Best Kid Headphones in 2022 | Comfortable for Your Kids’ Ears!

How many times have your kids used your headphones when you need them? Many times, choose one of our editor’s choices of the top 10 Best Kid Headphones in 2022 making sure your headphones left alone for you to use.

Not only will they leave your expensive pair of headphones alone, they will have a perfect pair that will not leave them hearing impaired. We have tested some of the top selections in the kid’s headphone range available online.

You can be sure, that you will find only the best ones available here with us. Using the correct headset for your child is important for you and us. These uniquely designed headphones will prevent hear loss, furthermore, who wants to listen to SpongeBob for hours.

Why Kids Need Their Own Pair of Headphones?

These days you can buy your child a safe pair of headphones online. Using one, specially designed for your child has a whole lot of benefits:

  • They are made specifically for a child’s hearing and gives them a comfortable fit compared to adult ones
  • They are essential for parents as you do not want to listen to Alvin or SpongeBob for more than 20-minutes
  • They are amazing when you plan an overseas trip and great to keep your kid entertained on long-haul flights

Another great reason in choosing a kid headphone is that they only listen to sound with the recommended noise level of 85 dB (decibels.) Using a pair of adult earphones leaves them listening to their favorite music and movies with a higher decibel recommendation that eventually leads to hearing loss.

Kid Headphones are they Safe to Use

Kid headphones are safe to use, but as a parent, you need to limit the use to at least 2-hours a day. This helps to keep their hearing protected as it limits the volume intake.

Although the WHO (World Health Organization) advice you choose a headset with 85 dB, the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the US Environmental Protection Agency recommends the use of 70 dB. However, choosing 70dB headphone the sound is quiet and does not keep out ambient noise.

When choosing a pair of headphones it is important that the device needs to be comfortable and gives enough volume limitations to prevent damaging your child’s sensitive ears. Prevent buying in-ear or earbud models as the closer the sound is to your child’s inner ear, the more damage it can cause.

So without further a due, here is our:

Best Kid’s Headphones Comparisons

A Studio Grade Kid Headphone

1. Puro Sound Labs

Puro Sound Labs- kid headphonesFor a studio kid headphone, the Puro Sound Labs is audiologist approved and is wireless enabled. They are safe for your kid’s hearing and have an amazing sound.

<strong>Designed for Your Childs Ear</strong>
  • Has volume limiting ear protection of 85dB
  • Has custom dynamic 40mm drivers with Puro Balanced Response sound
  • Connects wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Battery life: 18-hours
  • Standby time: 200-hours
  • Has a lightweight aluminum construction in the earcups and headband
  • The ear cushions are soft & supple and block out background noise at 82% of sound at 1 kHz
  • Use them wirelessly or use them wired with the 3.5mm auxiliary audio cable with integrated mic
  • Available in white and silver
  • Warranty: one-year

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  • Has a good noise cancellation
  • Wireless when needed
  • Comfortable and includes a nice case
  • Sound is good enough for kids
  • Does not pair with two devices simultaneously but with a quality splitter this is possible

For Safe Audio Choose

2. The Onanoff Buddy Headphone

The Onanoff Buddy Headphone- kid headphonesYou want your child to enjoy listening to music without damaging the eardrums choose the Onanoff Buddy Headphone the best kid’s headphones for listening to safe audio.

<strong>Safe Audio Design</strong>
  • The BuddyPhone includes 5 sets of customizable decorative stickers
  • Limited volume: 85dB
  • Designed with a bendable housing with adjustable fit and made with hypoallergenic padding
  • Has a flat cable and prevents tangles
  • Folds away for ease of storage and includes a travel bag
  • Designed with a built-in audio splitter so that your kid can share their music with others (can share up to four of these headphones on the same device)
  • Works with Apple and Android devices with the 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack
  • Recommended for kids aged 2 – 8-years
  • Cord is detachable with in-line mic to take calls
  • Warranty: 30-day Money Back Guarantee

