trebles.
  • The build of the headphones seem to be pretty sturdy all-around and are very comfortable.
  • The Yamaha Pro 500 full-size headphones offer very accurate, clean sound.
  • They come with an Apple-friendly mic and remote, a 10-foot-long home cable, and a nicely designed travel case.
  • The nicely padded ear cushions provide a fairly tight, noise-blocking seal.
  • They let you listen to music the way they were intended and doesn’t drown you in heavy bass.
  •  The headphones are a little heavier than your average headphone but if that is not an issue for you, it would provide you with excellent sound experience.
  • The headphones are large in size.
  • They are costly
  • It is a bit too tight on the ears and is not very comfortable

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9- V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear

v-moda-crossfade-m-100-over-ear Bass Headphones

The design of V-Moda Crossfade M-100 over ear is very outstanding and readily discernible for those who know something about headphones. Specific V-Moda design will attract attention in public which is never a horrific thing.

It is made of a great build quality. It is manufactured out of quality materials that provide you the confidence to take these headphones with you, anywhere you go, without any fear of breaking them. You can feel how sturdy and experience the quality of the material by touching them. V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is extraordinarily durable, includes an inline remote and microphone, and can fold into a compact bundle.

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If you are looking for a portable, durable and stylish head phone with a great sound option and an overwhelming bass, then V-Moda Crossfade M-100is a very good choice. The unused ear cup connector hole can be fitted with a tiny V-Cork plug to put off dirt and rubbish from entering the ear cup. The V-Moda M-100 over-ear headphone has CliqFold metal hinges feature which makes it easy to fold and portable piece for travelling purposes.

The M-100’s ear cups’ metal shields are user-customizable. It can be replaced with the user’s customized logo or artwork by V-Moda. The M-100s are comparatively lighter than the M-80 with a weight of merely 280 grams.
M-100 headphones are excessively rugged and overbuilt. It is designed to endure 70-plus impacts from a height of six feet onto a concrete floor; the steel-reinforced headband can be flattened 10 times and still return to its original curve.


A munificent feature set, rugged construction, and warm, detailed sound with commanding bass guarantees the V-Moda M-100’s physically powerful appeal for audiophiles with a stretchy budget. The V-Moda brand is one of the most fashionable headphones brands in the world. This over-ear, closed back headphones simply compete with other bass headphones and excel at overwhelming bass. If you are looking for an overwhelming and punchy bass, this headphone would be a good fit for you.

When it comes to clearness of mids and highs V-moda Crossfade can’t compare to JVC HA SZ2000 or Yamaha PRO 500, but what you would achieve with this is a loud, punchy, overwhelming bass that makes all your song sound different than before.
On the whole the headphone sounds great and can readily be favorably equated to other audiophile headphones in a related price range.
With the use of an amplifier which is not difficult you’ll obtain a very high volume out of them on a standard smartphone as well.
The Crossfade M-100 headphone has a great noise isolation feature. With an excellent passive isolation, people close to you won’t know when you are listening to music or detect what you are listening to.

In addition to that, it still allow you to hear a few noise in the environment at a much reduced level to enable you be aware of what is happening around you. It is particularly essential when you are traveling.

Its hinged headband helps it to fall down into a small bundle. The M-100 has an engaging, lively sound that lets you hear lots of detail, but never sounds harsh or too bright. The bass, always a V-Moda strength, is punchy and deep so it’s the type of headphone that makes the best out of rocky music, or any form of music that is associated with heavy bass, but not at the expense of providing classical or acoustic jazz less pleasing to the ear. If you’re an all-around audiophile or a DJ that requires a rugged headphone that doesn’t give any concession on reliability, the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is a valuable purchase.

  • It has hard-hitting and overwhelming bass
  • Superb overall sound quality and clearness
  • It is made of quality materials and of sturdy build that will ensure its durability.
  • It is made up of stylish and identifiable design
  • The M-100’s extensive price tag may put off shoppers on a budget.
  • Beautifully built and sounds great with all types of music. Exceptional build quality and durability
  • They’re very portable, and they’re made of high quality materials
  • Clean deep Bass, clear Mids and Ultra-Extensive Highs tuned by music editors and audiophiles
  • Unique CLIQFOLD design for compact storage
  • Ultra compact exoskeleton carry case with a V-STRAP system
  • Made up of overwhelming bass that may be too much for a number of people
  • It might not be comfortable for people with bigger ears

They are uncomfortable for people with larger ears. Smaller, shallow pads can be a problem and could occasionally result to excessive sweating around the ears. For people with small ears and small head they are much more comfortable and could be worn for hours without any feeling of discomfort.

