Top 15 Best Graphic Design Books You Should Buy

There is no shortage of graphic design books available online. If you are currently thinking about studying graphic designing or a master at it choosing the best one for your studio is a difficult task. Here we have the top 15 Best Graphic Design Books you should buy.

Therefore, if you are in need of the perfect gift for a friend or want one to buy for yourself – we have done all the hard work and selected the best out of thousands available online. On the other hand, if you are an ultimate designer wanting a book to add to your list, stay a while and view our selection that follows here.

Our unique selection covers all the basics of designing from the foundations right through to the advanced terms in graphic designing.

Top 15 Best Graphic Design Books You Should Read

1. Draplin Design Co: Pretty Much Everything

Draplin Design Co: Pretty Much Everything-Graphic Design BooksThe Draplin Design Co: Pretty Much Everything is a 256-page hardcover book. The book by Aaron Draplin gives the book a funny personal touch with a wealth of informative insight to his life as a graphic designer. Enjoy reading the book with its amusing voice and packed with lessons for any new designer. The hardcover has a beautiful design, but can be a bit overwhelming when you start reading it. The book has a dedicated section containing the autobiography of Aaron James Draplin and part showcase. There are countless examples of his work ranging from logo designs to snowboard graphics. The books packed with stunning art and photos.

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2. Michael Bierut: How To

Michael Bierut How To-Design booksThe How To is a 320-page hardcover book with a combination of graphic design fundamentals as it serves as a monograph, manifesto, and design manual authored by Michael Bierut. You must read this best graphic design book. Enjoy reading about the 35 different projects by Michael told in an entertaining voice with: historic images, working models, finished work, rejected alternatives, and preliminary drawings. The How To book gives you insight to different processes of Bierut’s life from his work to his relationships with clients? Read about his struggles he faced during his lifetime as a graphic designer. Many have named it the bible of graphic designers.

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3. The Design Annual 2022 Casebound Edition

For a beautifully illustrated graphic design book, The Design Annual 2022 Casebound Edition is a perfect gift. The 224-page book has the best trends and work presented in it over the last 12-months. The books compiled by the editors of Computer Arts, Creative Blog, Net Magazine, and 3D World. For award-winning design work from around the world, the book displays different fields of design work. View from packaging, illustration, graphic design, and web design to name a few. The books perfect as it provides you with an overview of the best work from different designers.

4. Lance Wyman: The Monograph

Lance Wyman: The Monograph-Graphic Design BooksThe Monograph is a book devoted to Lance Wyman. The book highlights all Lance’s achievements from the time he worked at General Motors and his current projects. He is famous for the Mexico 68 design and the majority of his projects the public can see. View some of his featured projects and unpublished items in this 464-page hardback book.

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5. Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes

Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes-Graphic Design BooksAre you tempted to design your own log, the Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes paperback book is a great graphic design book you should read? Author Michael Evamy made sure there are wonderful resources available to better your designing techniques. The book has everything available for the graphic designer and once can say it is the logo bible. There are more than thousands of logos available in different categories from form to symbols spread over 352 pages in amazing colors. For the best demonstrative book about logos, you should buy this book.

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6. Champagne and Wax Crayons


The Champagne and Wax Crayons paperback by Ben Tallon discusses all in relation to Riding the Madness of the Creative Industry. Read the life story of Ben and journey with him from his childhood to becoming a freelance designer. He has worked with some of the best clients creating masterpieces in music, TV, film, illustration, and graphic designing. The book presents you with humorous and honest recordings of the art world to help you reach the top. Throughout the 256-pages, you get advice from Ben who survived the creative industry to become what he is today – a successful designer.

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7. New Perspectives in Typography

New Perspectives in Typography-Graphic Design booksIf you are looking for a new viewpoint related to typography read the New Perspectives in Typography paperback book. The book has two authors Scott Williams and Henrik Kubel. Over the 304 pages of the book, you see a selection of designs related to typography and highlights more than a hundred selected designers work. Read essays of the renowned Emily King and explore the past and current designs. This inspirational book encourages you to become the best designer you can be – and one can see it has a sourcebook for both designers and educators.