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  • Well made with a durable bendable design
  • Has volume limitations
  • Has a detachable cord and built-in splitter
  • The warranty is a concern as there is no mention of any warranty – the manufacturer’s website states one-year warranty but does not state if this is on their headphone or non-headphone products

An Over-Ear Studio Headphone

3. The JBUDDIES Studio Over Ear Headphone

The JBUDDIES Studio Over Ear Headphone- kid headphonesIf you have, a child aged three and up, the JBUDDIES Studio over-ear headphone is perfect for listening to music and movies. For comfort, this headphone has a comfortable Eco Leather™ Cushion with a padded headband.

<strong>Comfortable Design</strong>
  • Made with Eco Leather™ Cushions and the headband is padded for comfort
  • Suitable for aged 6 and up
  • Designed with built-in volume regulators – 85dB
  • Use it with your mobile device – consists of a tangle-free braided nylon cord with in-line mic and a 90° jack
  • Adjustable headband for your growing child
  • Cloud Foam Cushions
  • Foldable design with 40mm drivers
  • Frequency: 20 – 20kHz
  • Warranty: 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Limited warranty
  • Over-ear design

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  • Suitable for ages 6 and up
  • Has a fabric covered cord that is made to last
  • Comfortable
  • Fold up for ease of storage
  • Affordable
  • None noted

Kid Headphones That Work With Most Devices

4. KIDZ Gear Headphones

KIDZ Gear Headphones- kid headphonesIf your child enjoys listening to their favorite playlist on different devices, the KIDZ Gear headphone is a great buy. Choose from five different colors: blue, green, orange, pink, and purple.

<strong>Colorful Design</strong>
  • An adult stereo headphone made for kids that include a volume limit cable
  • Has a circumaural form with stereo output
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB with a 1.2-inch diaphragm
  • Cord length: 4.5-feet
  • Headphone jack size: 3.5mm
  • 30mm Speakers
  • Impedance: 32 OHMS
  • Warranty: Lifetime but has a 5-year limit from the discontinued date

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  • Works well with different entertainment devices
  • Great to use around the home and for travels
  • Durable
  • Even adults can wear them
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for the growing child
  • Has a separate noise reduction cable
  • Great sound
  • Flexible
  • Gives you two different ways of controlling the volume
  • None noted and they have a helpful customer service department

A Kid Safe Bluetooth Headphone

5. The Contixo Foldable Bluetooth Headphone

The Contixo Foldable Bluetooth Headphone- kid headphonesFor one of the best kid’s headphones, the Contixo foldable Bluetooth headphone is a safe investment. Designed with kid safe technology and a volume control your child can enjoy listening to music safely. Choose from seven dazzling colors to suit your kid’s lifestyle and needs.

<strong>Kid Safe Design</strong>
  • Available in seven different colors
  • Kid safe technology plus an extra volume control
  • Connect wireless with the Bluetooth connection
  • A stereo earphone with a combo available in a Micro SD card, Audio Input and Output, FM Stereo Radio and hands-free calls
  • Suitable for aged 3+
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Made with soft-touch material used for the earpads and headband
  • Includes USB charging cable with a 3.5mm cable to listen to the headphone wired or wireless
  • Battery life: 10-hours with an 180-hour standby use
  • Folds up for ease of transport
  • Sound isolation
  • Designed with full-range driver and volume limited of 85dB

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  • Sound quality is amazing
  • Kid safe
  • Comfortable
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy for child to put on and take off
  • Pairs easily
  • Use them wired or wireless
  • Occasionally switches off

A Hi-Fi On-Ear Headphone

6. The Edifier H650

The Edifier H650- kid headphonesWith the Edifier H650, your child can enjoy professional audio when listening to their music and movies. For ease of transport, the earphones fold in half making them lightweight to take with you anywhere.

