Top 10 Halloween Movie of All Time in 2022

With the best Halloween movie of all time, such an occasion can be great. As the Halloween season approaches, horror movies will be all over the place, and everyone will be going for them. This time around you should skip going to the cinemas and host your own spooky and thrilling night in your home. Set our own mood and create a perfect Halloween recipe treat and invite your favorite friends to join you. They should be the bravest of them all as this will be one of the best seasons ever.

The most exciting way that one can get into the season and in the mood is by one of the newly released movies by Hollywood over the past year. Instead of just sticking to these movies that have scared you most in your life, regardless of which time of the year it is, the Halloween season will seep in your bones and start making you tremble when you spend the next few days and weeks watching horror movies. Fortunately, Hollywood has released so many films over the years. It is upon you to make a decision before the season comes and take a look through all the gallery and see our top picks.

Top 10 Best Halloween Movie of All Time in 2022

10. Halloween


For the thrill seekers, they should start their night with Halloween not just because it is named after the season. Halloween, as the name suggests, is a Halloween movie of all time that relies more on atmosphere rather than the graphic horror. It is highly recommended talking about a tale of an escaped masked murder that is creeping around Haddonfield town, inducing anxiety.

9. It’s the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown

It’s the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown

This as an animated classic Halloween movie of all time that is most suitable for the families. That is full of fun, good friends, and faith. The Charlie Brown movie was nominated for the Emmy Award in 1966.

8. The Haunting

The Haunting

The Haunting is one Halloween movie of all time that is perfect for the holiday. To watch under the blankets with the lights off, it is perfect for old movie fans. The movie is spooky and has special effects, lightings and sinister music without a drop of blood.

7. House

Silly and scary are two things that go hand in hand around the Halloween season. It is almost impossible to get a horror movie that is sillier that House. House is a colorful Japanese film that is about six school girls. The six girls visit a house haunted and belongs to one of their aunts. With time the house begins to devour them in bizarre ways.

6. Poltergeist


Poltergeist is perfect for a haunted house film. The movie is perfect for Halloween movie of all time. The movie is also one of the most iconic and effective movies ever released. The film has the childlike feeling of something sinister lurking in the shadows of the home. Then the tension gets up with terrifying set pieces after another.

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5. The Guest

The Guest

This is another Halloween movie of all time that toes the line between a thriller and a horror for most of the runtime until the climax set in the ominous lights and the artificial fog in the Halloween haunted house. Tension is maintained in the movie throughout with an atmospheric synth score and performance by horror villain Dan Stevens that is so terrifying.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is another perfect Halloween movie of all time that revolves around weird residents of Halloween town. The residents are trying to make Christmas and begin with Halloween creepy and catchy song. The movie has a ghoulish setting that makes the movie perfect for the Halloween holiday.

3. Trick ‘r Treat

Trick ‘r Treat

The movie did not have a good theatrical release but it is still one of the best Halloween best movies of all time. This is because of the five loosely connected stories in the movie that takes place during the Halloween night. Each of the stories is goofy and gruesome just like the childhood urban legends are.

2. Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2

The first Evil Dead movie is gritty and does not have a budget exercise in relentless horror. But the sequel it has injects the welcome dose to the Evil Dead 2 creating a perfect Halloween best movie of all time. Blustery movie star Bruce Campbell has a rubber-faced performance that sells the humor and horror of the film. The movie revolves around demons that are not dead coming back to mess with the lives of the living people in every way they can.

1. The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad - Halloween Movie of All Time

The movie does not have a lot of scares, but it is an absolutely good movie to watch on a Halloween season. Monster Squad is about a group of some self-appointed monster squad who is a monster, fanatic kids. The Monster squad gets united to stop the destruction of their suburban town.


The Halloween season is a double toil of many troubles and cauldron bubble and fire burn, the bats, monsters, and spiders. It is a season of fantasy, horror, haunted houses, corn mazes, and haystack rides. This is a perfect time for most people to watch movies and a good horror movie for that matter. The perfect Halloween best movie of all time requires to have the right tone. That will match this Halloween mix of thrills, chills and all the festivities that come during the holiday.

Fright enthusiasts all over the world get busy during this season getting their outfits and tricks ready, with movies. It is always good if you find a group to watch as the movies are terrifying and also thrilling. Horror buffs love this season as most of the movies use horror scares in their scenes to give a perfect reflection of the spirit of Halloween and have hybrid fear and fun that makes the season to be popular. These horror-centric movies will be perfect to put your mindset in the Halloween eve.

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