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Top 10 Best Wood Furnaces in 2022 | Stay Warm In Cold Weather

It is not a secret that it is wise to choose wood furnaces over open fireplaces. That way, your house will be warm even during chilly winter. It will also be a simple task to keep your house clean. In addition to that, it is an easy and convenient way of keeping your home warm without spending much money on heating bills. However, you must consider other features. One of them is the safety. Since it is hard to research what is best, we have come to your rescue. We have done extensive research to offer you the best options. Continue reading to find out the best wood furnaces in the market.

Top 10 Best wood furnaces in 2022 | Stay Warm In Cold Weather

10. Castle Pellet Stoves 12327 

Castle Pellet Stoves 12327 

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With this furnace, the Smart Controller will allow you to choose manual, weekly, and thermostat operational modes that heat your home according to schedule. Alongside that, you can also specify a local thermostat or manually fix on any one of the five burn levels.

The space-saving design is also quite décor friendly, not to mention the affordable price tag. There are no hidden chambers, corrugations, or tubes, making it easy to clean. It has a 1500 square feet heating capacity.

9. Drolet Blackcomb II Medium Wood Stove 

Drolet Blackcomb II Medium Wood Stove


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One of the three Drolet wood furnaces on the list, this particular model is non-catalytic, and thus abides by strict EPA Emission standards. It’s also approved for mobile home and alcove installation.

It offers great durability with its top notch side panels and vermiculite firestop. Boasting 1800 square feet heating area, this option makes sure to radiate warmth for far and long. The matter black design doesn’t disrupt the overall aesthetics of the room.

8. Drolet HT3000 Wood Stove 

Drolet HT3000 Wood Stove 

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The second model from Drolet on the list, the HT3000 is actually ranked #1 on Amazon U.S. under the Wood Burning Stoves category. So the customers surely adore it!

With functions, features, and the overall design quite similar to the Blackcomb II, this one stands out due to one thing – another fan-favorite, Drolet HT2000 is replaced by this model. It will accept logs up to 22 inches in length.

7. Drolet Deco II Medium Wood Stove 

Drolet Deco II Medium Wood Stove 

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The last but definitely not least addition from Drolet, Deco II comes in a simple, minimalistic design with a practical loading region to store the firewood right below the furnace. It’s higher than the average wood furnace.

The open pedestal model provides much value for people seeking non-catalytic, affordable heating alternative paired up with the best quality construction. Like the Blackcomb II, the heating space is 1800 square feet.

6. ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove

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Although the heating area on this one is much smaller than the others mentioned (about 1,100 square feet), it makes its way to the top due to its build, features, and overall efficiency.

The BTU trademarked Dual Fuel Technology definitely adds to its functionality. An in-built thermostat control allows smooth transition between on and off to manage room temperature. Another amazing thing is the vent free gas burner; no chimney or outside duct needed!

5. Shelter SF1000 Indoor Wood Burning Add-On Furnace (Heats up to 2,500 sq. ft.)

Shelter SF1000 Indoor Wood Burning Add-On Furnace (Heats up to 2,500 sq.ft.) - wood furnaces

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This product by Shelter opens our list of the best wood furnaces in 2022. It measures 4 cubic feet. Additionally, it can accommodate up to 20-inch log capacity. Equally important, it can burn up to 12 hours continuously. It uses the clean burn technology. That means that the air will be hot but also clean. It can heat an area of up to 2500 square feet. Since it burns for long, there is no need to disrupt your schedule. No need to chop a lot of wood. Consequently, it produces less heat.

Its design includes a fixed grade system. It has an air blower. The furnace distributes about 1500 CMF. It also has a draft blower. It is thermostatically controlled.

On the other hand, it can induce up to 50 CFM. In addition to that, it comes with a filter box. It has two hot air outlets. Their diameters are 8 inches. The product meats the new 2017 EPA regulations. For that reason, you should not worry about its quality.

As for the customers’ feedback, there is nothing to tell. No one has rated it yet. It is sad how clients are losing an opportunity to enjoy its benefits. Nevertheless, you can change that. Grab one today.

