Best Gas Pressure Washers in 2022 | Powerful Cleaning!

Gas Pressure washers are valuable assets when it comes to heavy-duty cleaning for exterior surfaces such as paint stripping, graffiti removal, as well as cleaning of construction sites. They can also do household tasks such as cleaning the patio, driveways, cars, and many more.

Compared to electric pressure washers, the gas pressure washer produces more power in terms of pressure washing. Before purchasing a gas pressure washer, the following factors should be your guide: intended application, portability, and price.

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Top 10 Best Gas Pressure Washers in 2022

10. YARD FORCE YF3100ES Gas Pressure Washer

YARD FORCE YF3100ES Gas Pressure Washer

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This YARD FORCE YF3100ES has a Biggs & Stratton 857EXI gas engine. It has a modern design that looks good when partaking a cleaning task.

The Briggs & Stratton engine delivers 3100PSI max and 2.4 GPM high-pressure water flow rate. Its engine has a remote electric start powred by a compact 20V Lithium-ion battery. It has up to 100 starts when the battery is full. The roll cage frame has two 12inch wheels attached to move the gas pressure washer easily across any terrain. A 1-Gallon soap tank lets the user clean longer in between refills. This Yard Force YF3100ES comes with a complete cleaning system, i.e., a spray gun, 4-quick connect nozzles, 25ft hose, 1.5A 20V battery, and charger.


  • The engine produces 3100PSI max and 2.4GPM.
  • It is remoted electric start enabled.
  • Installed with 12inch wheels.

9. TACKLIFE Gas Pressure Washer

TACKLIFE Gas Pressure Washer

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The TACKLIFE gas pressure washer has a 212cc engine with a power output of 4.5kW/3600rpm. It has a fuel capacity tank of 3.6Liters.

The motor and super pump deliver 3300PSI water pressure. The high pressure quickly and efficiently cleans farms, yards, walls, garages, and more. It has a 3L soap tank that can produce foam to make cleaning easier. The nozzle gun has 5-quick connect nozzle tips. It comes with a 2-detachable wheel for maneuverability.


  • The motor pump produces max water pressure of 3300PSI.
  • It has a large 3.8L gas tank.
  • The pressure pump comes with a 3-layer pressure hose.

8. TEANDE Gas Pressure Washer

TEANDE Gas Pressure Washer

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The TEANDE gas pressure washer has a powerful 7.0horse power OHV engine. It has a sleek and retro design that makes the user feel good when cleaning.

The engine produces maximum water pressure of 4200PSI and 2.8 GPM water flow. It ensures a smooth output of high-pressure water for a long time. The nozzle spray gun has 5-quick connect tips for a variety of cleaning jobs. It comes with heavy-duty 10inch wheels that allow the user to move through any terrain. Its 7.5M hose makes it easy to maneuver during cleaning.


  • The pump produces max pressure of 4200PSI.
  • Its nozzle spray gun has 5-quick connect tips.
  • It has a 7.5M flexible high-pressure hose.

7. Pressure Pro E3027HC Gas Pressure Washer

Pressure Pro E3027HC Gas Pressure Washer

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The Pressure Pro E3027HC comes with a powerful 6.5horsepower Honda GX200 engine. It is easy to start, reliable as well as quiet. This machine is CARB compliant.

The engine delivers 2700PSI and 3.0GPM water pressure. This machine’s engine has a built-in thermal sensor that prevents the motor from overheating. Its nozzle gun has 5-quick assemble nozzles connected to a 50ft non-marking high-pressure steel reinforced hose. For easy maneuverability, the Pressure Pro E3207HC has two heavy-duty wheels.


  • It has two heavy-duty wheels.
  • The motor pump produces 2700PSI and 3.0GPM water pressure.
  • It comes with a steel reinforced high-pressure hose.

6. Ford FPHWG31000HJ gas pressure washer

Ford FPHWG31000HJ gas pressure washer

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This Ford Gas Pressure Washer has a 208cc OHV engine with a 3 Piston Axial Cam Pump. It has a modern retro design with F-150 inspired chrome rims that are incredibly cool.

The OHV engine and pump produce a max pressure output of 3100PSI and 2.5 GPM flow rate. It features an onboard soap tank that enables the user to add soap that can tackle tough stains. The spray gun is ergonomic and comes with 6-quick connect nozzles for effective cleaning.


  • The machine has a powerful 208cc engine and 3 Piston Pump that produces 3100PSI @ 2.5GPM.
  • It features an onboard soap tank.
  • Its spray gun is ergonomic and has 6-quick connect nozzles.