<strong>Foldable Design</strong>
  • Designed with 40mm neodymium magnet drivers
  • Portable as it folds in half
  • Made with soft leather ear-cup and the headbands adjustable
  • Designed with a reinforced steel headband
  • Works with a 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Compatible with the majority of phones and devices
  • Warranty: 12-month

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  • Impressive sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Can wear them for hours
  • Has noise isolation
  • Minor complaints with endurance

A Closed-Back Headphone for the Teen

7. The Steelseries 800 Siberia

The Steelseries 800 Siberia- kid headphonesFor the teen in your life that enjoys listening to music in silence, choose the Steelseries Siberia 800 for clarity and detailed sound.

<strong>Closed-back Design</strong>
  • Designed with Virtual Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Technology
  • Suitable for PC/Mac, PS3/4, Apple TV and Xbox 360
  • Has a directional mic that retracts with mute function
  • Includes two Lithium Ion batteries
  • Has sound share with a volume & menu click wheel
  • Made with memory foam cushions and the headband is padded
  • With the OLED transmitter, your teen can control important features
  • One-year warranty

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  • Fits well
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for gaming
  • The mic audio quality is ok
  • Excellent battery life
  • The beep sound of the mute function is audible to other game players

A Basic Kid Safe Headphone

8. The AmazonBasics On-Ear Headphone

The AmazonBasics On-Ear Headphone- kid headphonesChoose two basic colors blue and green, when buying the AmazonBasics On-Ear headphone. These earphones are comfortable for you three year old to wear and suitable for older children as well.

<strong>A Basic Design</strong>
  • On-ear design
  • Suitable for kids 3+
  • Designed with volume limiting system with a sound output to 94dB
  • Has a universal plug and compatible with most devices
    No mention of warranty

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  • Decent quality headphones
  • Sound is good
  • Suitable for younger than three years old
  • Volume restriction
  • Affordable
  • The cord that runs through the headset comes loose

A Kid Headphone Suitable for the Teenager

9. The Sennheiser HD201

The Sennheiser HD201- kid headphonesFor the teenager, the Sennheiser HD201 is perfect with its smooth silver design and leatherette ear pads. This earphone delivers a powerful sound and has a lightweight over-the-head design.

<strong>Astounding Design</strong>
  • Features a stereo rich sound with the comfortable design of leatherette ear pads
  • Has a closed design
  • Cord length: 3m
  • Sealed earcup design made with hypo-allergenic earpads
  • Even great to use for studio and DJ session
  • Weight: 5.8 oz
  • Has a circumaural headphone form
  • Stereo output mode
  • Frequency response: 21Hz
  • Sensitivity: 108Db
  • Impedance: 24 OHMS
  • Has a gold-plated 3.5mm plug with 6.3mm adapter included
  • Two-year warranty

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  • Great price
  • Great dynamic range
  • Cord length is great
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Great construction
  • Designed with a quality plug
  • An included in-line mic and control would have been a nice added features

A Kidz Gear Wired Headphone

10. The CH68KG01

The CH68KG01- kid hedphonesThe Kidz Gear CH68KG01 wired headphone you can buy seven modern colors. Your kid will enjoy listening to their movies and music as it works with the majority of audio devices and iOS systems.

<strong>Great Design</strong>
  • Connects to the majority of audio devices
  • Custom designed for kids aged 2 years and older
  • Includes an independent volume limit cable with the limit of audio making it 20dB lower compared to the recommended decibels
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Includes a 3.5mm jack cable
  • Battery life: 10-hours
  • Has a built-in volume control knob as well
  • 90-day Limited Warranty
  • Removable boom mic
  • Designed for children aged two-year and older
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and has aptX
  • Works with most iOS and other devices

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  • Wireless
  • Available in two colors
  • Pairs well with different devices
  • Long battery life
  • Can use it wired
  • Comfortable
  • A bit on the expensive side

Stop your child from using your pair of earphones; buy them a pair of their own. With our Top 10 Best Kid Headphones in 2022, you can find a great pair to keep your child glued to the movie screen without the need of you listening to the same soundtrack for hours on end.

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