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Best Chicken Coop Doors in 2022

The best chicken coop doors in the market right now are the automatic doors. According to your set schedule, the chicken coop door openers will automatically open your coop doors, allowing you to have better control of your poultry. Whether you are away from your farm or simply too tired to wake up in the morning and let your chickens out of their pens, with the automatic chicken coop doors, you no longer have to worry about that. They also automatically close when timed therefore your chicken are kept free from assault by other predators. Chicken coop doors are very efficient and something that every poultry farmer should not miss out on having. We will not discuss all the chicken coop doors available, but we have narrowed down to seven of the best chicken coop doors in 2022.

Best Chicken Coop Doors in 2022

7. JVR Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener with Light Sensor

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With this chicken coop door, you can peacefully enjoy your vacation or time away from the farm. It automatically opens at dawn and locks at dusk ensuring that your chickens are always safe.

The design is of premium quality. The chicken coop door is of heavy-duty aluminum alloy thus it is rust, rot, and warp resistant. It is also waterproof. There is no complicated wiring required as the door runs on 4 AA batteries which last for years, saving on energy costs. As per the customers’ feedbacks, it has ratings of 3.5 stars.

6. ChickenGuard Chicken Coop Pop Door Kit – Oak Runners & Aluminum Door Panel

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This chicken coop door is another great recommendation. Its design is in a detailed way such that you do not have any snagging when trying to open the door. The material is of high quality ensuring durability.

The door’s material is high-quality aluminum and American oak. Its design has a pre-drilled hole which provides room for attaching the ChickenGuard opener string. It has received ratings of 4.5 stars out of 5.

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5. Brinsea Products Chick Safe Extreme Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener and Door Kit

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This chicken coop door is by Brinsea Products. Protecting your chickens is very easy using this door. It is the only all-in-one chicken coop door in the market. Here are the features that make it unique.

Its design features a timer and light sensor. The door gets its power from 4 AA batteries and can alternatively be powered by electricity using a USB cable. It is designed to function in all kinds of weather. Therefore, no frequent replacement is needed. Ratings go up to 3.6 stars.

4. Happy Henhouse Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

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Customers very much love this chicken coop door. The fact that it opens and closes with the sun makes it very effective, and you can relax knowing that your chickens are safe.

Its design employs a sturdy gear motor which automatically stops when a chicken gets in the way, therefore, there will be no harm done. It has a controller that is weatherproof and a metal door with rails. Customers love it. The ratings are 4.4 stars.

3. Automatic Chicken/Duck Coop Door Opener

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This chicken coop door comes with a complete kit making the installation process very easy. It has been tested to prove that it is of high quality and performance.

The door’s material is streamlined stainless steel and also has rails. It also gets its power from 4 AA batteries. The design is detailed with sturdy construction to ensure that the door can withstand harsh weather conditions. If we look at the customers’ feedbacks, the ratings are 3.7 out of 5 stars.

2. Titan Incubators Chicken Coop Door – Chicken House Pop Hole

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This product is by Titan Incubators. It is best suitable for use with Titan Incubators Door Openers. The size is perfect for fitting a majority of birds. Hence, it is fit for poultry and can also be perfect in pens for other birds.

Since the design aims at being suitable for birds of all sizes, there is no need to worry when purchasing it because you get a guarantee that it will fit the size of your chickens. The chicken coop door is also very easy to set up. The weight is 1.32 pounds. So far this chicken coop door has received very many positive remarks from the customers who have already installed it in their chicken pens. The ratings go up to 4.2 stars out of 5.

1. Automatic Chicken Coop Door

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To finish off our list is this chicken coop door by Auto Door. It comes in an attractive setup, and for a convenient price, you can be able to ensure that your chickens are always safe.

The design makes it very easy to install. It has an Amish-made chicken-coop door that is automatic and comes ready-to-use. The operating modes are three giving you an option of a timer, override or manual operating mode. The door’s material is heavy-duty aluminum that is also rust-resistant.

Its rating is above average. Ratings are 3.7 stars.


Many chicken coop doors are available on the market. However, that does not guarantee the quality of all of them. Some chicken coop doors are very difficult to use and install. Others have faulty programs which leave you disappointed. To make your investment worth it, you should try any of the recommended chicken coop doors on our list. These products are a result of an extensive research to ensure that they are of good quality. Customers have used them in their chicken pens and have given back positive remarks. The manufacturers are also trustworthy. Therefore, you will get high quality and performance. Purchase our chicken coop doors today and make your poultry farming much more convenient and easy.

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