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Top 10 Draw Knives in 2022

Draw knives are tools found in most homes and workshops. They are ideal for most woodwork. If you are ready to buy one, then this guide will ensure you make the right decision. Draw Knives can be used in a wide spectrum of way. For example, you can use it to strip bark from trunks, to trim and fit beams, and also you can use it to square timber when carrying out renovations.  Also, it is a handy, creative artistic tool for wood sculptors. They come in different lengths, thickness and types depending on the shape of the blade. There are those with a straight blade while the rest have a curved blade, mostly 30 degrees. If you are ready to purchase draw knives in 2022 but don’t know which one to pick, this guide will be handy in assisting you to make the right choice.

Top 10 Draw Knives in 2022

10. Lumberjack Tools 10″ Draw Knife (DK1000)

Lumberjack Tools 10" Draw Knife (DK1000) - Draw Knives

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These draw knives are made of premium steel to ensure that it lasts long and surpass the buyer’s expectation. Its ergonomic handles are made of urethane and are all weather. They are impervious to dirt, oil, water, and even extreme temperatures.

This product is 100% designed and made in the USA with 100% quality and durable materials. This tool works wonderfully. It has a razor sharp blade that makes the work accurate and easy.

9 Bundle Pack Timber Tuff 5″ Draw Shave Curve Log Pealer Knife & 8″ Draw Shave Log Pealer Knife

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This timber Tuff drawknife is the perfect choice for debarking trees as well as making furniture. The pack includes a 5 inches curved shave as well as the 8 inches straight shave. Draw Knives has solid wood handles with grips.

These drawing knives are handy for debarking logs or firewood. Therefore it is perfect for making furniture as well as woodworking. It has an ample cutting surface ensuring the job is completed fast. This draw knife is solid and a good set too. It is also easy to sharpen.

8. Stubai Drawknife

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This is a midsize draw knife that can be useful for general work working. It has hardened steel which holds a keen edge. Also, this draw knife has offset handles thus comfortable when using it.

The knife’s blade length is 9-1/4 inches however its overall length is 17 inches. This alone ensures that your work is over within a short time. This knife is pretty sharp, and it will do the job you had intended it for. It does more than just wood, and it deserves 5 stars, and indeed it is 5 stars.

7. Timber Tuff TMB-10DC Curved Draw Shave, 10″

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This knife has a sharp 10 inches curved blade, which is 5 mm thick which is 30 degrees curved ensuring a fast and accurate work.  Its design includes a durable steel blade with HRC 30 hardness thus is a reliable product.

Its handles’ material is wood, are comfortable to use are sure to provide a secure hold. It also comes with a blade protector which keeps the blade sharp and protecting users against accidentally cutting themselves. Most customers attest to its great working, plus, it is value for money.

6. Timber Tuff TMB-05DS Straight Draw Shave Tool, 5″, Black

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The Timber Tuff straight draw shave tool has a 5 inches long sharp blade that is 5 mm thick with a 30 degrees angle to ensure you cut accurately and also fast. It has wooden gripped handles for a secure hold.

The knife is designed with the durable steel blade to ensure it serves you for long. The hardness of the blade is up to HRC 30; therefore you can bank on this reliable knife. This is a great product and has a perfect size for all your needs.

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5. Two Cherries 500-1320 225-Millimeter Drawknife with Straight Blade

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This draw knife by Robert Larson is both durable and versatile and comes with a straight blade. It is ideal for carvers, shingle makers, chair makers, and most craftsmen. It is sharp and can remove large quantities of wood effortlessly.

Its blade is of high-quality German steel, and its handles are comfortable and made of wood. This knife can make a great addition to your toolbox. It is sturdy and comfortable and deserves a 5 star.

4. Timber Tuff TMB-05DC Curved Draw Shave Tool, 5″

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This knife comes with a sharp 5 inches curved blade that is 5 mm thick and bent 30 degrees. The bend and thickness ensure fast and accurate work. Its steel blade is made to last long and has a hardness of up to HRC 30.

Use this knife to shave wood from logs, fencepost, firewood and much more. Its comfortable handle grips are of wood, and the knife comes with a blade protector. This is so far a perfect tool for stripping poles. It is well made and works great too.

3. Ox-Head 10″ x 1-3/8″ Straight Drawknife, OX3752500

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This product by Ox-Head’s material is quality German steel thus it is durable and will last for long. Its cutting edges’ fine polish allows the best cutting experience. The riveted hardwood handles have ergonomic shapes for more comfort.

The knife’s tangs extend fully through its handles to ensure a strong and secure grip. Perfect for debarking logs as well as other specialized works. This is a high-quality draw knife, tough tool and perfect for most woodwork.

2. Timber Tuff TMB-08DS Straight Draw Shave Tool, 8″

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This knife has a sharp 8 inches straight blade that is 5 mm thick with 30 degrees fast and also accurate work. The design of the blade includes durable and long lasting steel with up to 30 HRC, making it a reliable knife.

The knife has wood grip handles which are comfortable and guarantees a secure hold. Also, it comes with a blade protector to prevent accidents. It works great, good design and is very sharp. It is value for money.

1. Timber Tuff TMB-10S 10-Inch Straight Draw Shave

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This draw knife has a straight 10 inches blade that is 5mm thick with a 30 degree that ensures the job is accurate and fast. This blade too is of steel thus is durable and lasts long. It has an HRC 30 hardness meaning you can rely on this knife.

This knife has wooden handles that are comfortable to grip. It comes with the blade protector which keeps the blade sharp while protecting the users too. This product is of good quality and value for money. It is sturdy and works great.


No tool is 100% perfect. However, some are better than others. When purchasing a machine, you rate them regarding durability, quality, the type of material used to make it and a host of other attributes. The one that meets all these qualities takes the day. That is the same criteria when it comes to the purchase the draw knives. The list of top 10 best draw knives above is your guide to shopping for the ideal draw knife that will meet your needs. Tests show that all the products here are so far the best ones for the job. Use this guide, and you will make the right decisions when you are out buying a draw knife in 2022.

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