4. Ashley 1330E Hotblast Wood Burning Warm Air Furnace

Ashley 1330E Hotblast Wood Burning Warm Air Furnace

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We have another great option. Ashley manufactures these wood furnaces. It has all you would wish for in a product. It will work well with another existing furnace. The re-burn technology is another great thing. You do not need to spend much on its maintenance. For instance, no need for expensive catalysts.

Its design makes it reliable and efficient. For instance, it has a 550 CFM blower. Another good thing is the six rear mounted flue outlets. One cannot forget the two heat outlets. They have a diameter of 8 inches. The heating capacity and efficiency are excellent. Why not when it has a firebrick lining? There is also the powder-coated steel. It meets all the EPA guidelines as well. It produces 120,000 but. Its heat can be felt up to 2,000 square feet.

Though no ratings, the test showed the greatness of the product. Do not let that fact crowd your judgment. Be the first one to enjoy the benefits of this product.

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3. US Stove, 2500 Square Foot Hotblast Coal Furnace with Twin, 550 CFM Blowers

US Stove, 2500 Square Foot Hotblast Coal Furnace with Twin, 550 CFM Blowers

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These wood furnaces will also do you great. You are at liberty to use it with an existing HVAC ductwork. Thanks to the two blowers with 550 CFM. The redundancy ensures that you have large air flow. The firebox measures 20 x 30.5 x 19.5 inches. Its dimensions are 24.25 x 40.25 x 52.5 inches. The features include a removable dump pan. Its ash door is separate.

According to its design, it can serve up to 2,500 square feet. Its flue collar measures 6 inches. Its material is steel which makes it durable. The shaker grates are not only removable but also replaceable. It has two heat outlets with a diameter of 8 inches each.

It has a rating of 2.8 stars. With two reviews only, one is a 5 star, and the other one is a 1 star. The positive one says that the client loved the product. The other one is about packaging issues.

2. 18×18 Water to Air Heat Exchanger Hot Water Coil Outdoor Wood Furnace

18x18 Water to Air Heat Exchanger Hot Water Coil Outdoor Wood Furnace

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These are great wood furnaces by Brent Industries LLC. It is incredible water to air heat exchanger. You can use it with an existing forced air furnace. If you don’t have that, go for your hot air plenum. It works complementarily with an outside wood furnace. It will help it in the transfer of the heat to an air system.

Its performance is excellent with up to 120, 536 BTU. That is possible if the water is up to 180 degrees F. The parameters are 15 GPM and 1800 CFM. It is compact with dimensions of 18.25 x 20 x 3.5 inches. Its materials include aluminum and copper. For that reason, it will last for an extended period.

Its durability, lack of leaks and user satisfaction are some of the customers’ feedback. The rating as per the reviews is 5 stars.

1. Outdoor Wood Furnace, Bell, and Gossett Circulating Pump, Pl-36

Outdoor Wood Furnace, Bell and Gossett,circulating Pump, Pl-36

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On top of our list, we have these wood furnaces by Bell & Gossett. Its red color makes it visually appealing. With these wood furnaces, you should expect nothing short of great performance. That is why it is among our best wood furnaces.

As far as its design concerned, it can provide heat up to 100 feet. Its motor is both powerful and dry. Therefore, its performance is superior. Stainless steel materials make it durable.

User satisfaction was prominent with this product. It is something that was registered in every view. The rating is 5 stars.

What is a Wood Furnace? 

Wood furnaces are objects that burn wood in a firebox where the wood fire heats the air via a heat exchanger. They have a blower that circulates the air and the ductwork also.

wood furnaces

When the climate changes, it usually has effects on temperatures. They can either be hot or cold. The standard temperatures are the best when in your house. During the cold seasons, that’s where a wood furnace comes in. You will need that extra heat in the air since your clothes will not be warm enough. It is not that there will be flames, where you will need to get close to the fire, but the heat is in the air. It is because the furnace heats for you the air in your house, creating a warm atmosphere which will be great when you stay in your home. The furnace ensures that the air is heat, depending on the levels that you want.

What are Wood Furnaces Used for?

