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Best Shaved Ice Machine | Get Yourself a Snow Cone

Shaved Ice Machine

Shaved Ice Machine, a machine that could help you deal with the heat on a hot summer day. The high temperature could really be both stressful and dehydrating for everyone, which is why the shaved ice machine is being introduced to you. These machines would not only help you with the exhausting heatwave, but it would also refresh your mind and soul in the process as well.

Don’t forget about it being a useful gadget for summer or pool parties. Whether it’s for your kids or yourself having a shaved ice machine is beneficial. Also quite price friendly. When you make an ice cone you could also add more of your own taste to it, by adding sweets or flavored water or drinks. Be creative, in the meantime, enjoy your non-dehydrating parties.

Top 15 Best Shaved Ice Machine in 2021 That You Should Have in Your House

Best Shaved Ice Machine Review | Refresh your Mind and Soul

15. Frozen Olaf Snow Cone Maker

Any Olaf from Frozen fans out there? Cute yet incredibly good shaved ice machine in a structure of Olaf the snowman. This gadget not only transforms your ice cubes into delicious icy treats but also comes with sugar-free strawberry and blue raspberry flavored powder. Yummy, yet not harmful to the health as well. What a great way to endorse a product that is especially carter for kids.

  • Snowcone maker
  • Strawberry and Blue Raspberry sugar-free flavor packets
  • 1 flavor bottle
  • 1 molded cup

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14. Waring Pro SCM100 Professional Snow Cone Maker

You just came back from the water park with your kids, all exhausted and dehydrated. Wanting something cool and refreshing immediately. So, grab yourself this shaved ice machine to satisfy your wants in just a minute. Thanks to its professional motor and blade mechanism with safety interlock feature, this machine is able to make 4-5 snow cones within a minute. Furthermore, it comes with reusable plastic cones and 12 paper cones. With a customer’s rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, you might want to consider purchasing this device.

  • Professional motor and blade mechanism
  • Pull out serving tray
  • Fold-down double cone holder
  • Comes with 4 PHA-free reusable plastic cones and 12 paper cones
  • Makes 4-5 cones in less than a minute

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13. Koval Inc. Electric Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine

Moving on to a very metallic look, with a stainless steel design of a shaved ice machine. Heavy cast at the bottom to stabilize the workstation so that vibration and noise will be of a lower degree. So, basically no annoyance. Equipped with safe operation by making the switch waterproof, therefore electrical sockets could be prevented. Created with spectacular thoughts on both customers’ satisfaction, rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, and safety measures.

  • This unit works fine with ice cubes or crushed bags of ice
  • Waterproof “on/off” switch
  • Heavy cast base, fully stable workstation
  • High efficient motor, produces 143lbs of shaved ice per hours
  • In the open position, it automatically cuts off

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12. Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker

A perfect shaved ice machine that would fit just right on the countertop in your kitchen. This shaving mechanism can make 20 snow cones at once with its stainless steel cutting blades. Designed to look like a miniature form of an ice cream stand at a carnival, making this product extremely adorable. Accompanied by a built-in safety switch to keep your hands safe, plus a side shelf that can hold two cones so, now you can enjoy the full snow cone experience.

  • Built-in safety switch
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Holds up to 20 snow cones a time
  • Side shelf to hold 2 snow cones
  • 2 reusable plastic snow cones
  • An ice scoop

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11. Costzon Ice Shaver, Stainless Steel Electric Crusher

Noisy and annoying shaved ice machine that takes a long time to finish crushing just a small amount of ice now can be replaced easily. This convenient and highly efficient shaved ice machine can shave up to 265lbs of ice per hour. It doesn’t shake that much, not noisy and also equipped with a protective device on the lid and switch of the machine. Adjust the blade to match with how thick or thin you want your ice to be since it’s a premium adjustable polycarbonate blade. While using you don’t have to worry about water dripping or leaking at all because at the base there’s an outfall for connecting the drain hose.

