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Top 10 Best Scanners in 2022 Review

Top 10 Best Scanners in 2022 Review

Whether one is in need of scanning artwork, books, documents, or even old photo’s one needs one of the best scanners to help you with this task. One needs a fast and reliable scanner when one works in the office or at home making scanning a pleasure without the need of waiting forever for the document finally to show up on your PC. Here you can find some of the 10 most reliable scanners available on the market, and just maybe there is one suitable for you!

10.  Canon LiDE120 Color Image Scanner

The LiDE120 color image scanner comes highly recommended by many who have bought it. If you are looking for a fast and reliable assistant for around the office and home choose this one. The scanners designed compact with some great features. The office assistant provides you with optical resolution, Cloud functionality, and works well with both photo and document scanning. For beautiful scans, the auto document features automatically scan and produces advanced imaging while the auto scan mode3 evaluates items scanned and saves it with the required settings. It scans fast and has built-in EZ buttons, making copies, scanning and creating PDF files easier with the push of a button. The LiDE120 is compatible with both PC and newer MAC operating systems.

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9.  ScanSnap by Fujitsu

The Fujitsu Scan Snap iX500 is a best seller online! This superbly designed office assistant guides you through every process of scanning. Scan to your PC and keep all your items safely in Cloud. The scanner is wireless to scan to your Mac, PC, Android, iPad/iPhone and more while hosting automated settings for scanning documents, business cards, A4 and A3 paper. It provides one with 25ppm color scanning and provides two-sided scanning as well. Connect via USB or Wi-Fi, however, does not support Twain/ISIS drivers on both PC and Mac.

8. V600 Epson Perfection

The V600 is versatile to use in the office, studio and your home for delivering outstanding scans from photos, slides, documents, and films. The software of the scanner includes Optical Character Recognition for ease of converting scanned documents into editable text. One can remove the appearance of tears or creases found in damaged old photos with the Digital ICE technology and even dust and scratches on the film. Restore the color of faded photos with the touch of one button built-in with easy Photo Fix.

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7.  Canon LiDE220

With send to Cloud, easy operation, and advanced features the Canon LiDE220 will become your closest friend when used at home or the office. Upload documents and images with ease while the Auto Document Fix feature automatically provides you with quality scans and the auto scan mode3 evaluates items scanned while saving with the appropriate settings. The provided EZ buttons are easy to use and the scanner works fast and efficiently. Additional to this scanner it provides one with a stand to enable vertical scanning while the advanced Z-Lid Expansion Top extends up to 1-inch for larger scans.

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6.  ADS-2000 Brother Scanner

The Brother ADS-200 is an image scanner with high-speed scanning designed for your desktop and provides one with two-sided scanning as well. The feeder can hold up to 50 sheets of paper and highly versatile for business cards, photos, receipts, and ID card scanning. While making duplex scans, the scanner omits blank pages to save storage space and scans to email, OCR & file, USB flash drive, tablet, image, or your Android phone. Scan variety sized documents with auto-detection and supports most driver formats including Twain, ISIS, ICA and more.

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5.  V19 Epson Perfection Scanner

The V19 is an affordable scanner provided by Epson and easy to use. Scan from documents to photos with this device. The buttons provided are easy to use to scan directly to your computer, PDF, and email. Post to your Cloud, connect via USB cable, and requires no warm-up time. It has a built-in kickstand for saving space while the lids removable for placing bulky photo albums. Restore color to faded images with the software provided.

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4.  iX500 Fujitsu ScanSnap

The iX500 ScanSnap is a bit more expensive, however, guides you every step of the way when it comes to scanning. Scan and view to Cloud, or connect wirelessly to scan to your Mac, PC, Android, iPad, or iPhone device. The scanners designed with automated settings for scanning business cards, documents, photos, and A4 to A3 sized paper. One receives Rack2-Filer Smart and Magic Desktop software for your Windows to retrieve files with ease. Connect via Wi-Fi or USB.

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3.  V550 Epson Perfection Scanner

The Epson Perfection V550 is a flatbed color scanner with an optical resolution of 6400 dpi. The scanners versatile to scan slides, photos, documents, film, and negatives. The scanner automatically uploads scans directly to Cloud, Picasa, and Facebook. With the touch of a button, one can restore old photos while the Easy Photo Fix and Digital ICE helps one to remove dust and scratches on the film. For high-speed scanning with no warm-up time the scanners always ready and features energy efficiency with the Ready Scan LED provided technology.

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2.  Fujitsu SCANSNAP

For the person on the go and working out of the office most of the time, you need the Fujitsu SCANSNAP to assist you with your scanning tasks while on the road. From scanning, plastic cards, recipes, contracts, receipts and more. This scanner takes things beyond your desktop into the outer world. It is lightweight and makes a superb travel companion with intelligent features to correct images, auto color detection, crop, and rotation of scanned documents. With the touch of a button created PDFs and scan documents up to 34-inches long. Dual scan two small documents at a time and USB powered.

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1. V370 Epson Perfection Scanner

For high-quality scanning for photos, 35mm film, documents, and more Epson presents one with the V370 scanner. Scan directly to Cloud, MS Share Point, Google Docs and more. The scanners designed with one-touch buttons for copy and scanning to email. Additionally, it restores faded photos while the Ready Scan technology makes the scanner available super quickly. Create from PDF documents while scanning oversized items with ease!

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