A wood furnace is a heating appliance that burns wood fuel or wood-derived biomass fuel such as sawdust bricks. It is has a solid metal closed firebox which is lined by bricks and one or more air controls. The furnace can operate manually or automatically. Furnaces have many uses in your house include;

Heating the House

The primary purpose of a wood furnace is to keep the humans and animals in the house warm. The warm air in the home distributes well to ensure that it eliminates the uncomfortable cold air. Strategically placing your stove is the determiner of how far the heated air will reach in the house.

wood furnaces

Providing Ashes and Biochar

The furnace uses firewood to generate heat, and when that wood burns out, the leftover is ash as an end product. Ashes are a nutritious product to your garden and help enhance the soil qualities. The ashes not only can be used in a garden but also spreading them on slippery sidewalks or steps. The ash provides traction and with the dark color, helps in heating the ice so that the ice can melt in the sun.

Providing Hot Water

Hot water can be present in your house if you are using an outdoor wood furnace. Situations may be the cause of using an outdoor furnace if there is no efficient space in your house. The outdoor furnace does not use air to heat your house but water in pipes. Through this hot water that runs in pipes in your house, you can consider connecting different pipes that can provide you with hot water. The hot water in the house can have different purposes; the primary being for use in a bathroom.


A furnace is a significant source of heat within the house. It is advisable to utilize the heat for other purposes instead of using your electricity or gas for cooking. A well-built furnace will provide you a platform where you can cook your food or warm water efficiently. Using a furnace to cook or warm food can save costs on the other hand.

Factors for a Wood Furnace to Operate Efficiently

wood furnaces

Air supply

Keeping the air supply flow correct through the wood furnace is essential and safe for the efficient operation of the furnace. Fresh air enters the firebox and provides oxygen for the fire. Where there is fire, there is smoke. So when the fire burns, the smoke rises through the furnace pipe and exits through the chimney. The air must be sufficient for the continuous burning of the fuel. The damper part is the air regulation part.

Opening or closing the damper determines whether the air supply increases or decreases. Decreasing the air will reduce the flames since the oxygen supply is lesser. The dampers have turning knobs or handles that help in accessing. The highest heating efficiency on closed appliances is through controlling various air to the furnace. Fully open the controls may cause more heat heading to the chimney rather than the house.

The problem with fully open controls in a wood furnace is over-firing since the oxygen supply is in excess.


Fuel are components that burn your furnace, and it is usually wood. There are two types of wood, that is hardwood and softwood. Both the hardwood and softwood have similar energy contents by mass but not by their volume. In simpler words, a piece of hardwood can be heavier and have more available energy to burn in comparison to the same size as a softwood; the hardwood burns at a slower rate, which results in a sustainable output. Softwood burns at a faster rate since they also at a quicker rate hence making them readily available.

wood furnaces

The hardwoods have an advantage over softwoods such that they tend to contain more potential energy—the high potential energy results in an increase in latent heat that generates from one load. Hardwood form and maintain a bed of hot coals that release lower amounts of steady heat for a long time. Thus hardwoods are ideal for low burns and long periods. On the other hand, softwoods burn faster and little coaling. They leave less ash than the hardwoods. Softwoods are ideal for fast and hotter burns. They ensure excellent heat and do not fill the furnace with coals.

Not all hardwoods are better than the softwoods but depend on the drying percentage of the woods. Also, the wood varies in species and the individual trees.

How Long can Wood Furnaces Last for?

Wood furnaces are extremely durable appliances. However, there are some that last longer than others. It can be stressful if you experience replacing your furnace each now and then since it will not be cost-effective. Below are some factors that determine how long a wood furnace can last.

Quality of Material and Manufacturer

The purpose of a wood furnace is to burn wood, which generates heat. The metal surfaces will have continuous exposure to high levels of heat. The high temperatures may affect the metal in general. There are contemporary counterparts in the market which do not have the standard metal quality make of a wood furnace. The cheap wood furnaces will only last for a few years, some last as little as 2 to 3 years. A quality make of a wood furnace will determine how long it will last. The wood furnace, which has the highest quality material of metal, can last a lifetime. Despite you using them regularly, they will give you a lifetime service.

wood furnaces

Some manufacturers are well known for the wood furnaces they make through customer recommendations. When acquiring a wood furnace, ensure that you choose from a manufacturer that has been in the industry for longer. It is because through years comes experience, and mistakes are a story of the past when making a quality appliance that will serve you long.


