Electricity Lunch Box

How Does Electricity Lunch Box Work?

The lunchbox is used to store and carry lunch. Lunchboxes are designed in seral sizes and shapes. They can be in the form of paper bags or aluminum boxes. The first-ever aluminum Lunchbox was created by Leo May in 1954. In modern society, we have the Electric Heated lunchbox. Everyone wishes to have their lunchboxes. With the boxes, you can freely carry around your delicious meal for later consumption. The best part of it all is that you can heat the meal by connecting the box to electricity.

How Does Electricity Lunch Box Work?

How Does Electricity Lunch Box Work


The electricity lunch box is most common among school kids. It allows them to take packed snacks and lunches from home to school. The most common electric lunchbox is small in size and is designed with a handle and a clasp that is most times printed with the colorful images that are either based on films or are generic. The invention of electric lunchboxes is tracked way back in the 1980s, 1970s, 1960s, and 1950s when the use of lithographed metal to create lunchboxes first began.

There are several health concerns regarding the use of a lunch box. In August 2002, the CEH (Center for Environmental Health) figured out that most vinyl lunchboxes contain dangerous levels of lead. The organization then designed their lunchbox models and labeled them lead-free.

Using the Electric Lunchbox

The electricity lunch box is designed with several anti-theft features. They include:

  • The Inverted Zipper Design – In most other types of lunchboxes, the zipper is designed to face outward. This makes it easy for anyone behind to unzip the lunchbox and steal what you keep inside. For that reason, the electric lunchbox often features an inverted zipper system. Instead of facing outward, the zippers are fixed on the backside of the hydration pack.
  • The Ballistic Nylon Materials – Since most pickpockets grab valuables out of the unguarded pockets, they are additionally known to slice open the flimsy bags. For that reason, the electric lunch boxes are designed with the military-grade ballistic nylon. The cut resistant fabric shall safeguard your valuables from the aggressive pickpockets.
  • Protective Zipper Clips – The electric lunchbox has one external zipper to help fit in its bladder. To safeguard the electric lunchboxes, manufacturers add a clip to the zipper for added security.
  • Frontal Phone Pouch – One of the most valuable and essential items that people carry around is the phone. This may be to allow photo and video capturing for memories. The electric lunchbox is designed with the additional feature that keeps the phone accessible and secure at all times.

Hydration Features

Health demands that you keep your body hydrated all the time. Alcohol consumption, walking, and constant heat from the sun are all factors that can result to body dehydration. It is a naïve decision to endure the condition and deny yourself drinking water. While the usual lunchbox models are not necessarily designed to serve users with water, the electric lunch boxes are designed with a rapid refill system that usually refills three times faster than the standard hydration box. The quick refill system brags of the following features:

  • The side pocket can access side Opening – Instead of accessing the hydration bladder from your bag’s main pocket, the bladder of the lunchbox. This implies that you do not have to worry about stuff in the bag spilling out of the bag when you wish to drink water. This feature also frees up the hands, speed, and simplify the refill process.
  • Sliding Seal – Instead of the standard screw cap, the electric lunchbox is designed with the side slide seal that shuts the bladder well and additionally eases use.
  • Insulated Compartment – The electric lunchbox bladder compartment usually is insulated to help keep the water cold throughout the day.
  • Low Anchor Weight – The electric lunchbox bladder sits well at the bottom part of the bag instead of resting along the back. This feature helps to serve several functions. One of the reasons is that the bottom part of the bag is the common area that pickpockets tag when cutting into packs. If you keep the bottom bladder compartment safe enough, the valuables in the lunchbox are also kept secure. Above all, the low anchor weight helps to stop the water from sloshing against the back if you are using the hydration pack.

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