Best Pressure Washer Pumps in 2022

We have witnessed an increase in the best pressure washer pumps available in the market. In the recent past, it’s imperative to have a device that makes work more comfortable and in the most effective way. Commonly, having a pressure washer pump comes in handy as it makes work easy and economizes water.  In most cases, water is used ineffectively, and thus having a pump that reduces the cost and the amount of water used is very important. Often, purchasing a pump that does not meet your expectations can disappoint you; therefore, taking into account which pumps to buy is vital. Below are the most common pumps in the market today that meet the buyers’ expectations and provide the best result.

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Top 10 Best Pressure Washer Pumps in 2022

10. Everflo EF7000-BOX 7.0 GPM

Everflo EF7000-BOX 7.0 GPM

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This product is CE approved. It is ideal for working with most agricultural chemicals. Additionally, it works in greater heights due to its high power voltage.

 This product designed with a Honeywell micro switch, corrosion-resistant Viton valves, and  Santoprene diaphragm as well as the fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene pump manifold with ½” NPT port.


This product has the following features:

  • Inline fuse protection
  • Honeywell micro switch
  • Viton valves
  • Automatic shut off when no flow is required

9. BANG4BUCK 120W Portable

BANG4BUCK 120W Portable

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This product is a mini portable washer ready on the go. It is ideal for car wash and has a car cigarette charger with an over-current protection function.

It has a voltage of 100walts and a pressure speed of 160PSI. Als, it has a rustproof cooper gun and has a splint gun nozzle for multiple uses.


  • Black in color
  • Coded-electric 
  • Power hydro shoot

8. General Pump D30002

General Pump D30002 Pressure Wash Pumps

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The General Pump D30002 is a 3/8″ x 100′ hand crank hose reel that is made of solid steel with the rolled edges to be able to protect hose as well as hands. The hand crank rewind the loads hose onto reel smoothly as well as efficiently, and the locking mechanism that does allow one to set the length of tube as well as lock the reel.

This product has solid steel construction, direct hand crank rewind, locking mechanism, full flow swivel joint and versatile mounting bracket


  • Hose Reel with Mounting Base
  • Holds 100 Feet of 3/8″ Hose1
  • 85°F Temperature
  • 3000 Max PSI


SUNGOLDPOWER 2250PSI High Electric Pressure Wash Pumps

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It is a portable pressure washer with 1800W Powerful motor and two kinds of Guns to tackle the heavy-duty cleaning job efficiently as well as to remove grime and the tough dirt from any surface more quickly

This us high-pressure washer with adjustable nozzles that rotate 360 degrees .it is also fitted with a Total Stop System(TSS) and has equipped with a hose reel.


  • AC Power: 100-127 Volt, 60Hz; Motor Voltage: 120-Volt Single-Phase; Running Amps:13.5AMP; 
  • Chemical Injection: Single Detergent Tank; 
  • Motor Power:1800W; 
  • Max Pressure: 2250PSI; 
  • Water Flow: 1.85GPM

6. EAFLO 33-Series

EAFLO 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Wash Pumps

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This product is a UL 778 and CSA 22.2 certified product with a self-timing of vertical 6 feet.

It has a  3.3 GPM Flow Capacity, 115V AC Current Draw .75 amps, Built-in Adjustable Pressure Switch that turns on/off at 45 PSI and plugs into a standard wall outlet with pre-installed power plug


  • Voltage: 115VAC
  • Flow capacity of 3.3 GPM
  • PSI Cutoff of 45 PSI

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5. OEM Technologies Horizontal Axial Cam

OEM Technologies Horizontal Axial Cam Pressure Wash Pumps

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OEM Axial cam pumps are highly efficient as well as minimize the engine load while at the same time delivering top performance as well as are maintenance-free.

It’s designed with threaded M22 to make the connection and high-quality double seal system to prevent water leaks. It also has dual oversized radial ball bearing to prevent wear and tear. Its gas engine flake makes it fit in most engines.


  • 3100 psi at 2. 5 GPM
  • Threaded M22 male connection

4. Dyconn Faucet HPPWS-12V

Dyconn Faucet HPPWS-12V Portable Pressure Washer pumps

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It is is a multipurpose portable washer using Itcigarette adapter’s 12V DC power or 110V adapter. 

It is designed for light duties and has a pressure power of 2-6kg/cm sq. Further, it also has an 8ft cigarette adaptor for a smooth connection. It also adapts to high temperature and durable too.


  • 19.6ft Hose
  • 4.2 Gallons Tank Capacity
  • 40 Watt Diaphragm Motor Pump

3. US PIEDLE Electric

US PIEDLE Electric Pressure Washer pumps

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The US PIEDLE Electric Pressure Washer pump is a High-Pressure powerful motor and washer.

It has a maximum pressure of 1900psi and a flow of 1.5GPM. Moreover, it has a power output of 13amps. It also has a turbo and angle nozzle for multipurpose washing.


  • Voltage 120V – 60 Hz
  • Vibration gun Max 2.25 m/s²
  • Water temperature 5~60℃
  • Weight 7.0kg

2. Bluestone 12V

bluestone 12V High-Pressure Car Wash Pressure Wash Pumps

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is portable easy to use pressure washer pump for lighter duties like car and window panes.

This is 12v direct current product. It’s designing nozzle water used as owing to its high nozzle pressure.


  • Portable and compact for easy carrying
  • Voltage 12v DC

1. Stanley SHP2150

Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Wash Pumps

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It is a high-pressure washer with former included has a powerful cleaning fierce, compatible in most projects, and has leak-proof connections.

It is designed with a foamer cannon attached and has a pressure spend of up to 2500PSI. You are guaranteed that this product will serve for a long time. 


  • Foam cannon included
  • 25ft soft, flexible high-pressure hose
  •  Fewer water savings over a 7PSI garden hose.

All over the world, making work more comfortable and economizing the limited resource we have has been the ultimate goal for humans. Water being an essential resource is worth conserving and using it wisely; as such, having a pressure washer pump is necessary for both large and small scale use. Also, carrying manual pumps can be tiresome and inefficient; thus, the need to have pumps that make life and work easy. At all costs, water should economize, and the burden of operation costs lowered. Having pumps that lower budget costs and are also eco-friendly should the ultimate goal of humans. Pumping water should also be taken into account, thus recommending this pump to any potential buyers to purchase any of the pumps discussed above is an excellent idea. 

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