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Top 10 Best Salt Lamp in 2022

The praises accorded to a salt lamp makes many people think that they are fictitious. However, here is the truth. It has a lot of benefits. They include reduction or eradication of allergies, cleaning the air, improving the quality of sleep and boosting one’s immunity. In addition to that, it reduces coughing, offers relaxation, rejuvenates your energy and soothes. That is too much from something as common as a salt lump. However, that does not change the facts. Do you want to stand a chance to benefit from it? I am sure that the answer is positive. You need the best for that. Read on for the best salt lamps in 2022.

Top 10 Best Salt Lamps in 2022

10. Light You salt lamp Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Shape

Light You saltlamp Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Shape with Wooden Base and 6ft UL-Approved Dimmer Switch Cord-6 to 8 inches - salt lamps

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This salt lamp is a stable modern lamp from Light you Himalayan manufacturers. Its wooden base guarantees total security and stability. The 6ft switch with a cord running between 6 and 8 inches. It uses the power of up to 15W which is economical. During purchase, it comes with a manual that guides the user on how to use it.

This is a stylish and elegant lamp with advanced technology. It delivers a hand-craft shape with rough lighting surfaces. Changing the bulb color will help you a more spackling light. It perfectly matches different events and activities. This lamp is intelligently designed to eliminate unwanted air particles hence clean breathing.

This product is considered to create a more relaxing and stress-free environment. It has received 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. This is proof enough that the item is worth it.

9. Sunco Lightig – Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, Hand Crafted

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This is an easy to clean salt lamps made from natural environmental friendly materials. It has a varying height between 5 and 7 inches and width of up to 5 inches. The lamp uses 15watts of power at a time. With this product, you are guaranteed of maximum relaxation.

This lamp has a crystal-shape design which is visually appealing. It comes with a sturdy base that eases placing of the product on different objects. The materials behind its making are high-quality natural material. As a result of that, this product relaxes your mind and purifies air.

These lamps are termed beautiful, unique and deliver a unique glow. The salt lamps have a 4.3 customer review out of the five star.

8. Crystal Allies Gallery: Natural Himalayan Salt Wire Mesh Basket Vase Lamp

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This is a stable, well-placed salt lamp from Crystal Allie’s manufacturers. The Himalayan salts used are natural. Therefore, delivers a calm and soft glow. This is an ideal lamp for different late night events and activities.

This salt lamp comprises a tall strong basket where you place the salt chunks as you wish. With this, you can settle for your favorite design. It is available in three colors hence you can choose your favorite color. The crystal design brings out a romantic and excellent look.

This lamp has 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. A lot of people consider them beautiful, stress relaxing and long lasting.

7. Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Levoit salt lamp creates a beautiful and serene atmosphere for everyone. Its steel-made base contributes to the product’s stability. When purchasing them, they come with 15W bulbs. The natural light keeps off eye problems. Despite, its position the lamp will light the entire room.

This product has a crystal colorful design which is eye-catching. The dimmer switch included is safe. Adjusting the light setting is easy when using this product. It is multifunctional. As a result of that, it is economical and efficient. The weight may vary between 5 and 8 lbs. Each bulb operates with 15watts of power.

With thousands of reviews, this lamp has amassed 4.6 stars out of five. A lot of people consider it worth due to its design, functionality, and durability.

6. CRYSTAL DECOR Set of 2 Hand Crafted Natural Himalayan

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Crystal décor salt lamp is a natural lighting source with positive relaxing effects. A full set comprises two equal lamps. It is the ideal outdoor lighting that relaxes and creates a good mood. With this product, you are guaranteed great night lighting.

This lamp has a crystal design which is uniquely designed to stand on different surfaces. It is placeable in a different basket hence bringing out a stylish design. The compact design eases carrying and management. In case of any problem, the manufacturers offer a 90-day warranty. It comes with a dimmer switch which eases control.

People consider these salt lamps easy to use, efficient and reliable. With a 4.2 stars customer review, it is evident that this lamp is worth purchasing.

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5. Levoit Kyra Himalayan Salt Lamp

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This salt lamp is a high-quality product that leaves your atmosphere beautiful and peaceful. Its lighting is natural. As a result of that, it is relaxing and pleasant. Despite its positioning, its great work is never indisputable.

This product is operational via the safe dimmer switch which is easy to use. The stable base eases handling. It has a crystal-like design which is visually appealing. Its modern technology brings out the best natural lighting ever. These lamps are available in different sizes hence you can settle for your best.

With its versatility, durability, relaxation and its high-quality construction, this product has received 4.6 stars out of 5 stars in the customer review.

4. LEVOIT Kana Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Pink Crystal

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This is a natural lighting lamp which delivers a serene atmosphere at all time. It puts into use hand-crafted natural salt rocks. During purchase, it comes with two 15W bulbs. With the warm glow, this product is a great sleeping companion for everyone.

This is a stylish and elegant salt lamp with a wooden base. All the natural material of construction brings out a natural lighting environment. Its construction allows different positioning as per your desire. The product is lightweight and compact. Consequently, portability and storage is easy.

The customers have rated this lamp with a 4.7 star out of the 5star. A lot of users consider this product natural, reliable, relaxing and most importantly worthy of purchasing.

3. Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLS-S-2pc Crystal Allies

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This is a 5 by 6 salt lamp from Crystal Allies Production Company. This lamp operates under a UL-Listed cord up to 6ft and an operational dimmer switch. It is a multifunctional product which comfortably settles on different surfaces.

This salt lamp has a drop-shape design which is eye-catching. Its crystal surface adds the style in your room. The wooden base guarantees that the lamp is stable and safe. Each bulb operates with a power of up to 15watts.

With less requirements but high-quality performance, this product has received 4.5 stars as per the customers’ reviews. Other people admire its long lasting factor.

2. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Amethya salt lamp is an ideal all-purpose lamp with high-quality services. It purifies the atmosphere and mood of the product. The soothing warm glow relaxes the mind of every single individual. With this product, every single room environment is relaxing and non-stressful.

This is a natural lighting product with a stylish and functional design. It has a compact design which eases transportation and storage. The wood-made base guarantees total stability and performance on different surfaces.

With the thousands of reviews, this product has gathered 3.8 stars. People term them beautiful, functional and durable. In addition to all that, using and management is easy.

1. Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

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This is a high-class modern salt lamp. It is an ideal natural light that reduce dust, smoke, pollen and multiple unpleasant air elements. With its multifunctional feature, this product is useful everywhere and by everyone.

This is natural crystal-like lighting with a metallic basket. The metallic stylish design makes it visually appealing and stable. It is unique and interesting hence usable in different rooms. Its compactness eases transportation and management.

This is an all-night natural lighting which is easy to handle and use thanks to the metallic basket. With its advantages, it has received a 4.6 star. Thousands of people consider it decorative and perfect for different surfaces.


You stand to lose too much if you don’t buy a salt lamp. The situation will not be different if you buy a bad one. In fact, it will be worse since you will have wasted time and money. Fortunately, the list above will ensure that you don’t make a mistake. Do you want to suffer the awful fate of your predecessors? If the answer is a resounding no, heed our advice. Limit your choices to the options above. That way, excellent results and value for your money will be a reality. The sooner you grab one, the sooner you start benefiting.

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