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Guide for Beginner Streamer | Necessary Information You Must Know

Guide For Beginner Streamer

Are you looking for a guide for beginner streamer? Who says beginner streamer has to contribute a hefty amount of capital to start out? You just need enough budget to get started on your love for streaming and here’s how. Video games are almost everyone hobbies but slowly enough, one would start recognizing how good one is at winning, plus the joy of playing every minute of it. After which, one discovers the passion and love in such field. Since some are born with such talent in playing video games and thus an idea came to mind, beginner streamer.

One would not only be spreading contagious joy through streaming but, could make a living slowly out of it as well. Gaming streamers usually earn between 5 to 6 figures and those stats are for the quite well known ones. But, as a beginner streamer, you could easily work your way up, if the dedication and passion is there. How to start streaming on a budget? With roughly only $70 in your pocket, you would be able to call yourself a beginner streamer.

As you see a great opportunity to spread your talent and joy of playing video games through streaming. Then you would need to know the root cause and the basic foundation of every beginner streamer ever. Not to worry about the expenses, for it would be extremely affordable. Hence, here is the guide for beginner streamer.

Basic Structure of a Streaming Setup

Beginner streamer should know the first step to take is, that you will need a software program on your computer or desktop which could easily capture real-time and broadcast it to the platform you desire. Thus, having one that is flexible, customizable and with several ranges of features, but within a control budget is what we are targeting.

Now that you have the perfect software to broadcast your wonderful gaming pixilation, what if there’s a sudden internet disruption or WiFi disconnection? Apparently, whatever you do the second most important thing after having an amazing software of your budgeted choice already, you need to be sure to have a broad/wide range of internet connection. One that is strong and stable, and if it’s only connect to your gaming device, then that would be a plus point. A beginner streamer needs to build, then and there, a great reputation of never getting cut-off, during a future streaming.

Since, as a beginner streamer, there should be a certain type of gaming you prefer. Mainly because, you wouldn’t normally be playing every genres of game available out there. Nor would you have the expertise in all of them, therefore it won’t keep your audience entertain for too long. Thus, you would need to determine the contents, which means “what you are trying to put out there”, in order for you to attract a certain audience of your preferences. For example, if you are into war games, then your contents would be streaming those for how many hours, at what time and what would you wish to do to keep your audience entertain aside from just playing. Plus, with war games, you know your audience would be at age ranges between 18-30 years old.

Finally, a beginner streamer should know the importance of having proper streaming equipment. Why, because it plays a huge role in differentiating you from others, in terms of quality and contents you put out. It would definitely make your game streaming quality better and more pleasant for the eyes and ears as well, since sound is a major factor to be considered. Therefore, the necessary equipment to make one’s streaming more specular are listed below.

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To Improve Streaming Experience

Somehow, we are trying our best to keep to a minimum the cost as a beginner streamer, but you know that just the camera quality won’t do. If you are recording in a dark, none or slightly lighted space or room, no god-descendent camera would help. You need lightings, without them the quality won’t be up to par and the audience won’t be able to see your face clearly.

The hack is to get the lighting to be directly from behind and above the camera. Not to worry, you could easily get those ring lights that are LED and very brightly lighted for a fairly low price that actually delivers. You could resort to other options which is to stream during daylight, to get a clearer vision of yourself through the lenses. Somehow the downside, is that most people are not free to watch during day time, neither does anyone plays during daylight. Some do, but you want max views, therefore night time is the way to go.

On Budget – Phone Camera: Here’s the thing, becoming a streamer takes dedication and having proper equipment would obviously boost that energy of carrying on. But, you are only starting off as a beginner streamer and is on a budget. Due to those circumstances, one could just use the camera on the back of your phone to stream. Don’t look down on phone camera’s qualities, because technology on smartphone nowadays could beat it of a normal camera. Besides, iPhone and Samsung video camera quality is beyond words and is definitely more superior to certain cameras. So, if you don’t want to spend much on cameras, then there’s your solution.

Get an affordable camera: For those of you, beginner streamer, that has got some gigs to spare, then you might consider getting an affordable camera for your streaming. There’s no guarantee that your smartphone’s camera would do a better job than an actual camera, so might as well get one that is reasonably priced and works wonder. Then again, totally optional. Options for affordable camera, is just for those who wishes to spend a little for more assurance of great quality video streaming.

