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Improve Your Sleep with Loom and Leaf Mattress

Improve Your Sleep with Loom and Leaf Mattress

You won’t hike a mountain or ride a bike without the right gear. And still, despite spending most of the time sleeping, many of us haven’t adequately invested in the right mattress.

It’s not like we don’t recognize the significance of a comfy mattress. In fact, 92% of people agree that a comfortable mattress is essential to a quality night’s sleep.

However, most people tend to blame their budget for continuing to sleep on poor quality mattresses. But if you consider the benefits, you derive from a good sleep like losing weight and improving your memory. Then you can’t put a price on a quality deep sleep.

Here we’ll look at how one of the famous mattresses introduced by Saatva- Loon and Leaf Mattress – can improve your sleep.

Conditions Resulting from an Uncomfortable or Old Mattress

An uncomfortable mattress or old mattress can cause more than neck pain. Here’s a list of conditions you can experience:


Old mattresses can become a haven for sweat, dust, and allergens that lead to allergies.  Allergies may cause the congestion and swelling of your throat. This disturbs your sleep and can result in snoring.  Sweat, allergens, and dust are the reasons why it’s recommended to change your mattress after 7-8 years.


Snoring occurs when your airways become partially blocked. To prevent snoring, you need to keep your head supported when you’re sleeping. When your mattress becomes older, they sag as the springs lose their ability to stretch. A new mattress will align your spine and disperse your body weight, preventing snoring.


The amount and quality of sleep you get can affect your weight. Drowsiness will make you turn your backs on healthy cooking and regular exercise. This will impact your physical health directly.  If you don’t get enough sleep, your leptin (the hormone that keeps your full) levels reduce. Therefore, when you’re tired, you crave high-calorie and high-fat food thinking you’re hungry.


The more uncomfortable your mattress is when you sleep, the greater the chance that you’ll experience disturbed sleep throughout the night. Lack of quality sleep hurts the part of your brain that manages speed and accuracy. It will also affect your ability to retain information the following day and even how you form new ideas.

How Loom and Leaf Mattress Improves Your Sleep


A comfortable mattress keeps your body well supported with no pressure or discomfort on your shoulders, ribcage, hips, and ankles. A quality mattress will adapt to the curve of your spine, aligning the rest of your body and distributing body weight all across the frame.

Loom and Leaf mattress comes with a hefty support foam layer that disperses your weight and maintains your spine alignments.  Even though it doesn’t offer a ton of sinkage on the surface, the memory form conforms to your bod, meaning the spaces between the curves and the bed would be filled. So it will leave you feeling comfortable and supported. Read more

The firmness and density work well for heavier individuals, especially on the firm model.  The loom and leaf mattress is designed to last for years – you won’t feel sagging or deterioration.

Relieves Pain and Aches/ Pressure Relief

If you sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, its unbalanced gravity and upward resistance can misalign your body and form pressure points. As a result, your joint will ache as you move and your body will feel sore. Sleeping in such poor quality mattresses often leads to hip pain, back pain, and neck pain.

A quality mattress will provide you with the right amount of cushion and support, which can vary for every body type and sleeping position.

Loam and leaf mattress is an all-foam construction that comes with 4.5 inches of memory layers. From what we know, memory foam rocks at alleviating pressure.  You will experience a gentle cradled sleep with great pressure relief whilst feeling supported.

Although L&L features a minimum bounce rate, the quick-responding top layers, the base and cover will help with repositioning.


Do you often wake up feeling overheated and sweaty?  This isn’t because of the warm summer weather- it’s because your mattress is designed with dense material that holds in heat.

Luckily, Loom and leaf mattress addresses this issue.  Loom and leaf mattress might actually be one of the cooler sleeping all-foam mattresses in the market.  It contains gel-infused foams, as well as a breathable organic mattress cover that promotes airflow.

This cooling gel is often found in hospital burn units and they absorb body heat and transfers it away from the body.

The cooling gel-infused forms target areas that retain heat such as the lumbar area.  The cooling gel panel is placed in the bed center, where the heat mostly trapped in a mattress. Also, for lumbar support and improved spinal alignment.

According to many reviews, heat retention is not an issue. Individuals sleep cool with this product. You receive cooling functions whether you’re a back sleeper or stomach sleeper.

Types of Sleepers’ Loom & Leaf Mattress Are Best For

Since loom and leaf mattress comes in two firm options, it can accommodate every sleeping position. Both firm options offer contouring and pressure relief.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeps will love the pressure relief that the loom and leaf mattress offers throughout their shoulder and hips. The mattress conforms to the heaviest points and supports their spines in a straight position.

Back Sleepers

If the lumbar area is not perfectly supported by the mattress, back sleepers can find it uncomfortable. Back sleepers will love how L & L contours nicely with their lower back whilst the high-density base layer provide spine alignment.  It also prevents pressure on the lower back.

Combination Sleepers

If you tend to move from one position to another while sleeping, you’re a combination sleeper.  The repositioning will be a breeze with loom and leaf mattress. Since it comprises a tightly quilted cover and lower-dense foams, which allow you to move freely. It versatile and you’ll feel comfortable in all positions.

Deep, quality sleep will improve your mental health, improve your immune system, regulate your weight, reduce your stress levels, and improve your happiness.   But this starts with a quality mattress like loom and leaf.  It will not only provide you with support and comfort but ensure you sleep undisturbed through the night.

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