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10- Sony MDRXB800 Extra Bass Over-Ear

sony-mdrxb800-extra-bass-over-ear Bass Headphones

Sony MDRXB800 Extra Bass Over-Ear is designed with contemporary popular music lovers in mind. It is an extra bass headphone that unites an exclusive direct vibe structure for a tight acoustic seal with high sensitivity db. These headphones produce commanding and dynamic bass response whereas the compact, double-folding design and ultra-comfortable ear pads makes them easy to take long when commuting.

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With a subdued design, the headphones feature oversized ear pads coated with leatherette. The inside is made up of foam to follow the contour of the ears. With a vigorous feel, the extra-large cups are made to fit relatively snugly over the user’s ears. The the snug fit assists to lesson any ambient noise. The headphone cable is made flat and this helps to prevent tangling. It can be extended up to 3.9 feet when measured from the left ear cup. The actual headband is made from brushed steel and the silver lining around the ear cups gives a relatively stylish edge to the headphones. Sony’s logo is printed in grey across each cup.

With regards to the build quality, the headband is made of plastic. The ear cups external parts are lined with enamel. Although the interior is relatively thickly padded with foam, the exterior may be liable for scratches after long time usage.
Although the headphone is strong enough for constant usage, a few users may find the weight a bit more difficult to manage for an extended period of time. The three built-in hinges, of the headphones are very flexible and can tolerate 180-degree swivel. This also allows the user the opportunity for a more bendable position. Each cup is fitted with small piece of circular grey cloth that is made up of a 500mm driver that will produce sound that the wearer will hear.


The Sony MDRXB800 is particularly reputed for its clarity, particularly when it has to do with to bass. Entirely produced for Sony, this product is particularly shaped to boost the bass response while it at the same time produces the needed comfort to the user. It is extraordinarily practical, the headphones come with a tangle-free cable. It is also made up of pressure minimizing and comfy ear pads.

With a glossy design, this product is especially recommended to DJS but may not be completely suitable for audiophiles who particularly like classical music and other related tunes due to its powerful bass emphasis. The Sony MDR XB800 produces a brilliant Bass Boost system, which is especially ideal for techno, jazz and hip-hop music. Nevertheless, the bass can be a little overpowering when it comes to classical or pop songs. The 1.18in Bass Booster is build in a way that boost lower-end frequencies, through an exceptional duct that can be found in the housing of the earphone.

The lower-frequency range also provides stronger percussion and sub-bass. It has a stereo sound-mode and in addition a sound sensitivity capacity of 106 decibel and has an optimal frequency response of 28kHz and a minimum frequency response of -3Hz. It is structured to provide cancelling effect to any external sound. The headphones will allow wearers to focus completely on their music, which is why it’s frequently the favorite choice of DJs.

  •  Very comfortable and offers users great comfort
  • It is reputed for its great sounding experience
  • Provides great bass experience with very clear treble and midrange
  • Very portable and easy to carry about
  • Produces nice and deep with very detailed highs and mids.
  • Possesses great noise cancellation features
  • It has an impressive bass and is also reputed for their simple wireless connection to a range of devices like tablets, laptops, Android, iOS phones.
  • Very stylish and highly portable
  • It has an ear-cups vertical rotation feature that facilitates easy storage and as well makes it very comfortable to use.
  • The Sony MDRXB800 comes with easy-to-reach volume control on the external part of every one of the ear cups. The band does not press down on either side of the head. The ear cups are as well made to wrap around the head and cushion the ears to be able to block out exterior sounds, a feature that would definitely impress audiophiles.
  • Due to its heavy weight, it presses down on your head and give and make your hair look scattered as it would be when you wake up in the morning.
  • The plastic part of it makes it look cheap looking.
  • The bass can sometimes get very loud at times; make you to constantly adjust the volume.
  • This can greatly affect the headphone’s bass beat, capture snaps, vocals and also treble. This can result to a lack of balance, particularly in pop or rap music with a lot of lyrics. The headphones can as well get warm after many hours of constant use and this can significantly reduce the wearer’s comfort.
  •  The excessively-thick layers of foam on the ear-pad can make the headphones fairly uncomfortable in hot weathers.
  • The boxed pack is not made up of a carrying case or extra adaptor. It is not good for use in movie watching because the huge bass tends to drown up all the other sounds.

