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Best Monitor Arms to Buy in 2022 | Strong and Steady!

Monitor arms or stands are basically used to get comfort while using your system. These stands are placed at a point which can make you easy to use the computer. If they are not fixed properly then you may have to face back problems. Taking care of the customer’s different companies has launched the best monitor Arms which can be easily available in the market with affordable prices.

Before purchasing any monitor stand, make sure it is flexible and easy to adjustable. The stand should be of a great design and can hold any of the sizes whether it is bigger or smaller. After several types of research, we have made a list of best monitor arms to buy in 2022 which may include different varieties of monitor arms to buy.

Best Monitor Arms in 2022

9. Loctek D7R Swivel Gas Spring Single LCD Arm Stand monitor MountLoctek Adjustable Desk Mount (D7H)

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Loctek Adjustable Desk Mount is one of the finest products which are almost used by many people to get in shape. You can easily do any work after wearing Monitor Arms. This product comes with an adjustable monitor height and consists of an anti-scratch surface it. The thickness of the product is about 0.78-4.72 inches. The product has received 4.1 rating from the different customers along with 48 comments which are in favor of the product.

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8. Ergotron LX Single Arm Desk Mount

Ergotron LX Single Arm Desk Mount

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Ergontron LX Single Arm Desk Mount is a classic product that can be easily available online as well from the market. It helps to give comfort to the upper body and reduce the pain of the neck and back.

This product can cover up to 64 cm of space and you can also remove the display when you are not using the monitor arms. It can be easy to adjust and can change the position according to the need. This product also consists of a cable management feature that helps to root the cable under the arms. The customers have given a 4.7 ratings after their experience and the 713 customers also reviewed for the best product.

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7. Amazon Basics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm

Amazon Basics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm

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Amazon basics singe monitor mounting Arm is also coming from the list of best monitor Arms to buy in 2022. This product is easy to use and highly recommended by users.

Amazon Monitor Arm comes with four single monitor arm adjustments and the angle of the product can be changed easily. It can be tilted towards 70 degrees at the back and 5 degrees in the front. The buyers will get 1 year of warranty from this product.

The product has given an overall rating of 4.4 and 1029 customers have given good reviews which can be a great product to buy.

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6. VIVO Black Height Adjustable Counterbalance Free-Standing 

VIVO Black Height Adjustable Counterbalance Free-Standing Deluxe Gas Spring Arm Mount Tabletop Stand for 13" - 27" Screen (STAND-V001R)

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VIVO Black Height monitor arms contain gas spring arm in it. the height of the monitor arm is less and can be easily adjustable in any of the monitors. The monitor arm can be compatible with the single monitor with the size 13 to 27. The weight of the product is 13.2 pounds and can be adjustable up to 90 degrees forward as well backward.

The product has an overall rating of 4.3 and nearly 407 customers have given a satisfactory review for this product.

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5. 3M Easy Adjust Desk Mount Dual Monitor Arm

3M Easy Adjust Desk Mount Dual Monitor Arm, Adjust Height, Tilt, Swivel and Rotate by Holding and Moving Monitor, Free Up Desk Space, Clamp or Grommet, For Monitors to 20 lbs <= 27", Black (MA260MB)

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3M Desk Mount Monitor Arm is also considered in the list of best monitor arms. This product has great adjustability and the height of the product is 7 ½. The product consists of clamp mount fits which can be thicker up to 4 ¼ and the grommet mount thicker up to 2 and a half. The weight of the product is 30 lbs.

This product has an overall rating of 4.2 and nearly 116 customers have supported this product from their reviews.

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4. Ergotech Freedom Arm – Metal Gray (FDM-PC-G01)

Ergotech Freedom Arm - Metal Gray (FDM-PC-G01)

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Ergotech Freedom Arm has also been included in the best monitor arms list and has got the fourth position for the best quality product. It only comes with metal gray color and can be suitable for any of the monitors. Ergotech Freedom has a great design and can easily tilt backward as well forward. This product has been easily available in most of the places and the people also recommended this product.

This is the latest product in the market which has made a great selling and recently there is not any review for this product.

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3. Mount-It! Computer Monitor Wall Mount

Mount-It! Computer Monitor Wall Mount, Full Motion Single Flat Panel Display TV Arm, Fits Monitors up to 24 Inches, VESA 75 and 100 Compatible, 40 lb Capacity Black (MI-2041)

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Mount-It computer monitor wall comes at affordable prices. It can fit to any of the flat monitor display. The users can use the only single monitor in it.

The monitor arm comes with a great design that can be easy to use and with flexibility, it can give relief to the back and neck portion of the body. The monitor of size 19 to 30 is easily fit to this product.

This product has been rated 4.3 for its quality and structure. Some verified customers have also reviewed this product and got 263 reviews.

