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Top 10 Electric Door Locks in 2022


Are you worrying of theft in the home? If yes, leave all your worry from today onwards. The list of top 10 electric door locks in 2022 will give you a sound sleep from today. We searched everywhere and then compiled the list of top 10 electric door locks in 2022. You will find this article informative. It not only discusses the features of the product, their design, and quality but also, in brief, it tells you what things you have to consider while buying electric door locks. In this post, we have included the customer feedback regarding the product.

Top 10 Electric Door Locks in 2022

10. Smart Code Electronic Lock-Kwikset

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The smart code electronic lock from Kwikset has a Tustin lever and Venetian Bronze finish.

The lock offers increase security and has the auto locking option within 30 seconds. There is eight customizable accesses code. It is best for using on the exterior Electric Door Locks. The lock includes a latch with an adjustable backset which makes it suitable for all standard doors. It has a temper proof interior and master code option.

Customer Feedback or Features:

It is an excellent lock from Kwikset. The directions are easy to follow, and the installation process is simple.

9. Smart Door Lock Keypad- Aardwolf

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The beautiful, smart door lock keypad from Aardwolf is specially made for exterior doors. It is a perfect lock for interior doors of home, and offices.

There are three options to unlock the door. A person can use Mifare cards, keys and the user codes to open the door. The door automatically locks within five seconds of a valid entry. It gives the option to reset the lock to default manufacture status in case you missed the code and lost the card. However, the lock is not waterproof.

Customer Feedback or Features:

The setup process of the lock is simple. It is easy to program and work smoothly. You will like to have this lock in your home.

8. Keypad Entry Smart Lock-Schlage

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The electronic lock is made of satin nickel. It has a Georgian style knob. The lock is ideal for offices, interior doors, workout rooms.

The locks offer professional grade security. It has an adjustable bolt for increasing resistance of keys. There is a silicon-coated keypad to protect the number from wearing. It is weather-protected and has an LED backlight. It has an option of switching between auto-lock function and locked function. The lock has preset six digit programming code and two pre-set four-digit user codes.

Customer Feedback or Features:

The lock is easy to install, preset up and secure. It works perfectly in the electric Door locks.

7. Electronic Deadbolt Smart Key-Kwikset

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The elegant design smart lock from Kwikset is suitable for home doors. It eliminates the needs for keys. It is made of Satin Nickel.

The electronic locks offer the convenience of keyless entry. It has the backlight to illuminate the keys during the night. There are six customizable, unique user codes. The lock has master code for increased security. It fits comfortably into most of the standard doors. However, keep in mind the lock requires four AA batteries. They do not come along with the lock. You have to purchase it separately.

Customer Feedback or Features:

The lock looks great and perfect for residential Electric Door Locks. It has a beautiful design and set up process is simple.

6. Smart Code Electronic Deadbolt-Kwikset

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The beautiful electronic deadbolt Smart Key from Kwikset has keyless entry touchpad lock. There are a motorized deadbolt and sleek interior.

The lock offers superior security compared to other locks. It has 10 digits backlit audible keypad and 16 customizable accesses code for better security. The Smart-Key has a bumper guard protection. The lock is suitable for most of the standard doors.  It has a sleek metal design and automatic lock system. The installation process is simple.

Customer Feedback or Features:

The design of the lock is beautiful. It is a lovely keyless lock. The rekeying is fast and straightforward.

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5.  Smart Code Electronic Deadbolt- Kwikset

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You will fall in love with the small smart code electronic deadbolt from Kwikset. It is made of stainless steel and has Satin Nickel finish.

The lock offers one-touch locking with a motorized deadbolt. There is a backlit for increase visibility during night. It has eight customizable accesses code with a master code option.  The door latch has an adjustable backset which makes it fit for all standard door operations.  The locks are ANSI/BHMI grade 2 certified.

Customer Feedback or Features:

It is a beautiful keyless electronic lock. It is convenient to install and use and works fabulous and looks great.

4. Digital Door Knob- SoHoMiLL

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The digital door knob from SoHoMiLL gives you an efficient locking system and superior security to your home. However, it is not a spring latch lock and not connected with Smartphone.

The locks offer you maximum security. It has no keyholes, so there is no possibility of lock bumping.  There is an option of auto-clock within 3 seconds after each entry. It will give a beeping alert when someone attempts to press keys. The lock is built with precise engineering and has heavy duty constructions. It fits perfectly on both left and right hinged doors. However, it requires 4 AA batteries.

Customer Feedback or Features:

It is an excellent product and perfect for commercial use. The installation process is simple.

3. Camelot Keypad Entry- Schlage

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The keypad entry with a flexible lock system from Schlage will increase your home security. The lock is made of metal and has a bronze finish.

The lock has a Grade 2 Higher Residential Security Rating. It offers you the choice to use key or code. Now, going keyless is convenient and fun.  There is a low battery indicator to give you an early warning to change the battery. It has a backlit keypad and premium metal construction.

Customer Feedback or Features:

It is a fantastic lock from Schlage. It offers enhanced security lock and easy to use and set up.

2. Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt- Schlage

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The electric touchscreen deadbolt lock is made of using cutting-edge technology. It uses advanced technology to give you the best security features.

The lock has a touchscreen keypad. There is a lock cylinder from outside and thumb turn from inside. It offers you to store30 personalized user code at a time. There is a built-in alarm with 3 alert settings. It uses 4 AA alkaline batteries. It is certified as an ANSI Grade I highest residential security.  There is Z wave technology that allows accessing your lock from the web and Smartphone.

