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Top 10 Glue for Shoes in 2022

Finding a quality glue for shoes can prove to be an uphill task especially if you don’t know which brands are good to suit your needs. Below are some brands that you can trust to have the job done effortlessly. A good type of glue for the shoes should be able to serve its purpose. While people have different needs, they mostly try to find the best shoe glue in vain, because the market is either flooded with counterfeit glue for shoes or those that don’t work well. This, in the end, leaves customers heartbroken to the extent of giving up on shoe glue. This, however, is not to say that there no better glue for shoes in the market. While it is hard to find one, we believe that this list will give you an insight into what is the good glue for shoes to buy in 2022.

Top 10 Glue for Shoes in 2022

10 2 oz. Pointe Shoe Box Glue, JET764, multi-colored, One-Size

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The pointe shoes with instant jet pointe shoe glue are what you need to get the most of life possible. This glue for sure is absolutely dry fast. The glue is handy for hardening the toe box as well as repairing the shank.

This glue is among the best glue for shoes to buy in 2022, and it is sure to increase your shoe longevity in 2022. The glue for the shoe is durable, and also is easy to use.

9. Starbond KEG-500, Max Strength Flexible Medium-Thick

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This glue for shoes has a superior shelf life. All you need to do is store it well, and I will last for many years in the cold environment. It should be stored below 40oF before and after using it. This will qualify you for up to 20 months of shelf life.

The glue has fantastic properties, such as having a viscosity 500cPs. The thickness of this glue for shoes is like that of syrup and can penetrate up to 0.008 inches. It has 4.9 stars out of 5, which means that this is a darling to most cobblers and other customers who bought it. It is an excellent product that works well all the time.

8. New 3.7oz Shoe Goo Adhesive Glue Vinyl Rubber Leather 0375568

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This glue for shoes is ideal for shoe repair and comes with a protective coating. It is ideal for permanent repairs, and it works well on a wide array of materials such as leather, rubber, vinyl and even on canvas.

It is also highly viscous and can penetrate up to 0.008 inches. This aspect makes it ideal for sealing and protecting boots. The glue is dependable, flexible and strong. It deserves five stars as it works great.

7. Gorilla White Glue, Waterproof, 2-ounce Bottle, White, (Pack of 1)

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This glue is incredibly strong and also versatile. So far, it is the leading multipurpose waterproof glue for shoes. It is known to dry white. Also, it is ideal for tough repairs on surfaces that are not of the same material. Good for indoor and outdoor use.

The adhesive is 100% waterproof and does not break down when you expose it to outdoor elements. It is versatile hence ideal for wood, metal, stone, foam ceramics, glass and much more. You will use it for years and still love it. It works great and is of excellent quality.

6. Gorilla 4500104 Clear Glue 1.75 Oz., Clear

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This glue for shoes is brought to you by Gorilla Company, it is clear glue and 1.75Oz clear. It is 100% made in the US and is water resistant, crystal clear and non-foaming. The glue is easy to use and is incredibly strong.

This glue for shoe bonds virtually everything. Use it on wood, stone, ceramic, metal, glass and even leather. This is a great product and really clear. It is reliable and dries up in under five minutes.

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5. Aleene’s 15594 Leather & Suede Glue 4oz

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This is so far among the best glue for shoes which dries in well under 3 minutes. It is strong and durable. Also, it is easy to use and will stick together most types of materials easily under a short time. It can be used for leather, to dry clean only.

Use it to repair purses, belts, shoes as well as other items. The glue comes in 4 oz bottle, and you can go to and find out more on how it should be used. Most initial buyers recommend it to those yet to try the glue. It works great and will suit your needs.

4 Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue: Instant Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue

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This glue for shoes will bond almost instantly without clamping. It will not expand or dry thick like most brands, and that is why professionals prefer it. It enables you to reattach your sole with great confidence as it creates a flexible bond which is not affected by moisture, cold or heat.

Equally important, it dries clear and therefore can be used on any shoe color without having to worry about smudges or any discoloring on the finger when it gets into contact with your skin. This product is amazing and is sure to live up to its task. It bonds like steel, and it is simply awesome.

3. Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA)”Super Glue” by Glue Masters – 56 Grams

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This glue guarantees premium quality strength. The Cyanoacrylate Resin with strong bond glue is so far the best in the market. It has a fast cure and also an extended shelf life. The glue will settle in under 1 minute, precisely 50 seconds.

You will apply just a little amount of the glue and watch as the magic happens. Has a well-balanced viscosity that guarantees a nice even flow to have the job done. The manufacturer of this glue for shoes is outstanding. Their glue is more than just for glue. It is of great value and saves money.

2. Boot-Fix Shoe Glue: Instant Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue

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This is one of a king glue for shoes that dries clear without leaving behind any smudges. It also does not discolor your skin when it gets into contact with it. Therefore there is guaranteed confidence when you use it.

The glue is safe to use on vinyl and every type of rubber. It is preferred for vinyl footwear including athletic shoes, boots, climbing shoes, the dress shoes and much more. The glue works as just as stated. It is a good product that never disappoints.  This glue deserves 5 stars.

1. Gorilla Original Gorilla Glue, Waterproof Polyurethane Glue, 4-ounce Bottle

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This imported shoe boots is incredibly strong and also versatile. So far it is the leading multi-purpose waterproof product. You can use it on dissimilar surfaces, both in the house and outdoors.

It is 100% waterproof and does not break down when you expose it to outdoor elements. It expands three times into the material you are fixing it on. This is the buyers’ favorite glue. It is the best heavy-duty glue that is excellent and works well.


With the many manufacturers of glues for shoes in the market today it may not be easy to know which brand is better than the other. The product that has an impressive look on the outside may end up not serving the purpose. However, they are still put in the market and confuse most unsuspecting customers. In the end, customers spend a lot only to receive poor a shoddy service with the product.

Nonetheless, we have simplified your search in 2022, with the above glue for shoes for you.  While each may not work as the other, we are sure that this list will enable you to find one that will suit your needs. Have this list with you the next time you are out in search of a good quality shoe glue.

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