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Types of headphones

– In-Ears

In Ears headphones are very small and portable. They are as well known as IEMs or In-Ear Monitors. The ear bud is made to fit into your ear canal. In-ears are typically powered by roughly 8 to 10 millimeter-sized tiny drivers. They are easy to pack and store. In-ears are great for travelling and commuting. The good point of in-ears is: they are light weight and can be comfortably worn for hours. The bad point is the invasive nature of the fit which makes less preferable than larger on-ear and over-ear headphones.

– On-Ears

On-ears are as well known as supra-aural headphones. They are practically made to sit on your ears, and are bulkier than in-ears. On-ears make use of bigger driver casings and a headband that helps to firmly secure the ear cups on your ears. They commonly make use of 30 to 40 millimeter drivers. The good point of on-ears is they are more comfortable than in-ears when used for short periods of time and they can easily be packed for storage when not in use. The bad point; they are not very portable like the in-ears and they feel uncomfortable when used for a long time because they are seated directly on your ear.

– Over-Ears

Over-ears also known as around-ears and circum-aural headphones are the biggest size of headphones and the most comfortable type. The driver casing and headband is larger and the drivers are around 45mm and above. Their good points are; they produce louder, more distinct sound and they are very comfortable. Their bad point is they are bulky and are unsuitable for traveling.

Specialized Headphones

– Noise cancelling headphones

This headphone functions with active noise cancelling technology. The technology drowns unwanted sounds to give the user peace and tranquility. Active noise canceling headphones use small microphones. Their good points are; they are well suited for factory, airplane and noisy environment use. The bad point is they use up more power and requires extra batteries or charging.

– Gaming headphones

Gaming headphones are specially made to be used for playing video games, computers games, consoles or portable devices, to boost in-game audio experience. Their good points are; they produce superb surround sound effect, and can pick up direction and sound detail. The bad point is they are not suitable for music but specially made for game.

– Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones have no cords or cables. They normally function through either radio frequency, infrared or Bluetooth. Their good point is they are highly portable and highly suited for use outdoors and indoors such as when the music device is placed at a large distance, like watching TV or playing music in the living room. Their bad points are; poorer sound quality, battery life and range issues.

In conclusion, bass headphones come with broad varieties of features that boost the deep bass of your music like frequency range, bass boost, noise isolation technology, inline remotes, soft ear cushions and headbands which provide comfortable and stylish bass bloom. You need to check the headphones functionality together with bass and sound quality before you buy.

What every user should know about Bass headphones

Before purchasing a bass headphone, apart from bass quality, there are other factors you need to consider like sound quality, how comfortable and durable the headphones are.

1. Sound Quality:

A lot of factors determine the sound quality of a headphone. Examples of such factors are:

• Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a measure of how efficiently an earpiece translates an inbound electrical signal into a perceptible sound. It therefore shows how loud the headphone will be for a particular level of electrical drive. The more sensitive the headphone is; the more sound pressure it produces under the same voltage condition.

• Sound pressure level

Sound Pressure Level and sensitivity are related and any of them can be stated on the headphone specification. They show the extent of the sound level that could be produced by the headphone. Sensitivity shows how efficiently an electrical signal is converted into an audio signal.

• Efficiency

Efficiency tells you the sound pressure level produced when a particular power is applied.

• Drivers size

Drivers are the interior vibrating part of all headphones and speakers which send ripples through the air. The most common used driver for headphones is the dynamic driver. To hear every bass tone in your music, you would require a big driver. The bigger the size of the driver; the better quality of the sound produced.

There are many ways you can boost the bass level and make your music sound more powerful. You can either achieve this through physical modification of the headphone and creating vent holes by substituting stock velour ear pads with pleather pads or through the use of equalizer on your smartphone.

2. Comfort

Comfort a very significant factor to consider when shopping for bass headphones. You don’t want to get a headphone that would hurt after few minutes or few hours of use. Do you? So, check the headphone in person or check customer’s review before you make any purchase.

