Top 10 Camping Screen Houses in 2022

Lack of camping screen houses may ruin your leisure time in the event of rain, mosquitoes, bugs, and sun. To save yourself from these predicaments, you need to purchase a screen tent for your next campsite.

Most of them have a frame and a large surrounding screen. They can be set up easily and disassembled for transportation. A camping screen house can be used on a picnic table since they have the floor. Some also have zip for makeshift sleeping during the camping. To help you choose the most appropriate one, we have compiled a list of the top 10 camping screen houses in 2022.

Top 10 Camping Screen Houses in 2022

10. Enjoy the Great Outdoors Without the Bugs With Quick and Easy Setup Ozark Trail

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Without the Bugs With Quick and Easy Setup Ozark Trail 13x9 Large Roof Screen House,Large Enough to Fit a Folding Table and 6 Chairs With Clear 360-Degree View Outside

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Are you looking for extra comfort when camping during your leisure time? This camping screen house is ideal for your needs. It will keep you protected from the sun and insects like mosquitos.

The measurements are 22.64”x 10.63”x 9.65” and can provide a screened shade to an area of 43 square feet.

Its design is perfect for easy assembly and simple shelter. The manufacturer uses a rugged frame that is durable and can create enough room for some chairs and a small table.

This product has received a perfect 5-star rating from customers. They appreciate its size and its ease of assembling.

9. ALPHA CAMP Screen House Tent Easy Setup Canopy – 13’X9′, Blue

ALPHA CAMP Screen House Tent Easy Setup Canopy - 13'X9', Blue

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This camping screen house is ideal for all outdoor fun, e.g. camping and barbeques. It is large floor size measuring 13’ x 9’. It can accommodate 5 to 8 people with the ability to walk in. You should not worry about standing since the center height is 86”.

Its design includes a 360-degree visibility mesh to view the environment. The tow door is to facilitate easy access by use of a zipper. The design also favors breathable polyester material.

This product has a 3.0-star rating. Most of the people are happy with its delivery and set up while some have issues with the floor part.

8. RORAIMA Bugs Proof Roomy Screen House 13’x9’x6.9′, Instant Canopy Shelter Screen Tent

RORAIMA Bugs Proof Roomy Screen House 13'x9'x6.9', Instant Canopy Shelter Screen Tent,Easy Installation Within Mins and Good for Family Picnic Suitable for 5-8 People

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This camping screen house shelters a long table for several individuals. Why not buy for camping with someone special in your life? It has a floor of 117 sq ft and dimensions of 13 ft x 9 ft x 6.9ft. The overall weight is 20lbs only making it easy to carry in your truck, van or car.

This screen tent has an impressive design to allow you free access. You can easily walk around and view what is around.

This product has received a 3.2-star rating. Majority of the customers believes the product is easy to set up and comfortable. However, there are minor complaints regarding its quality.

7. Wenzel Magnetic Screen House, Black

Wenzel Magnetic Screen House, Black

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If you need a screen tent that can fit over a picnic table, this one is ideal for you. Wenzel magnetic screen house protects you from harsh weather and other external disturbances.  Its roof’s material is fiberglass with shock cording.

It has a design with materials easy to assemble and start using. There are I styled front and backdoors that have automatic closure. You will not have to use your hands when coming in holding your items or pets.

Half of the customers agreed the product is of high quality. Most are impressed with the magnetic doors. It has a 3.9-star rating which is rather impressive.

6. CORE Instant Screen House

CORE Instant Screen House

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This is among the best camping screen houses we have in the market. You can use it with a standing height of 84” and set it on a 12 x 10 ft floor. It has a steel frame and that makes it durable. The top canopy protects you from ultra-violet light as the material is a 150D polyester.

It has properly designed doors with zippers to open. To keep off the insects, it has mesh walls. This also allows clear visibility of what surrounds the tent.

After several weeks and months of using this camping screen house, customers have rated it 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. This is due to its comfort, sturdy nature as well as other features.