  • Protective Lid & Switch
  • High Efficiency – productivity of 265 lbs of shaved ice per hour
  • Adjustable Ice Texture – blade is adjustable to meet needs
  • Drip Tray & Drainage Tube
  • Has a low center of gravity, reducing shaking

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10. Time for Treats Avalanche Electric Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker

An attractive light blue color of a shaved ice machine that allows you to spoil all your party guests with frozen drinks, snow cones, slushies, and other drinks. Armed with a safety switch that makes sure the motor runs only when the lid is shut. Most noteworthy is its stainless steel blade that could be used to crush ice flawlessly. That’s why it has customers’ rating of 4 out of 5 stars and tons of positive reviews on Amazon.

  • Safety Switch – only allows the motor to run when the lid is closed
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • A year Warranty
  • Uses Regular Ice cubes
  • Makes Snow cones, Slushies, Party Drinks, and other frozen drinks

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9. Throwback (60048) The Big Freeze Hawaiian Ice Shaver

Silver and Chrome, sexy design of a shaved ice machine. Having to serve a huge amount of tired and thirsty people cool drinks within seconds? The solution is this invention. This machine can make up to 5 snow cones within 30 seconds, which means it is shaving ice at an extraordinary speed. Just add the ice cubes in and enjoy frozen drinks, slushies, milkshakes, frozen yogurt, smoothies and etc. A 4-cone stand that is so convenient and quick. State-of-the-art kitchen superior appliance compared to the qualities of other brands. Known of this much quality which is why the customer’s reviews and rating (4.3 out of 5 stars) for this product are high.

  • Easy to Use / Quick & Convenient
  • Fun and Flavorful Icy Treats
  • Makes up to 5 cones in 30 seconds
  • 4 BPA-free reusable plastic cones
  • 12 paper cones
  • a 4-cone stand
  • Stainless steel snow cone shaper
  • Drip tray

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8. 6062 Great Northern Snow Cub Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine 

Comprise of two colors, blue and white, this shaved ice machine is a very new design in the market. The mechanism capability in shaving 6lbs of ice per minute is insanely cool. Probably because of its stainless steel blade which is both adjustable and replaceable. Safety measure is also a special quality for this gadget, a built-in safety shield attached for your protection with double safety switches.

  • Built-in safety shield attached for your protection with double safety switches
  • Premium Quality – heavy-duty motor (1/3 hp. 1725 rpm)
  • Adjustable and replaceable Stainless Steel blade
  • Shaves 6lbs per minute (more than 350lbs per hour)

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7. WYZworks Stainless Steel Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Shaver

Too hot to go out for some shaved ice or cold desserts, then get this shaved ice machine for your own comfort. This product makes all kinds of desserts from snow cones, fruit desserts cocktails, shaved ice, halo desserts, Boba snow, frosted milkshake toppings and more. Constructed of stainless steel that has a highly efficient motor with productivity of 440lbs of shaved ice per hour. Provided with safety waterproofed on/off switch as well. Therefore, you won’t need to go out to get your favorite desserts any longer, just make it yourself.

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Removable dual blades
  • Highly efficient motor – produces 440 lbs/hour
  • Simple & Convenient operation
  • Safe Operation – Waterproof On/Off switch

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6. ZENY Commercial Industrial Quality Ice Shaver

Much like the shaved ice machine in the top 7 on this list but slightly better, this machine has a double-ended stainless steel blade that is durable, sharp, has strong ice crushing power and can break down frozen fruits and vegetables easily. Manufactured to be easily used and cleaned up with a waterproofed cover for the on/off switch. This appliance rotation speed is 2500 runs per minute, shaving capacity of 440 lbs per hour and not to mention the large diameter of ice outlet. Amazed yet?

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Highly Efficient motor – productivity of 440 lbs/hour
  • Waterproof cover for ON/OFF switch
  • Rotated speed: 2500 runs/min
  • Anti-skid design of the concave and convex handle
  • Large Diameter of Ice Outlet
  • Designed Heat Sink with Rear Opening

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5. Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved

Premium quality shaved ice machine for your lovely kitchen might just be what you need. Too tired of crushing the ice with a manual machine, time to step it up a notch. Navy Blue designed armed with an adjustable and replaceable stainless steel blade. Shaves up to 6lbs of ice per minute, since it is embedded with a heavy-duty motor. Furthermore, customers that purchase this product has given it many splendid compliments and a high rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