Bass headphones should be fashioned in a way that makes all its components fit suitably without producing any resonance even when you high up the volume. You also need to check that all its essential parts are suitable made durable to withstand constant usage.

Apart from sounding great, you want your headphone to feel great. Go for headphones that fit to your head and one that don’t weigh you down. Over-ear headphones help to isolate noise and produce booming bass without any need to increase the volume. Try the headphone on and allow it to stay for about 15 minutes or more and check how it feels. Many headphones feel fine initially but hurt the ear after sometime. Unfortunately, you won’t want to stay in the store for hours checking out how it feels but putting on for a little while will give you idea how comfortable it would be.

A very good point about over-ear and on-ear bass headphone is comfort. They are big, heavy and bulky but very comfortable because the producers make them extra soft and comfortable.

3. Durability

All headphones are not made equal. Some are built with more sturdy and durable materials while others are made with weaker and cheaper materials that won’t last long. You don’t want to be heading to the store every now and then to buy a headphone. So, check the durability of the headphone before you buy. If a headphone appears and feels cheap, the possibility is that it is not durable and would not last as long as you would want it to.

A good headphone can be pricey. However, not all costly headphones are durable. Headphones made with quality fabric material round your ears are more durable.
Factors that makes Headphones Durable

Durable headphones:

  •  Have sturdy hinges
  • Are made up of strong cable and cable coating
  • Resist moisture from rain and everyday use. Some cables are made resistant with Kevlar or additional layers of rubber. Have quality materials: Look for headphones made with strong and
  • lightweight plastic which provides great protection from physical damage. Metal casing such as aluminum casing is more durable. Also, consider the thickness and the quality of the rubber material around the wires.
  • Are not fragile: A good quality headphones shouldn’t have weak point or develop one after a few weeks of use.

Why Get Bass Headphones

Many people who use headphones do so for different reasons. Commuters and travelers use headphones to produce noise canceling effect. Those who use it to buff the audio sounds do so to limit hearing of the musicians’ breath.


Headphones come in many different styles and designs with different fits and sound qualities. There are lots of competitions among the designers of headphones. The designers of headphones compete among themselves about who can produce the classiest or craziest looking headphones. Some headphones are made brightly colored while others are made into unconventional shapes. Other forms of bass headphones are made of delicate designs. No matter your personal style and choice, you will pick the type of headphone that suits your need.

Whatever design of headphone you choose to go for, remember that impressing others shouldn’t be your sole reason for purchasing a headphone. Your priority should be more on the sound quality rather than the design. It makes no sense purchasing a headphone that look nice but which cannot deliver any reasonable response. Also, a design that looks great now may be outdated and useless tomorrow but a headphone made with simple, timeless design would still be useful after decades of use.

Again, when considering the design of the headphone to buy, try to look at different types of headphones as stated in the earlier part of this article. Different types of headphones are made of different designs. While choosing headphones’ design, also consider what purpose you want the headphone to fulfill; convenience, portability, indoor and outdoor use and so on.


Poor quality made headphone or extensively used headphones may start to clatter whenever loud or deep bass music is played.
Adjust the volume in your headphone and test it at a high level. The sweeping tone ought to remain pure and clear at each of the frequencies devoid of any scrounging hum or rattle in one earpiece or the other.

Good quality headphones have better tolerances to the variation of their drivers’ frequency responses. One of the most important factors to consider when looking for good-quality bass is that high-quality sound comes from high-quality speakers. The maximum driver size for better sound quality, louder play or more bass is roughly 42mm for complete-sized headphones. A more sensitive headphone will play louder than a less sensitive headphone under an equivalent volume setting a smartphone or headphone amp. Top quality headphones are usually costly. However, remember that high price doesn’t always mean good quality.


The customary headphones that come with smartphones are high quality headphones. This provides great experience for mobile music lovers. However, to get the most from your Smartphone, or your portable player, an upgrade of bass headphone is necessary. Bass headphones provide immediate boost of audio quality, more booming bass, crisper, more thorough treble and enhanced noise isolation.

When choosing headphones, apart from checking if it produces improved audio quality, you should consider features like an inline remote and microphone. Inline remote features allow you to answer calls, jumble up music tracks and alter the volume of audio playback, while the integrated microphone helps you continue with your conversation through the use of voice activated software without any need to bring your phone out of your pocket.

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