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2. Full Motion Dual Monitor Arm Mount

Full Motion Dual Monitor Arm Mount, Gas Spring Height Adjustable Computer Monitor Stand Riser with C Clamp, Cable Management for Two 15 to 27 Inch LCD Screens by HUANUO

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Full monitor dual monitor Arm mount has retained his position in best monitor arms once again. It is mostly recommending as a product which can adjust with the monitor size of 15 to 27 inches.

This product comes with dual arm monitor riser which contains gas springs which can help to adjust the monitor according to the required height. The monitor arms can be adjustable in both directions up to 90 degrees.

This product has received an overall rating of 4.5 and nearly 195 customers have reviewed this product with supportive comments.

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1. LX Desk Mount LCD Arm, Tall Pole

LX Desk Mount LCD Arm, Tall Pole-Monitor Arms

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LX Desk Mount LCD Arm is a highly recommended product that has been considered under the best monitor arms. This product is very helpful for the comfort of the eyes and neck. You can adjust your monitor in any of the sizes with easy to use. LX Desk Mount LCD Arm consists of 25 inches in size and the weight of the product is varies from different sizes. It can help to provide more spaces and can be easily adjustable.

The customs have given an overall rating of 4.7 and with 269 reviews, it has been considered as the best product.

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What Are the Monitor Arms?

Comfort determines the results you get from an employee. Imagine being in an uncomfortable position for hours? That thought probably sucks. Other than health complications which can be fatal, productivity is low. Are you a CEO who is thinking of improving the working conditions of the workers or maybe a newbie who is thinking of starting up an office? If your answer is a yes, then you must make sure you include monitor arms for your workers.

It is the ultimate product that will guarantee your people excellent working conditions, which results in amazing services. What are the monitor arms? It is a robotic piece of equipment that resembles an arm. It works in a way where you attach the arm to either a desk or wall. Also, you can use the ceiling in some cases. The main function of monitor arms is to raise your monitor to the height of your choice. It is a versatile tool that has an easy to adjust setting depending on your working style. It may be whether you sit, stand, or both.

Other than allowing a worker to maintain a comfortable working posture, you are able to relieve your eyes thanks to the proper style. Monitor arms encourage movement among the office works thanks to the ergonomic design. With the functions above, monitor arms are able to contribute to the wellness of the workers and great productivity.

Maybe you are a newbie in the arena of monitor arms, and if that is the case, this piece will educate you on all the important facts that you need to know about the product and how to settle for the right item.

Why Do You Need a Monitor Arm?

A comfortable worker means better results when it comes to the performance of their everyday activities. Monitor’s arms are the most common assistants when it comes to office work and maintaining comfort among the workers. However, a few people still want to know why you need a monitor arm? This section will give you important reasons as to why a monitor arm is necessary for every office.

Find a Comfortable and Ergonomic Working Posture:

This is the top reason why monitor arms are necessary to have. The process of searching and maintaining the ergonomic height is challenging and tricky. However, it results in amazing performances. A great posture will relieve your body of any strains and muscle aches. Without monitor arms, you expose your body to awkward leaning, which causes strains in your muscles. Other than height, you can use monitor arms to adjust the depth and angle of your monitor.

To Eliminate Eye Strain When Using the Monitor:

Digital eye strain is one of the commonest difficulties that office workers face. How long have you been working on a computer? If it has been for years, then you must know that the blue screen lighting often causes difficulty to eyes. In case you don’t take the necessary precaution, eye-straining can result in fatigue, eye dryness, eye strains, and it can eventually lead to blurred eyes.

A huge amount of people may look for blue light protective eyeglasses. However, the first option has few pros, while monitor arms have multiple advantages. With monitor arms, you not only keep your eyes safe, but also you can settle for a comfortable working style.

Organize and Optimize the Desk’s Working Space:

In big companies, you will find three to four receptionist on the ground floor, ready to serve all who come in the company. However, no matter how huge the desk may look, it is prone to space strain. And if you observe carefully, you will learn that most of the space on the desk is where the office monitors reside. This is where the monitor arms come in the rescue—the product play as personal heroes to most of the office workers.

After raising the monitors, you are able to optimize all the space you have on the desk.

It Supports Mobility:

As mentioned earlier, most of the offices have several receptionists at the front desk. Other than monitor arms, helping them save space, they are able to adjust the monitor as per the position they are at a time. That is when they want to talk to someone and answer questions, and they adjust the monitor arm to the stand style. When receptionists are not serving anyone, then they work while seated, which requires adjustment of the monitor arms.

Increase Productivity:

when dealing with monitor arms, you are able to view your work from different angles that help you think of multiple possibilities in a situation. Other than that, it sets a comfortable position that helps workers to achieve more and think wild.

Monitor Arms Promote Collaboration:

One of the biggest traits in the most successful companies is teamwork. Sharing ideas helps you learn things in a variety of directions that result in better ideas in comparison to individual thinking. Monitor arms promote a sense of teamwork in an office setting. That is, you can easily adjust your monitor to different angles to share your work.