All appliances require maintenance, depending on the job that they do. Wood furnaces, however, require very little maintenance. There are a few things nevertheless that will make sure that the furnace is heating your home efficiently the years to come. Allow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to cleaning, whether inside or outside. From many manufacturers, it is advisable to have your furnace inspected by an expert at least once per year. Regular inspections promise an always top condition. If there are signs of damage or problems, do not postpone the repair. It can be through you noticing the problem or the expert.

When cleaning, never attempt to clean the furnace is still hot. The water can bring an extreme contraction of the metals at a single point, which can damage the unit at an instant.

wood furnaces

Proper Operation

If you want your wood furnace to last long, it is essential to operate according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. These guidelines will save you from many doubts which come when operating a wood furnace. The best and necessary precaution to take is using dry and seasoned wood. Avoid using less dry or not fully dry wood or unseasoned wood in your furnace. Never burn anything else but wood logs in your furnace since its design is for wood burning. It can be exceptional if the wood furnace has a multi-fuel design. Protect your wood furnace from overheating because it can cause damage beyond repair.

The above factors are the daily determiner of how long your wood furnace will last for you. They will guide you on how to have that best wood furnace, and that will last for a lifetime. Buying a new device in a few years will be a story of the past.

Warning signs your wood furnace needs replacing

Steel Warping

Steel warping is when the top of the furnace starts looking like rolling ocean waves instead of the smooth and flat surface. It indicates that the steel is compromised, and it may not be the top but throughout the unit. The warping can lead to more air entry to the furnace than the engineered to contain, leading to a reduction in efficiency.

Shortened Burn Times

Always keep keen attention on the burn times of your furnace. If the furnace gets hot and burns out the wood quickly, there could be a leak. Excess air in a wood furnace increases air supply, which affects burning.

Sluggish Performance

Sluggish performance occurs when you struggle to light up the furnace, or there is smoke filling the house. That means the baffle has caved in, or any other welded component has warped.

How to Start a Fire in Wood Furnaces

A wood furnace is a cozy way of heating a room or the entire house, but using one can lead to frustrations, especially if you have never done it before. The reason for lighting is to have a hot and fast fire that is efficient. Oxygen is needed to give that efficient burn. It is critical never to leave the fire unattended to or let the children play near the furnace. So how does the wood furnace become efficient;

Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Many wood furnaces come with specific instructions and directions from the manufacturer. Before starting the fire for that one time, ensure you are doing it safely from the guidelines. If there is no hard copy manual check from the manufacturer’s website also

Choosing the Right Fuel

The best wood to use is seasoned wood that has been drying for at least six months. Six months is a great time that allows the wood to dry thoroughly. Fresh wood contains too much water. Burning it will be a waste of money and time. Also, wet wood creates a lot of smoke and creosote buildup. Dry wood is convenient despite whether it is hardwood or softwood in nature.

Open all the Controls

Oxygen is the essential requirement for the fire to burn. Many wood furnaces have levers that help control air. All the valves and dumpers should be open when starting the fire.

Putting in Some Kindling

The best way to start a fire is by using small pieces of wood that light up quickly. They help create a fire easily than the bigger wood logs. When setting up some kindling ensure;

You crumple pieces of paper that are dry in the small pieces of wood. Since the paper lights up quickly, it will eventually light up the small pieces of wood.

Light the Fire

Use a lighter or match sticks to light the newspaper under the kindling. Light the newspaper in multiple directions starting from the back. Leave the door of your furnace open for about five minutes to ensure the fire has enough fresh air. The paper burning ignites the small pieces of wood, and when the fire is steady, add larger pieces of wood once you are satisfied with the fire size. Close and latch the door.

No one can be comfortable in a too hot or cold house. A wood furnace is an appliance that heats the house environment making the house a more conducive environment. For the wood furnace to work correctly, there must be the correct ways you have to start the fire. The wood should be dry enough before using, and how you handle the fire. Make sure your furnace is checked regularly by an expert such that it will not stop working correctly abruptly. Doing better research about what you want will protect you from buying a cheap a short-lasting wood furnace.

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