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Top 10 iPhone Car Charger in 2022 | Advancement of Technology

These days, almost everyone is addicted to their smartphone and it has become practically impossible to live without one. Everyone needs to have a charger for their smartphone so as not to miss out, even a fraction of a second to view those important notifications. With the advancement of technology, most work chores and businesses are carried online. Therefore you also need to be online all the time even when you are on the go. Sometimes, it is not only work but just enjoying watching and listening to media stored in your iPhone. The fun stops when these phone’s batteries get depleted. For that reason you need to have a reliable iPhone car charger, to ensure you are connected to the world even when you are driving.

We have conducted our research and found some of the best iPhone car chargers that you need to own in 2022. You can also check out: Top 10 Wireless Car Chargers In 2022

10 Best iPhone Car Charger in 2022

Best iPhone Car Charge Review | Advancement of Technology

10. iPhone Car ChargeriPhone Car Charger

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The sleek design and elegance of this charger are on another level. It comes with a built-in the flexible cable which is sure to keep your car organized without cords hanging when you charge your iPhone 6s/6 and other old versions of iPhone. You can even use it to charge your iPad Air, iPad and much more.

It comes with one extra universal USB port excellent for plugging a longer USB cable for your Samsung and other phone brands. A high power supply is another thing to behold, plus the protection against overheating is a feature that makes it stand out.

Most people love it because it provides up to 2.4 amps per port for charging compatible devices at the same time. Also, you need it because it comes in great quality and construction. Ultimately, a warranty of 18 months back it.

9. iPhone Car Charger, Anker

iPhone Car Charger, Anker

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Not all chargers that you see out there are quality chargers. You can only trust a few of them such as this one. You will love how fast your phone charges and its durability which is on another level.

Provides up to 2.4amp to charge all your Apple devices in an instant. The fact that it is certified also is another advantage and guarantee that it will suit your needs. This product is incredibly compact and it so far among the tiniest iPhone chargers you can buy today.

When you come to think of its sleek design and quality construction, you will have every reason to buy it. It is a certified charger from apple and the performance is outstanding.

8. ALDAN Car Charger ALDAN Car Charger

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If you are looking for the best iPhone car charger to let you get connected to the world all the time, you know what to go for. The fact that it features in this list of the best top 10 in the market today, you have to rest assured that it will suit your needs.

It comes in white color and is so sleek and you can count on it anytime for your charging needs. The construction is also sturdy and beautiful. It is made of high quality and durable plastic material. The charger charges your iPhone for fewer hours.

Though this iPhone charger is not in the market currently, it is loved by many. Those who bought it previously would still come for it if it happens to be available soon. It lasts long and a warranty backs it.

7. Car Charger, NNICECar Charger, NNICE

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With the many products in the market today falsely claiming to be Apple products, you can only trust a few. However, you don’t have to have worries trusting this car charger for iPhone any time.

 This charger is highly compatible with most Apple devices such as iPhone XS Max, XR, XS, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 plus, 6S plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5C, 5S, 5C, SE, Pad mini, Pad Pro, Pod.mini2, Pad Air, and more. Comes with charging cable plus an extra USB port to charge other devices. It is an Apple certified device.

You have to buy it for its efficiency in charging devices. Its sturdy and sleek design also gives it a competitive edge. Most of all it is Apple approved thus you are confident that you have the original phone car charger from Apple.

6. FIMARR Car Charger


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When shopping for a car charger, you want one that is compatible with most of your devices and not only your iPhone. This is what you get when you choose this one over most in the market today.

It is value for money and is efficient ensuring that you can charge up to two mobile devices all at the same time. The smart protection makes you rest easy knowing you have bought an original Apple product. And, its cable can transfer up to 480M bits.

Buyers love it because it comes with a long enough cable which makes it easy for you to charge your phone anywhere in your vehicle. The charger is also pocket-friendly and last long.

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5. iPhone Car ChargeriPhone Car

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When scouting for the best iPhone car charger, this is what you should choose. It features in our list of the best top 10 in the market today, you have to rest assured that it will suit your needs.

The charger is highly compatible with most Apple devices and delivers the fastest charge. It is MFi certified, meaning that it is officially approved by Apple company. The charger is also super safe and features device detection and delivers the fastest charge.

It is the best because it is highly compatible with iPad (4, Mini) or iPod (Touch, Nano 7), iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and all older versions. Rated 3.1 A meaning it is super fast in charging.

4. Anker 24W 2-Port Lightning Car

Anker 24W 2-Port Lightning Car

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For the most time, Anker Company delivers the best electronic devices including iPhone car chargers. This one, for example, is the best when you are driving, and its feature will surprise and lure you into buying it.

More than 20 million love this charger and therefore you cannot be wrong when you choose it over another in the market today. Its sleek design is also another thing to behold. The charger is highly durable and charges your phone so fast.

Unlike most chargers, this one comes with a built in cable that is a super durable lightning cable. Previous buyer rate it highly, and also it comes cheap just for you to afford it.

3. 2022 HUSSELL 5.4A 30W Dual USB Car

2020 HUSSELL 5.4A 30W Dual USB Car

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There are a few things that you look for when buying an iPhone car charger today. One is its charging speed, second, compatibility and third is durability. This charger has all those features that you are looking for.

With 5.4A and 30W dual USB charging port, most of your Apple devices will charge to completion in an instant. The universal compatibility is also another great feature as you can use it on both Android and iOS. It does not overheat nor over charges it is has a multi-protection system.

You have to buy this charger because it is a 2022 updated version which means that it is 20% faster and reads the maximum power consumption.

2. Anker 24W Dual USB CarAnker 24W Dual USB Car

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Among the leading brands for manufacturing iPhone car chargers and other devices, this company reigns supreme. You have to trust their products as they are of high quality, highly efficient and durable.

More than 20 million love this charger, you too need to join the fun. The advanced charging technology will also fascinate you. It combines Power IQ and Voltage Boost to provide the fastest charge within the shortest time. The charger is certified by Apple Company.

Customers praise it for its compact design. It is among the company’s smallest USB chargers and comes with two chargers. While some might come with a few defects since it is an upgrade, we still recommend it as one of the best.

1. Car Charger, Maxboost 4.8A/24W Car Charger, Maxboost 4.8A/24W

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With Compatibility at its best, this charger is sure to charge not only your iphone but other favorite devices as well. You need to buy it in 2022 to ensure you are in touch with the world.

Comes with a double injection frame consisting of an inner polycarbonate inner layer and outer, thermoplastic polyurethane. Also has a dual smart USK port for easy charging. It will easily identify your device.

The charger is suitable because it is compact for easy portability. It lasts for long and offers great performance. It also comes cheap.

As you have seen, you do not have to fall for any iPhone car charger for the sake of buying it. You have to ensure that it is an Apple certified product, it comes cheap and can work with other iPhone of an older model. Here all of the above have met this criterion and therefore we can confidently recommend them to you. Feel free to buy this product, and also tell your friends to tell their friends. You are always right anytime you choose these products to be your most preferred. With them, you are also sure that you will stay connected to the world all anytime, anywhere. Be sure to check them out and you will not regret your decision.

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