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What Do You Need to Know About a Sling Bag?

What Do You Need to Know About a Sling Bag?

Before we think about the various materials, it would be wise to understand what a sling bag is. The meaning should be elaborate enough to distinguish it from types of bags that almost look similar. A good example is a hip bag. A messenger bag can also be mistaken for a sling bag. So, what is a sling bag?

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What Are Different Materials for a Sling Bag?


First things first, a sling bag is one with a strap that on one end is attached to the top of the bag, and the other end is attached to the bottom part. Therefore, it’s designed makes it ideal for wearing it across the chest or the back comfortably. In addition to that, it has a cross-shoulder to secure the sling bag to the body. In most cases, it’s buckle is off-center, the bag has an oblong shape, and the straps connect diagonally.

Looking at a messenger bag, there are some differences between them and a sling bag. The former don’t contour to the body and are both bigger and boxier than the latter.

Although a hip bag and a sling bag are quite similar, the two are different. They are more like cousins. While a hip bag can serve as a sling bag, it cannot do that better than the actual sling bag.

The bottom line is that you should be so keen when choosing a sling bag. Otherwise, you might take home something totally different, including a hip bag and a messenger bag.

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Various Materials for a Sling Bag

When looking for a sling bag, it is no secret that you will come across different materials. Here are some of the options.

  • Leather

What Do You Need to Know About a Sling Bag


As much as it is on top of our list, it is not a high recommendation. That’s because sling bags are mostly for traveling, and leather has many shortcomings when it comes to that area. For instance, its demands when it comes to maintenance is high. It is also easily affected by elements and happens to be quite bulky. Nevertheless, it’s durability is indisputable.

  • Canvas

What Do You Need to Know About a Sling Bag

Since time immemorial, the canvas has remained the most preferred material for string bags. The old-fashioned look and sophistication make them stand out. It is the best when it comes to both durability and water resistance. However, it is more susceptible to abrasions compared to synthetic counterparts. At the same time, they are also relatively cumbersome. Canvas sling bags are also not common nowadays.

  • Polyester

What Do You Need to Know About a Sling Bag?

It is a standard synthetic fabric, and its price is pocket-friendly. They are heavy. Telling you that they are durable will be lying. Despite that, they offer great value for money given what you spend on them. Also, when combined with other materials, they can last for a longer period.

  • Nylon

What Do You Need to Know About a Sling Bag?


The fact that nylon is lightweight, durable, and soft makes it suitable for making basically anything, including a sling bag. The material is weather-resistant and durable.

  • Ballistic Nylon

What Do You Need to Know About a Sling Bag


The fact that it was initially meant for military body armor says it all. It is durable and weather resistant. As it rubs against your back during movement, you don’t have to worry about it spoiling your clothes in the process. That’s despite feeling stiff against your body.

  • Ripstop Nylon

What Do You Need to Know About a Sling Bag


Its name says it all. You don’t have to worry about full-on rips because there are extra3 fibers around delicate areas. The strength to weight ratio is remarkable. The fact that fighter pilots use it in their ejector seat parachutes speaks volumes regarding the quality.

What Is The Difference Between a Sling Bag and The Crossbody Bag?

Sometimes, people use the words sling bags and crossbody interchangeably. That’s understandable because most people argue that crossbody bags are types of sling bags. However, they have some differences that can’t go unnoticed.

First of all, crossbody bags look like purses. That explains why people call them men’s purses. They serve the purpose of a purse without embarrassing men for owning a purse. The resemblance is also striking except for the fact that the body is quite small, and the strap is relatively long.

Compared with a typical sling bag, a crossbody bag doesn’t sit very close to the body. So, as much as they are ideal for traveling, they are not safe for use along with a busy market or a bustling metropolis. In addition to that, the vertical orientation is quite pronounced.

Why Should You use a Sling Bag Instead of a Backpack?

There are some reasons why you use a sling bag instead of a backpack. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Security

Some people, often called pickpocketers, will enter inside your backpack, especially when in a busy street or crowded area. However, a sling bag is so close to you that it will be hard for that to happen without you noticing.

  • Convenience

When it comes to access, it is easier to access belongings in a sling bag that a backpack. The same case applies when you want to return them after use. Since you wear them on the chest in most cases, the reach is incredible. If on the back, sling it up to the front is also a walk in the park.

  • They are Lightweight

When traveling, it would be wise to pack a sling bag instead of a backpack for later use. After all, it is less bulky and won’t take much of your space.

  • Ideal for Riders

If you will have to cycle to your workstation, then it would be better to use a sling bag instead of a backpack. It will not disrupt your rider reducing chances of losing balance and falling hard on the ground.

  • It Carries Some Things Better than a Backpack

If you are going for a day trip, carrying the necessary accessories will require a sling bags. That may include gamers gear, makeup, chapstick, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, extra camera batteries, and additional camera lenses, among others.

It is also perfect for pocketable essentials. Pack your book, e-reader, pen, notebook, headphones, eye masks, and earplugs. Also, put your chargers, power banks, USB cables, snacks, and smartphones in your sling bag instead of a backpack.

  • Fashion

For obvious reasons, sling bags are more fashionable than backpacks.

  • Versatility

They are a perfect match for any place or occasion. That’s thanks to the trendiness as well as convenience. So, feel free to carry it to the amusement parks, when exploring new places, festivals, hiking as well as outdoor adventuring.

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