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Top 10 Unbreakable Cable Locks in 2022

Unbreakable Cable Locks

The importance of unbreakable cable locks is indisputable. It ensures you’re your bike is safe since no unauthorized people can enter the locked area. In addition to that, you get peace of mind when you have packed it somewhere. However, getting the best unbreakable cable locks is very difficult because there are so many options for one to choose from. If you make one wrong decision, then the consequences can be very disastrous. But the secret has locks that will be both secure and easy for you to use. Below is a list of top ten best unbreakable cable locks in 2022 that will help you secure your property.

Top 10 Unbreakable Cable Locks in 2022

10. Lumintrail 12mm (1/2 inch) Heavy-Duty Security Cable

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The Lumintrail is one of the unbreakable cable locks that are made with braided steel and can be set simple and reset. It also allows one to set there own combination by using the smooth spinning drills.

They are made with braided steel cable which enables them to have the strength and become flexible with cut resistance. They are ideal for use on bikes, skateboards, gates, sporting equipment, and fences.

Customers like theme on Amazon because they are of high quality and have a mechanical lock and very sturdy.

9. Bike Lock Cable Combination Self Coiling Resettable Security Bicycle Locks

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The bike lock cable combination is also among the best unbreakable cable locks that have comfortable LED lights which help one to read the numbers. They are also multi-purpose ideal for use on gates, bikes, sports equipment, skateboards, etc.

They are flexible steel cables and are cut resistant with PVC coating that helps them to prevent scratching to keep them durable. The four digit combination ensures they are very secure.

Customers on Amazon like it because they look very clean and strong and have a light which helps them to see the digits at night.

8. BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

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The bigpantha motorcycle helmet lock and cable is also among the best unbreakable cable locks with an excellent layer of protection of the helmet. This helps to act as the barrier against thieves and visual deterrent.

This is a bike and helmet friendly lock that does not have sharp metal edges which can cause harm. It is self-coiling and coated with tough, flexible weather resistant outer casing.

Customers like it because the instructions for setting it up are very simple and is set in a few minutes.

7. Heavy Duty Black Combination Lock Cable

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The heavy-duty black combination lock cable is an unbreakable cable lock that guarantees security and is weatherproof. It has a pin lock that is portable which is lightweight but very strong to ensure that the bike helmet is not stolen.

The Bristol design on it ensures that it can secure more than just bikes to bags. The material used ensures that it does not rust or fail because of the stainless steel. It has a three digit combination for locking to ensure security.

Customers like it because it is very lightweight and yet strong. The rubber pieces on it also ensure that it does not scratch the bike.

6. SIGTUNA Bike lock – 16mm Bike Lock

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The Sigtuna bike lock is among unbreakable cable locks that are strong and secure that offer protection against theft with solid protection. They are easy to use and come with three keys.

They are unlocked and have high performance and 1800mm woven steel flex and 16 mm square steel. It comes with a protective coating which helps t protect your accessories.

Customers like them on Amazon because they are very sturdy and strong and they don’t snap easily regardless of the weather.

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5. Bike U Lock with Cable – Via Velo Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock

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The bike U lock with cable is among unbreakable cable locks that are durable and provide all-weather protection with hexagonal PVC cover which prevents corrosion. It has prolonged life and has all-weather performance offering better security.

The lock is easy and strong for locking the bike with a thickness of 14mm, 250mmx 150mm U shack to lock and go. It comes with two keys offering convenience and security.

The lock is sturdy and thus many customers on Amazon love it. They are also heavy duty and offer the security much needed.

4. Wordlock Non-Resettable Combination Cable Lock

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The cord lock is among the unbreakable cable locks that are unique and different from other normal lock combinations. It uses four-letter word pattern for locking to ensure safety.

It also uses the memory s natural preference so that one can remember the password easily. The wire is strong and flexible virtually unbreakable and with a vinyl coating design which is weatherproof.

Likewise, customers who bought it have liked them because the passwords can be remembered much easily and they bought them for their kids.

3. Wordlock CL-409-BL 4-Letter Combination Bike Lock Cable

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The cord lock is also an unbreakable cable lock that is strong and flexible that enables you to set and reset the combination as many times as one would wish.

It comes with a five feet flexible cable for looping and twisting in any manner that one likes. Vinyl coating is a design with the lock to enable it to become weatherproof and does not scratch the has advanced lock technology which does not use keys or patterns.

Customers like it on Amazon because it has a fairly heavy duty locking mechanism and cable. Furthermore, they also like the quality of the lock.

2. Lumintrail 12mm (1/2 inch) Heavy-Duty Security Cable

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The Lumintrail heavy duty security cable provides strength with its braided steel construction and flexibility. Finally, It also has cut resistance.

What the lock has a vinyl covering that helps to protect it against rust and scratching. It is also double looped so that it can accommodate dis locks, u locks, and padlocks.

Customers like the great quality of the lock and plastic coating with the ends well pressed together.

1. SIGTUNA Bike locks – 16mm Heavy Duty U Lock

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This Sigtuna bike lock is among the best unbreakable cable locks that are easy to use and durable for the people who love to cycle.

It is easy to use and very durable with a mounting bracket PVC coating to protect the paint of the bike. The security rating of the lock is 8/10 and is rated as the best bike lock in 2022.

Customers like the lock on Amazon because its value compared to the cant price match. Though a little cumbersome, it offers the much-needed security.


Bicycle theft and other types of theft have become very epidemic nowadays. People now spend more time worrying about their properties being stolen, and the truth is that it is tough to commit the theft. The best precaution that one can develop against theft is to become smart and buy good locks. We hope our top ten picks help you to keep your property secure.

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