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How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business

Although affiliate marketing is long considered one of the best ways to earn income online, it is equally hard to make a mark on your own. To join an affiliate programs you do not need to pay anything. When joining an affiliate program, you are provided with a unique ID plus a URL to the merchant’s website. Whenever a buyer buys a product by visiting on the merchant’s website via your unique link, the merchants then pay you a commission.

Below are the proven steps which will guide on how to start Affiliate Marketing business.


Conduct some deep research on affiliate programs available for you.

It is very essential for one to know about the product that sells well and those that do not sell at all. Conversion rate is a key factor which helps one to find out the credibility of the product. Normally 5% of conversion rate is rated as superb. This means that if 100 unique users are visiting on your page then 5 of them will be ending up in purchasing the product.

Sign up with an affiliate program.

If one can end up with retailing products that could earn him/her some amount of commission or better recurring fee at the end of every month, it would be a real bonus for his /her financial status. Affiliate marketing programs do not have many requirement so signing up should be a pure formality. Though there are many small companies that offer affiliate marketing programs independently, joining the big companies such as Link Share or Commission Junction offers more merits. It is advisable that you join as many quality companies as possible and promote their products.

Use the website as your tool to market an affiliate program

You must have come across sites of many big and good affiliate marketers of your niche. They are most likely maintaining those sites for this particular purpose. It is an excellent way to ensure the potential customers are interested in your site. By possessing a website, you can provide a good number of desirable options for your clients regarding your affiliate programs.

Write relevant and genuine content on your site

When the merchant you are linked to deals with e-books, you cannot write about movies. So, what you are having on your website, must be related your affiliate products.

Focus on building web traffic to your website

The logic is simple, the more the number of individuals visiting your website the higher is the probability of your product being retailed. Hence, driving more web traffic to your site will often guarantee you better profits. Here are few of the best ways to drive traffic to your site:

Pay-per-click also called PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click marketing is one the most popular way to get appropriate traffic to your site. Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords are the two standout alternatives when we talk about PPC marketing programs. One needs to key in the keywords he/she uses in a search engine to find something, when that precise keywords correspond with yours then your text advertisement shows up on the sideline of the search engine. If any of the website visitors clicks on your advert, you will be charged as per the click. It is a better and cost effective method since you are only paying if someone is actually visiting your site.

Affiliate Marketing

Involves one writing quality Affiliate Marketing write ups and with the links to the affiliate products then submit them to various article directories. This technique can bring vast free traffic to your website. But ensure that your items correlate your affiliate products. If you want to experience some difference then one needs to submit articles frequent often one or two articles per week will do fine.

Participate in related Affiliate Marketing Forums

There are a number of Affiliate Marketing forums present on Internet interrelated to almost every Affiliate Marketing niche. You can spare few hours to ask questions or answer the queries of others. But ensure that you add a link back to your website to serve as your signature. Once you become active in a particular forum gradually your status grows up and soon people will begin to trust you and follow your opinion and members will click on your site link.

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