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Best Slow Rising Squishes Toy | Adorable and Cute

Slow Rising Squishes Toy

A slow rising squishes toy comes in handy when you need something in your hands. It even alters your concentration and makes you oddly satisfied as you watch them rise. The toy takes some seconds to regain its shape and can be a good stress reliever. Additionally, if you think that your home decoration needs a boost, you can buy a slow rising squishes toy package with different colors and characters. However, you may encounter environmentally friendly toys that might even be harmful. That is why we came to your rescue. In this guide, we have selected the best products where you will undoubtedly get your favorite slow rising squishes toy. Read the information that follows. You can also check out this: Best Shaved Ice Machine | Get Yourself a Snow Cone

10 Best Slow Rising Squishes Toy in 2022 That Every Kid Need to Get One

Best Slow Rising Squishes Toy Review | Highly Recommended

10. BeYumi Slow Rising Squishy

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Are you wondering how to surprise your child? This is a perfect slow rising squish toy to buy a young star. On the other hand, one can also use them to decorate a hotel room, home and cabinet decorations. In addition to this, they are made of non-toxic PU foam that is environment-friendly.

For the design, these toys have a super cute appearance. Also, you get a package of 8 different animals with different colors: light blue elephant, brown monkey, a yellow cow, black bear, white cat, blue rabbit, pink unicorn, and grey mouse.

For the reviews, this product is yet to receive any customer feedback or review. However, we believe that it is a great slow rising squish toy worth having.

9. Smiling Angela Slow Rising Squishy Toys

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Whether a child or an adult, this slow rising squishes toy will give you a great hand feel. It takes about 10 to 20 seconds to rise. Moreover, the toy has a super soft squeezing effect and can be a good stress reliever.

The designer made it in the looks of a blue bunny rabbit. Also, it is very soft but with high-quality foam– it meets the standards of CPSIA and CE. Therefore, it is not toxic and does not have harmful smells. However, you should not give it to a child who has not attained an age of 3 years. Keep it safe too since it tears easily.

When you consider what other buyers say, you won’t hesitate to purchase. Most of them love the quality and the slow rising squishes. As a result, the product has a full 5 out of 5 stars.

8. Super Slow Rising Squishies Pack

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This is a slow rising squishes toy pack made with American pride. It gives you the full risk-free value of your money. Why not while you can get a refund if you are not impressed? It is that simple!

The design of these squishes toys are different: depicting three different colored deer as the picture shows. They also have delicious smells for each item. However, they both share the same guarantee of quality. The manufacturer put polyurethane foam to use since it is environmentally friendly.

Many people love them due to their softness and good coconut smell. Therefore, the package has 4.5 stars which are impressive.

7. AOLIGE Kawaii Slow Rising Squishies Pack

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You can now enjoy soothing “Kawaii” scents as you relax with your kids. Each slow rising squishes toy is safe for use by any adult or kid regardless of their age.

Their super cute design makes them ideal for children parties, Halloween gifts, and other festivals. With environmental-friendly polyurethane foam, each slow rising squishes toy gives a soothing hand feel.

The customer feedback mainly focuses on the toys’ softness and slow rising nature. Most of them bought as a gift for their happy children. The product has got a whopping 4.4 out of 5 stars.

6. PintreeLand Unicorn Squishy Pack

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This is yet another source of joy for kids. Why not also use the slow rising squishes toy when you are stressed? You will not regret the outcomes.

Buying means that you will get a package of two squishes: an 11*9*3.5cm unicorn squishy and a 10*13*3.5cm donut squishy. However, you should be vigilant to ensure that your kid does not eat them. That might be the reason the manufacturer restricts them to children of over 6 years. The material they used is high-quality and environmentally friendly.

Although the product has 4.0 stars, 75% gave it the expected 5 stars. They cite the squishing feel and slow rising features as well as the decoration.

5. Yonishy Unicorn Squishies Toy Set

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These are incredible squishes toys that will work perfectly for your child. They are six in total fits one hand play. And yes, what you see is exactly what you will get.

The design of each slow rising squishes toy in this package is unique: unicorn cake, narwhale cake, star unicorn horse, unicorn donut, ice cream cat and a dog squishy. They are made from non-toxic material making them ideal for all kids.

Most of the customers gifted their young stars using this package – and they seem to love it. However, there are a few complaints regarding quality and smell. The seller offers a 30-day money back if the customer is not satisfied. The overall rating is 3.8 stars.

4. Squishies Cat Squishy Toys for Kids

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This slow rising squishes toy on our list is perfect to use with one hand. It is not only good for kids but also for kids to relax during work.

Squishies jumbo made it without chemicals and with a cute design. The kawaii cat is eco-friendly and features high-quality materials construction.

This product has received 4.4 stars from 57 customers. Most of them express their happiness regarding smell, quality, the pretty face of this slow rising squishes toy.

3. BeYumi Slow Rising Squishy

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Whether you are looking for a slow rising squishes toy for early teaching props, children toy, restaurant décor, and other uses, this is your product.

It has a design of a super cute cat wearing glasses and a striped scarf. In addition, it bears a BeYumi Logo to ensure that it is not fake. Also, BeYumi used polyurethane foam as the primary material, making it user and environmental friendly.

The majority of the customers refer to it as slow rising and cute. It has, therefore, got a rating of 4.0 of 5 stars.

2. NUTTY TOYS Super Slow Rising Jumbo Squishy Unicorn

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This is a perfect gift or stocking stuffer surprise for your child. It is ideal for both boys and girls. Additionally, they help adults to reduce anxiety while working.

The design of this jumbo-sized slow rising squishes toy is adorable. It fits perfectly in one hand. Besides, it is scented with organic perfumes. The material that constitutes it is of the highest quality. Therefore, it can withstand are reinflate after a hard squeezing, fidgeting, and pinching.

If you consider what customers say, you will find that they bought the unicorn slow rising squishes toy for their kids to keep them happy. They love the scent and their design too. As a result of this, the product has reached 4.3 stars.

1. WATINC Random 30 pcs

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All children, both girls, and boys deserve to have this package of toys. Why not while they have the best collections and decoration?

The package has 30 pieces of squishes toys. The package bag contains a WATINC logo. Additionally, every slow rising squishes toy is made using elastic PU foam. Also, your kids will enjoy cream scents of these medium-sized toys.

Many customers acknowledged the less strong scents, the variety, price, and other benefits of these toys. The product has received 3.7 stars which are not bad from over 770 people.


A slow rising squishes toy can bring a change in your life or your kid’s. Whether you choose to buy a pack of them or just ones, you will be safe using our selection. You can use them for art painting props, wedding decoration, hotel, home & cabinet decoration, for teaching, furniture display, and other uses. From our list, we ensured that the toys are surely slow rising and won’t disappoint you. Also, you should consider some precautions such as eating. This guide gives you the top 10 slow rising squishes toy in 2022. Be sure to place an order as soon as possible.

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