Mic: Getting a good mic is essential because you need sharp audio and you should also be able to communicate flawlessly with your audience. Hence, having a mic that actually delivers all of this is crucial. Mics ranges anywhere between $3 and $20, as we are speaking in the budgeted realm. But, they won’t be perfect, still they are better than your computer’s built in mic. However, if you have a slight bit more to splurge on mics, which you should, then any mics that are between $30 and $50 would work miracles.

Headphones: Having a headphone is a necessity, not just for beginner streamer, but for every gamer. Most streamers wouldn’t care much to get a mic because most of the time they would use the mics built-in the headphones itself. Somewhat it works pretty well too, and is of low budget so that’s what we are aiming for. You could get the normal type of brands of headphone that has rave reviews on Amazon for only $25 or $30, very affordable. Furthermore, you could just use the built-in mic, if you want to save some dough.

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Streaming Software

The software to get that is free of charge but gives you all the flexibility and customizability, is for sure this Open Broadcaster Software also known as OBS. Not to mention, it works with Mac technology, Linux and obviously Windows as well. The amounts of features and plug-ins this has is truly remarkable for a software that’s of $0. Complication level isn’t that much as well, everything you need is vividly explained and laid out for you. Streaming from the top quality free screen recorder it could find for you as well. Therefore, beginner streamers, OBS is the way to go.

Another get software for beginner streamer would be Shadowplay. Reasons to get it, is mainly because it has little to no impact on your gaming performance at all, since it encodes in the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) rather than Computer Processing Unit (CPU). But, in comparison to OBS, Shadowplay isn’t that flexible and does not have multiple sources scenes and overlays. However, as a beginner streamer we just need to stream with good quality and less sophistication, therefore that’s Shadowplay’s forte. Besides, it costs nothing, might as well use it since it does its job nicely.

Firstly, the fundamental factor is you want a PC or computer that is guarantee to be of the uttermost great quality it could be in. That’s the basis, not just for beginner streamer, for everyone who plays video games. When the PC or computer is in tip top condition, the gaming won’t be interfered with or interrupted by sudden malware or malfunction.

Now imagine you streaming, wouldn’t you want to build a PC for yourself which you know is the best ever for gaming, because you have research to back it up. Exactly the case, you might have to build your every own PC if you haven’t had one already or if you own one, to be a beginner streamer you have got to make sure it works smoothly, effortlessly and flawlessly. Due to that reason, do whatever upgrading you must to make sure it’s in such condition. You also want to be aware that, you’re PC or computer would be able to update whilst streaming at the same time, just in case. Let’s play it safe, because the updating might suddenly take place while you are online streaming, therefore you need guarantee that your streaming won’t be put to a stop or hold for long.

How to Choose the Right Video Encoder

Video encoder coverts video from raw files to digital files and is used to maintain high quality during streams. There is actually a choice between 2 types of encoder, which both has their own contributions to being a right fit or match for you as a beginner streamer:

Major Streaming Platforms for Streamers

It is a platform started up in 2011 and that every beginner streamer should be aware about. You probably have heard of it or have seen some of your senior gaming streamers on it before. Might be the source of all gaming streamers, or any other form of streaming, is done exponentially on Twitch. Call yourself a true streamer than you need a Twitch account, besides it helps you generate income of off streaming online to an audience that’s willing to give you their credits.

Facebook started in February 2004 and then grew and became a social media platform known to every human being alive on the planet Earth. In April 2016, they introduce Facebook live. Thanks to that, many people are able to stream through their most beloved social media platform. There are a few single steps to take to get the live stream up and going, and now we see many gamers streaming on Facebook as well. You will get coins from fans, thus is also another possible way of earning something.

Started in 2008, was mostly known to have accounts or channels of people that upload videos, liking or disliking those videos, subscribing to channels and posting comments. Those were the possibility of YouTube, until 2011, when they introduced YouTube livestreaming for content creators on their channel. That’s when it all started and now gamers and such are streaming religiously on it. Perfect place to start a channel, get subscribed by people, go live and record the streaming to upload it on the channel later on. So, now you are earning whilst getting people to become members during your streaming and then generating another amount from the uploaded YouTube videos.

To wrap things up, become a beginner streamer doesn’t have to be that complex or complicated. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money, in order to get the top notch quality or contents you desire. Figuring out your contents and audiences is a huge first step, then you need to ensure a stable internet connection and the end part and most important and costly is the equipment. However, with just your own phone camera, a ring light, a free OBS software, a simple mic and headphone, would pave the way for you already as a beginner streamer. Therefore, now you can push all those fears aside and start your journey as a beginner streamer on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube, from here on out.


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