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8. Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design

Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design-Design BookBegin your graphic project with the guidance of Steven Heller and Veronique Vienne in this 336-page paperback Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer. The book is a guide to careers in design with relevant information in pursuing your career to become the best graphic designer. The book details out what your portfolio needs are and help you to prepare yourself for this career. View the different design genres, the education needed and become inspired by the everyday life of a graphic designer. This is multi-platform for any student on how to become a graphic designer and the best graphic design book available on the market.

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9. Independence: Interview with 12 Magazine Makers

Independence: Interview with 12 Magazine Makers- Graphic Design BooksThe Independence Interview with 12 Magazine Makers has been around for a while and reprinted a couple of times. In the book, you can read all the interviews that Jeremy Leslie has with 12 magazine makers. He had interviews with Rob Orchard (Delayed Gratification), John L Walters, Alec Dudson to name a few. He focused on their tough days in making their magazines stand out from the rest. He answers important questions as to why they started a magazine as each one gives their own story, advice, and tips to make it in the industry. You can buy the Independence in a paperback book with 180-pages.

10. Graphic Design Visionaries

Graphic Design Visionaries-Graphic Design booksIn the Graphic Design Visionaries by Caroline Roberts, you can read about 75 influential designers. Read about their fascinating stories and works arranged in chronological order. There is from American branding right through to the masters of typography (Wim Crouwel) and has stories of Leo Lionni and Cipe Pineles (visionary magazine designers.) spread over the 312-page paperback you get visual examples and insightful text to read and view.

11. 50 Best Logos Ever

50 Best Logos Ever-Graphic Design booksEver wondered what the best logos are in the entire world – find out in the 50 Best Logos Ever book. In the book, different branding and identity designers bring you a list of the best recordings ever. Whether you have a passing interest or fascinated with logos, this book is a definite read. View how BP and Coco-Cola logos evolved over the years. On the other hand, there are some other renowned business logos in the book for you to see.

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12. How to be a Graphic Designer: Without Losing Your Soul

How to be a Graphic Designer: Without Losing Your Soul-Grafic Design BooksThe How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul is a paperback book by Adrian Shaughnessy. This book is a trusted resource for any person who wants to become a graphic designer. The book gives you practical advice, philosophical guidance, and great tips on how to embark on your career in the professional world. Read about how to set up & promote your studio and the latest global trends. The book is one of the best graphic design books you should read and you can buy it in a 176-page paperback.

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13. Just My Type

Just My Type-Grafic Design BooksTour and explore the history of fonts available in the book Just My Type by Simon Garfield. We see fonts every day of our life – ever wonder how they came into existence. Read the 384-page paperback book and journey with Simon as he answers all your questions. The book is a history from the beginning of font to the ending when digital font started. Find out what makes the font look great and what works best on different items and be inspired as you learn new things about the font.

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14. The Design Career Handbook

The Design Career Handbook-Grafic Design BooksComputer Arts present the Design Career Handbook. Boost your career with this guide and find out how you can make your mark in the graphic design industry. Find out how you can find the best design opportunities and view the best tricks to land a dream job from small to large projects. Whether you are only starting to climb the ladder or just starting out you can find helpful guidance and tips by reading this book. The books available in print and a digital version with 98 pages with black & white and color illustrations.

15. The Little Know-It-All: Common Sense for Designers

 The Little Know-It-All: Common Sense for Designers- Grafic Design BooksDo you know what a Meta-Tag is or what is the clearance for using copyright material. Find out with the Little Know-It-All book providing you with common sense for every designer. Find within the 250-pages all the important information that designers need when crossing over into the real world. The book has an imitation Leather cover. Divided into sections explaining the vocabulary used, typography, photography, and printing. There are tips on different areas when working in an advertising, copyright, multi-media and other project businesses. There are graphics and text available making this a great reference book for newcomers and students.

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Whether you are embarking the world of graphic designing or planning to study in the field of graphic designing – our top 15 best graphic design books will be a helpful guide. View each book as they present you with helpful tips, history, and advice on how you too can reach your designing goal. Add one to your collection or give it as a gift to someone special studying in the subject.

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