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5. Quest® 12 Ft. X 12 Ft. Recreational Mesh Screen House Canopy Tent

Quest® 12 Ft. X 12 Ft. Recreational Mesh Screen House Canopy Tent: Great for Backyard and Camping

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This camping screen house might just be everything you need. It can provide you with a shade in an area of 100 sq ft. The tent measures are square in shape with sides of 12’. It only takes a few minutes to set up and to dismantle. The material used to make it is fire retardant and water resistant. It is easy to stand in and walk around since it has a center height of 7’6”.

When it comes to design, it has I styled door; zippered for quick opening. It comes with a polyester bag with two straps for carrying it.

If you are to follow the customer’s reviews, most of them rated it as five stars, but the overall rating is 3.7 stars. They are happy about the screen house’s lightweight and space saving. However, only a few complaints about its inability to stand the wind. Otherwise, it would have been a 5 star.

4. Caravan Canopy 81018013320 Sports Screen House Shelter, 10 x 10′

Caravan Canopy 81018013320 Sports Screen House Shelter, 10 x 10', Lime Green

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The next time you want to go for a tailgate, picnic or visit the beach, you should make sure that you buy this camping screen house. It will protect your skin from UV light and keep you safe from bugs. The interior space created is 100 sq ft. This tent measures 10 feet and has one door for entry.

It is designed using a frame with a black powder coating.  The walls and the top are charcoal grey and lime green respectively. A free carry bag is given to transport it.

The screen house has received a 2.9 star out of 5. Although most people are positive about it, some suggest there is room for the net and design improvement.

3. EUREKA Northern Breeze Screen House

EUREKA Northern Breeze Screen House

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Have you used a less spacious camping screen house before? This tent saves you from such disappointments by providing you with a height of 12’ and width of 13’. The full mesh panels have a square with sides sized as 12’.

The design features two doors of full length with zippers for easy entering and leaving. The center height is designed with 101” for easy standing. Its frame is pre-bent and shock-corded. Having been made using aluminum makes it durable and light.

Many customers are satisfied with the functioning of this screen tent and have seen it receive a 4.1 star. Its alluring features explain it all.

2. Wenzel Biscayne Screen House

Wenzel Biscayne Screeh House

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Dining out has never been this awesome with this Wenzel Biscayne Screen House. With a space of 14ft x 12 ft, it can accommodate you and several friends or family members. It is tall with a height of 84 inches and occupies an area of 126 sq. Ft.

It is designed attractively with a good quality mesh wall. The doors have a look of an inverted T to allow your movements. It is quick and easy to set up to place over a picnic table.

According to the customers who have used it, the tent is spacious, comfortable to set and of high quality. Due to some minor complaints catered by the warranty, the rating stands at 3.9 stars.

1. Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

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As you enjoy the cool breeze coming in through the mesh, this camping screen house will offer you protection from insects and direct sunlight. It has been made convenient to use and offers a large space of 11 feet by 9 feet to place on a picnic table just like other tents.

It has an incredible design to offer you extra comfort in the beach, mountains or other outdoor campsites. You don’t have to panic when your hands are carrying something, and you want to enter or exit the tent. Its magnetic doors are auto-closure.

When we look at the reviews, this product has a 3.5-star rating and a lot of positive feedbacks. The fact that the screen house is easy to set up, sturdy and offers comfort are among the praises in customers’ comments.


When it comes to camping, comfort is vital. Major distractions are caused by biting insects or unfavorable weather conditions. Therefore, you will need to buy a camping screen house in order to enjoy your precious moments.

Almost all of these tents are transparent although some are not very clear. The mash should protect you from mosquitoes or bugs and should allow a fresh breeze to flow inside. The material and sturdiness are other factors you should consider when buying.

This review takes you through the top 10 Camping Screen Houses in 2022. You can now choose your preferred design, space, size and other features.

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