Customer Feedback or Features:

The lockwork perfectly. It is one of the best electronic lock available on the market.  The setup process is excellent.

1. Camelot Keypad Deadbolt- Schlage

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The keypad deadbolt smart electronic lock from Schlage is excellent for locking interior as well as the exterior door. The lock has a rich Satin finish.

The lock gives you the convenience of going keyless. There is no need to worry about losing or forgetting keys. The installation process is simple and doesn’t require any additional wiring. The keypads are Silicone coated to prevent the number from fading. There are a low battery indicator and a backlit keypad.

Customer Feedback or Features:

This is a great quality lock. You will love using it.  The key lock works fine and protects your home with advanced security features.

I hope you have gone through the features of these electronic locks. You might have chosen any one of them. Some of these locks are perfect for interior use while other for exterior doors. There are few locks which are best for commercial purpose like locking your gym premises. These locks provide you with advanced security features and protect your home. However, the only thing to take care is to preserve these locks from moisture and water. Some of these locks require AA Battery. The lock comes with battery indicator to give you early warning to change the battery. So, what are you waiting for now? Go and secure your home with one of these electronic locks.

Door locks are an essential part of the complete protection of your home. In addition to the issue of security, it carries a lot more significance. Old fashioned locks are still used in most flats. It mainly requires a physical key for locking or unlocking the door. If you are one who always forgets to bring the keys or forever lost it, then a mechanical door lock is not your thing. But fortunately, an electronic door lock has come in to save you from this troublesome.

A perfect electronic door lock benefits your family members. They can operate the door flexibly and conveniently. All it needs an electric current to open and close the device. You can completely control and constrict who goes into your flat. This one is the best feature of a traditional electronic door lock. You can also use the biometric method for a high level of security. Moreover, a smart electronic door lock gives you the best pliability to operate the locking device through a smartphone.

Can Electronic Door Locks Be Hacked?

Traditional electronic door locks allow a user to monitor the locking mechanism. The available security features are biometric, fob enabled, and keypad methods. Though it offers a great security system, this smart technology can still be hacked through some unauthorized access. That’s really an unpleasant thing for an electronic door operator. 16 Bluetooth-enabled electronic locks were tested in 2016, but unexpectedly 12 of them were labeled as a poorly qualified security device.

A few techniques were applied to test the electronic door locks. A Replay attack is one of those. If a hacker can resent correctly encrypted data to the network, it will be accepted as a valid command. In this way, a hacker can access the locking system via encrypted passwords. Another hacking system is plain text passwords. This hacking system can easily give access to the user’s password. Besides these, device spoofing, decompiling, fuzzing are different smart attacking processes. So, you should read authentication features and also look at the programming or manufacturing quality while purchasing one.

Are Smart Electric Door Locks Secure? Why?

Smart locking doors are automated style of traditional electronic locks. It gives us absolute control in our home place with an excellent protection manner. It can be managed both remotely and electronically. The locking systems are much more convenient and superior to traditional ones.

The locking systems are connected to smart technology. So, users can operate the lock via mobile devices. A simple install of an app on your mobile can give a full entrance to it. You can update your apps, change your passwords at any time, use an unlocking voice pin, and program the lock automatically.

How to Install A Smart Door Lock?

You should choose an appropriate smart lock for your door before installing it. Choose something convenient that will give you smooth handling via smartphones. Before installing the new one, the old lock should be removed by unscrewing the two screws, which are next to the deadbolt and thumbscrews. First, insert the key that came with the lock and turn it 90 degrees clockwise. Also, you have to insert the smart key above the standard key. And then, bring out the keys and enter the door key. You have to rotate it counterclockwise.

The Fact About Electronic Smart Door Lock You Should Know

Smart electronic doors come with some outstanding features. You can use it through passcodes or mobile phones. It gives you dual benefits, so you can’t deny the convenience. Door locks play an essential role in the safety system. And if we talk about the smart electronic door, then it is one of the best locking systems than other types. Smart electronic doors eliminate security risk via an efficient locking procedure. In the case of regular locks, it doesn’t give you that much flexibility to maintain the door locking system. A smart electronic lock can be an excellent choice for your home or office life.

Should We Have It? Why?

Placing a smart electronic lock at your front door is not a wrong decision at all. The best part of smart locking technology is you don’t have to bother about carrying keys. The whole process includes voice scan, remote access, and control via an app. You can make a stunning impression in front of your neighbors via this fantastic thing. The first impression really matters. The modern look of your front door reflects your lifestyle. As you can access it from outside, so you can easily let in your friends or family members in your house. So, we should definitely install it in our home if we are thinking about setting up a locking mechanism at the door.

Tips and Tricks to Maintaining It

You can apply some efficient tricks to keep your lock safe and secure. Just like as it electric powered, you should keep a look at battery life. You can set-up a strong passcode and always lock your smartphone. You should be prepared for any unwanted situations. Different back-ups such as carrying keys, maintaining a sturdy door, using built-in alarm technology can protect your valuable things.

Electronic door locks have gained popularity in the previous years, and yet that continuity is maintained. Smart electronic door locks come with great features that make it compatible with home or office security. Convenient usage, easy installation, adequate protection, suitable integration with other devices give it a remarkable appearance. Even you can get it at an affordable price.

But ultimately, the choice depends on you. Every homeowner has different requirements and demands. You need to be aware of which service you want to get from your electric lock doors before you intend to buy it.

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