  • Adjustable & Replaceable Stainless Steel blade
  • Shaves 6 lbs per minute (more than 350 lbs/hour)
  • A year Warranty (backed by great northern popcorn)
  • Premium quality – heavy-duty motor (1/3 hp, 1725 rpm)
  • Shave ice block up to 8’’ diameter by 6.5’’ tall
  • Premium finish – high impact ABS with brass

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4. Cuisinart SCM-10 Snow Cone Maker


Coming in a dark red color, this shaved ice machine is miraculously great for your kitchen, indoor party, outdoor party, pool party, get together, etc. Made to serve as a speedy snow cone maker, makes 4-5 snow cones in less than a minute. Set up with a professional motor and blade mechanism that has an interlock safety feature for protection. Plus, it comes with reusable plastic cones and 12 paper cones.

  • Makes 4-5 snow cones in less than a minute
  • Two fold-down cone holders for easy storage
  • Pull-out serving tray with an interlock safety feature
  • Comes with 4 BPA-free
  • Reusable Plastic cones
  • 12 paper cones
  • Professional motor and blade mechanism with the interlock safety feature

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3. Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver – Premium Shaved Ice Machine

On to the third on our list, this shaved ice machine would give you a shock on how just a simple gadget is of such great use. Literally, it makes perfect fluffy snow in 3 seconds, what? Maybe because of its high-speed motor with the stainless steel blade. Not to mention, basically, the snow cone machine was built to conveniently fit in any parts of your home. Even comes with 6 frees sample-sized bottles of flavored syrups and 8 washable party spoons. Now tell me, you are shocked aren’t you?

  • Perfect fluffy snow in 3 seconds
  • High-speed Motor with Stainless Steel blade
  • Conveniently Sized Snow cone machine
  • 6 Free Samples-sized bottles of Flavored Syrup
  • 8 washable party “Snowie Shovel” spoons
  • 1-year Warranty

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2. Shaved Ice Machine and Syrup Party Package by Hawaiian Shaved Ice

A shaved ice machine that could really give you the vibe of a refreshing drink on the beach of Hawaii is here. Getting the customer’s attention by coming with 25 spoon straws, 25 snow cone cups, 3 bottle pourers and 1-pint bottles of cherry, blue raspberry and grape syrups. Such great offers of attraction. Also, it has 2 ice molds included making it less of a hassle for you in stocking up on the ice. Easy and convenient as well, just put the ice in, close the lid and press down. Then fluffy snow comes falling into your cones.

  • 2 Ice Molds included with the kit to make stocking up on ice a breeze
  • 1-pint bottles of cherry, blue raspberry, and grape syrups
  • 25 spoon straws
  • 25 snow cone cups
  • 3 bottles pourers
  • Stainless Steel blade
  • 1-year Warranty

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1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Electric Shaved Ice Maker

You saw the sun out today and haven’t seen the sun out and about in a while since in your area it has been gloomy for weeks. Sunbathing came to your mine. You start imagining that you are laying on the beach of Hawaii, the hot-humid tropical weather was what you always wanted. But after a while of sunbathing, you felt terribly exhausted and dehydrated. This is where this shaved ice machine kicks in. Whipping up 3-5 servings in minutes, easy to clean and has stainless steel blade. A 3 piece design that is easy to assembly and in the color of white. Enjoy yourself fully now with an icy drink and the sun.

  • Easy to Clean
  • 1-year Warranty
  • 2-ice molds to freeze round blocks of soft fluffy snow
  • The 3-piece design had made assembly no hassle
  • Makes shaved ice, snow cones, slushies, margaritas, and other fun drinks
  • Whipping up 3-5 servings within minutes
  • Stainless steel blade

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Finally, couldn’t really believe a person could put so much effort into making a shaved ice machine. So detailed-oriented, from considering the facts of safety and also the satisfaction and conveniences for their customers. Those shaved ice machines mentioned above are really the best of its kind. From the exterior look to the safety features, everything is considerable thought through precisely.

Not going to use any form of manual shaved ice machine anymore. What a waste of time and energy, when technology has so much more to offer. So, what about you? Any thoughts on getting one for your marvelous kitchen yet? You should really get one actually, it’s not that pricy and time-saving as well.

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