How Do You Choose Monitor Arms?

With the amazing functions of monitor arms, there is a high demand for the product, especially in office environments. In that case, variety of manufacturers have come up with hundreds of products that differ in terms of size, operation, construction, design, and other features. As a result of that, customers are in a dilemma of the best monitor arms to purchase. Some people are lucky enough to get a great seller while others tend to blindly settle for low-quality products. Unfortunately, those who end up with low-quality monitor arms are the most.

The good news is that you never have to visit any electronic shop without knowing what to check. Why is that? This article will highlight all the important things to consider before settling for any item.

Height Adjustment:

a lot of people who have or probably thought of getting monitor arms is because of the versatility they have when it comes to height setting. However, different monitor arms operate differently. Let us highlight some height control methods you will come across.

  • Pneumatic cylinder: In this setting, you are able to adjust your height by sliding the pole. The cylinders equal the weight of the monitor. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you order the right item as per the weight of the monitor.
  • Knob mount: The links attachment feature a knob that you can either slide down or up depending on the height you want to achieve
  • Fingertip control: This setting is simple since you only have to move the monitor with your hands.

Depth Adjustment:

the distance between the post and the monitor is adjustable. You alter the depth by pushing the monitor arms either forward or back, depending on your preference.


an LCD arm monitor gives you the chance to rotate your monitor at a full rotation of 360 degrees. And this feature is important since it promotes the sharing of work among coworkers.


When it comes to buying monitor arms, it is important to consider the tilting ability of your product. Settle for an item with a wide range of tilting ability to make sure that you can accommodate a variety of devices other than monitors.


Are you looking for the best monitor arms to purchase? If yes, then make sure you check the modularity of the monitor arms. Most of the monitor arms in the market are not reconfigurable. However, make sure that when settling for monitor arms, choose innovative arms that can accommodate several monitors at a time.

When it comes to choosing monitor arms, things are difficult thanks to the many options in the market. And that is where this article comes in your rescue. The features above will help you settle for the right monitor arms that will ease your office work.

How Do You Install Monitor Arms?

From the details above, it is clear that monitor arms are important when it comes to the comfort of office workers. However, the big question is whether the installation mechanism is simple and possible without professional laborers? The good news is that you can follow the steps below to install your monitor arms. Check out the list below

  • Raise your monitor arms in your optimal viewing, depending on your preference. In the case of dual monitor walls, raise both of them
  • Locate the stud
  • Make sure you mark the bolts in the right position
  • The next step involves using a driller to make pilot holes
  • Install the monitor arms in the desktop or the wall depending on your choice of where you want to install the product
  • Manufacturers come with bolts where you can insert the bolts in the top holes of the monitor
  • Hook your monitor into the available plate
  • Adjust your monitor arms depending on the weight of the monitor

Consider the list above, and you will comfortably install the monitor arms and set up your monitor. With this product, you are certain to achieve maximum office comfort.

What Are the Benefits of Monitor Arms?

Office work may look easy, but it is the most difficult kind of work you can engage in, especially if your versatility and comfort are limiting. In that case, it is important to have all the necessary tools that will help you achieve maximum comfort. In this section, we will give all the necessary information about the benefits of monitor arms. Read through the benefits below.

It Maintains the Safety of Your Body:

One of the reasons why people think of getting monitor arms, is because of the comfort and the security of your body. How is that? Monitor’s arms are versatile products with a height and weight adjustment setting. As a result that, you can tilt the product to the angle or height of your choice. Also, monitor arms have a blue light setting that is uncomfortable for most of the users. In most cases, the blue lighting can lead to permanent eye problems. In that case, monitor arms are important and guarantee your maximum body safety.

Increase the Productivity of Monitor Arms:

Ensure the comfort of your workers and guarantee your company a high-class operation mechanism. And what better option to consider buying other than monitor arms. The product gives a chance to improve teamwork, comfort, and, most importantly, maintain the health of your workers.

It Creates Space by Optimizing the Available Space:

Most of the shared desks in companies tend to have several people all straining to have enough space. Monitor’s arms deliver an additional desk space by eliminating the bulky monitor from the desk. The monitor arms mount and incorporate cable management to create enough space for the workers.

Monitor Arms Sit-stand Versatility:

When it comes to using monitors, it is important to make sure that you have a versatile environment. And that is what monitor arms achieve. Get these items today for maximum work efficiency.

For the longest time, office work was a bit unmanageable thanks to the discomfort that comes with the blue computer lighting and the working styles of the workers. However, technology makes things bigger and better. This article gives information about monitor arms. It gives all the basic details about the product, the operation of monitor arms, factors to consider before settling monitor arms, and the installation mechanism of monitor arms. Consider the information above to choose the best monitor arms.

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