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5. Champion Dolly-Style Gas Pressure Washer

Champion Dolly-Style Gas Pressure Washer

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The Champion has a powerful 224cc single-cylinder engine. Its pump is a high-performance, high-quality Annovi Reverberi axial cam pump that delivers steady and consistent pressure for efficient cleaning.

The engine produces 3200PSI with a 2.4GPM water flow rate. Onboard the machine, there are two ½ gallon soap tanks with a 4-foot detergent hose connected to an ergonomic trigger gun. The trigger gun has 5-quick connect nozzles that can handle a variety of jobs.


  • The Champion Gas Pressure Pump has a powerful 224cc engine and a high-performance pump that produces 3200PSI @ 2.4GPM.
  • Onboard are two ½ gallon detergent tanks.
  • It has an ergonomic detergent trigger gun.

4. Simpson Cleaning MS60763S Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning MS60763S Gas Pressure Washer

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A powerful Kohler RH265 engine powers the Simpson Cleaning MS60763S. This unit is lightweight as well as easy to maneuver.

The Kohler RH265 engine delivers 3100PSI at 2.4 GPM water flow rate. Its axial pump is maintenance-free. Thanks to a two-wheel system, the unit is easily transported across any terrain. It comes with an onboard one-gallon detergent tank that helps to get rid of stains. The trigger gun feels sturdy with 5-quick connect nozzles.


  • A powerful Kohler RH265 engine.
  • It has an onboard 1-gallon detergent tank.
  • A sturdy trigger gun with 5-quick connect nozzles.

3. Wen PW3100 Gas Pressure Washer

Wen PW3100 Gas Pressure Washer

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This unit has a powerful 208CC 4-stroke OHV engine that can handle the most stringent cleaning tasks. It is superbly constructed and easy to maneuver. The Wen PW3100 has advanced features and is reasonably priced.

The engine produces water pressure of 3100PSI at 2.5GPM water flow rate. It has two 12inch wheels that enable easy maneuverability of the unit. The trigger gun has five nozzle options that help to accomplish various cleaning tasks. The machine has an onboard soap tank, a 30ft reinforced pressure hose as well as a built-in nozzle storage.


  • The Wen PW3100 has a powerful 208CC engine.
  • It comes with a 30ft reinforced pressure washer hose.
  • An onboard soap tank and nozzle storage.

2. Simpson Cleaning PS3228

Simpson Cleaning PS3228

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This gas pressure washer unit utilizes by a Honda GX200 engine and an AAA industrial triplex plunger pump. It is flexible and highly durable. The machine is suitable for cleaning mildew, driveways, concrete, graffiti removal, and many more.

The Honda GX200 engine and pump deliver a pressure of 3300PSI at 2.5GPM, thus cleaning even the most stubborn dirt stains. Its trigger gun has 5-quick connect nozzle tips that enable the heavy-duty machine to tackle various cleaning tasks. Two 10-inch wheels are attached to the welded steel construction frame to ease setup, transport as well as load. A MoxFlex Hose accompanies the unit.


  • The Simpson PS3228 has a powerful Honda GX2000 engine and an AAA industrial triplex plunger pump.
  • It is suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • A high-quality Morflex hose is available.

1. Simpson Cleaning MSH3125

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125

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The Simpson MSH3125 is one of the best gas pressure washers. It is powered using a Honda GC190 engine. Setting it up and using it is quite easy. It is suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as removing grime, mildew, moss as well as grease stains.

The Honda GC190 engine delivers an output of 3200PSI at2.5GPM. It has a maintenance-free axial cam pump that works hand in hand with the Honda engine. The frame is a heavy-duty and made from welded black steel. Its structure has two 10-inch wheels attached to enable easy maneuverability through any terrain. A spray gun with 5-quick connect nozzles is also available.


  • The unit has a powerful Honda GC190 premium engine.
  • It has a spray gun with 5-quick connect nozzles.
  • Two 10-inch premium wheels installed.

Gas pressure washers are powerful machines. They might intimade by their, size but they are easy to use and maintain. If you are considering a commercial pressure washer a gas pressure washer will best suit your needs. They have more water pressure power than electric pressure washers. Additionally, they also make an excellent choice for domestic cleaning projects though they are heavier than electric pressure washers.

A good gas pressure washer will serve you for years before you decide to purchase a new one. So, when choosing a gas pressure washer to buy, consider the pressure unit that offers you the most features.


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